Detailed Strategy That Veterans Use To Succeed From Home

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    I want to say forums are a great place to learn more about the business opportunity industry. To become a top earner in this industry is something that only a few achieve. It is no different though then in your typical brick and mortar industry. Many will fail and only a few succeed. The key to having massive success is coming up with solutions to your customers problems. That is what I firmly believe.

    Lets face it, 90% of networkers make zero money. The reason why I believe is three fold. Number one they are not fully capitalized. They have an employee mentality and do not have the entrepreneur fire inside them and are not willing to learn it. Anyone can make six figures plus a year from home but you have to be prepared to hold your own hand and take all out massive actions to make it happen.

    Secondly most people do not know how to create leads. They do not have a constant flow of people in the pipeline. So many in this industry focus on the wrong things. They focus on the hype, they focus on the money, you have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. People are buying you. You have to offer them specific solutions to specific problems.

    Thirdly most people flat out stink at sales. They despise it, and lets face it, that is what network marketing is. It is direct sales. It is selling yourself and your program. Most people are horrible on the phone and when they do have someone interested they usually flub it up or cannot ask for the money. If you are marketing a big ticket program where say the customer is going to spend 1495 on your product and system you best believe they are only going to pay someone who they believe can assist them and that is smooth. Most people also despise the fact that they must dial for dollars and spend hours on the phone when they come home from work. Most people join a business and then quit before they even give it a chance because they hate the sales and phone work.

    The key to creating leverage and duplication is to come up with solutions to these problems. You need to leverage on the front end and the back end. Lets face it, at your job you are a pawn in your bosses leverage. He leverages your effort and time to make more money for himself paying you a percentage. You have to create your own leverages in home based businesses. Trust me there are plenty of people and services you can utilize to help you spend your time collecting checks and not dialing for dollars. Let me explain.

    In my 8 years working from home I realize that these problems exist. I obviously thought to myself what is the solution to these problems. For the past two years I have been using a closing call center to call leads and close sales for me. I am quite capable of doing it myself but having professionals close the sales and call my leads for me leaves me a lot of time to concentrate on getting traffic to my site. I no longer worry about talking to tire kickers and broke folk. No more dialing for dollars. This is why most people quit this industry, the thought of talking to hundreds of leads makes people ill. The closing call center is amazing at what they do. No matter what business I join from here on in I will always make sure I have a closing call center at my disposal even if I have to team up with other leaders and do it myself. Trust me your conversions go through the roof when you can show a prospect " We will close the sales for you" That is what people want to hear. They don't want to hear about some amazing system or process they want to know that 95% of the phone work and closing will be done by someone else. Yes I pay the call center a nominal fee to join it and yes I pay them a percentage of each sale but the time leverage it offers is well worth it.

    Secondly if you are going to market a top ticket program lets face it most people do not have a couple grand sitting on their night stand. Most people have tried many businesses and are in tens of thousands of debt. I have gone out of my way to offer financing to my potential customers via a third party vendor. I highly recommend if you are marketing a big ticket program that you find a way to offer the same. Sure the rates are very high but it allows some folks that are on the fence a way to get pushed over the fence if they only have to put a small amount down. Again we have learned that we need to do whatever we can to make the process as simple as possible for the prospect and having a financing arm available to you is very important.

    Lead generation is another key. There are a million ways to generate leads. Online, offline, postcards, voice brodcasting, emailing, but one of my favorite ways to do it is to hire a telemarketer to do the work. Let me give you a real life example. You can easily put an ad on craiglist looking for a telemarketer. You will pay them $8 an hour plus you will pay them a dollar for each lead they get to opt in. You get them a phone burner account which automates the dialing process and allows them to leave voicemails at the click of a button. You supply them with the leads. I recommend either scraping opportunity buyers or buying dirt cheap biz oppty leads. The scripts will of course vary. Now lets break down some numbers for you.

    Lets say you have a telemarketer that calls 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. That is 30 hours. Multiply that by $8 bucks an hour and you get $240. Lets say on average that they create 5 opt ins per hour or 30 opt ins per day. That will be an extra $150 you pay them or $390 for the week. I know for example in my big ticket program that cost 1495 that 1 out of every 22-25 opt ins equals a sale. I can reasonably expect 6 sales per week. Sometimes in the beginning the numbers are a little lower as you build your pipeline but on average these numbers should be true if you are using a closing call center. Now for each 1495 sale I make I make in essence 1050. I pay the closing call center 250 every time they close a sale for me. That is 800 in profit. Now lets say conservatively I make 5 sales per week. That is 4000 minus the $390 for the telemarketer and minus any lead costs I have. I am making about 3k per week basically doing nothing. I have a telemarketer call my leads for me. I have them drive traffic to my site. I have a closing call center closing my sales for me and contacting my leads. I spend my time using other strategies to drive more and more traffic to my site. Trust me there are plenty of people on craigslist begging for 8 bucks an hour to work from home.

    So as you can see I have solutions to others problems and that is why I have been working from home for 8 years now. Some of you who read this will be afraid of this and what I have outlined for you. If you are then you should never ever join a home based business. But I have shown you a way to fully leverage your time and to leverage your dollars. I have shown you a way to attack a problem and create solutions. I know what people who join a home business want. Many are lazy , many hate the phone work. Anyone can follow this strategy to a T and earn six figures plus per year if they go to work. The question is are you willing?

    Success to you all

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    I think what you have stated here is cool for those that are well capitalized to do such. Bottom line is getting some help calling leads to be personal. Such is a strategy.

    However, solutions need to exist for those that need to get to that point. You are right that the employee mentality is the killer of most people's chance at success doing for self, let alone achieving it. One must break that mentality if they are going succeed.

    If the mentality is broken and then they go to work for themselves and learn marketing, even free marketing and stay consistent they can succeed. There's more than one way to make it happen, while I'm not doing what you do, I've been effective at using free marketing, and now moving to paid marketing strategies and automated marketing and other tools and techniques.
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    I believe that for anyone who embarks on the internet marketing voyage they need to ensure that they have large sails that catch the wind, a strong hull with no holes or weak points, enough space to carry all the supplies they will need for their journey and a reliable sea navigation device to ensure they make it through to their destination even if they encounter stormy seas.

    In other words, I think it starts with good training from the outset. This is the wind in your sails. Good training allows you to move forward. A resilient mindset is the strength of your hull. No matter how many bumps and scrapes you encounter, you need to be able to stay afloat. Having access to the right tools to get the job done are your supplies on board and the clear sense of direction is the sea navigation device.

    Training is really important to any internet marketer no matter what level they're at. Having access to somewhere you can get all the tools you training you need is really important.

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