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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by iamkevski, Aug 30, 2007.

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    My fiance and I are moving to a new apartment with two bedrooms, and turning one of the bedrooms into a home office, since we both work out of the house a few days of the week. Does anyone know of a good way to set up a square room (~ 14 feet by 14 feet) with either a desk for two, or two desks that would work well together?
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    Most office cubicles have an arrangement for 2 people, check any office furniture supplier
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    Longevity and life span of furniture are receiving increasing attention when it comes to purchasing office furniture, so please choose carefully, there's an awful lot of junk being sold.

    Steelcase/ Herman Miller you can't go wrong but working form home you want something in-keeping with the apartment ie minimal and clean lines? Obviously it's your home so you want to create the right environment, yet funtional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Seating again is a huge factor, don't just go and buy a boxed 'wish it was leather' chair you haven't sat on for say $40

    Go to where you can demonstrate first before purchasing.

    Happy to help[​IMG]
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