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Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by samda, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. samda

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    ------------ This is a Funny Post ------------

    Hello Guys,

    Now a days in Indian Cinema it has become a fashion. Yes actors get this six packs. Please look at some thing interesting. Just to cool your eyes (You must be tired working from home right ? )


    This is from a famous hindi film, Ghajini. Look at Amir Khan's (Famous Bollywood actor) six packs. (Counterpart is Asin, Tamil Actress :lol[​IMG].

    Next one.


    My favorite Tamil Actor Surya. He too have a six packs.

    Well, I am really feeling guilty seeing my body. I want to build a six pack. I know it would take a long time (Just as a website gets ranked by Google)

    Can Anyone Suggest a Food to Get this Six Pack [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Will be Greatful to you

  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    To get six pack abs like these guys either requires great genetics, a strict diet, exercise in the gym, or a combination of all three. I have read a couple of great ebook on fitness and weight loss, so here is what I recommend:

    1. Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle - this is the best ebook I've ever read on fitness. Tom Venuto, the author, also has a hard cover book called "The Body Fat Solution" which is also very good. While the focus of these books isn't necesarily abdominals, if you follow the nutritional and fitness advice of either of Tom Venuto's books, you will be on your way to a six pack! [​IMG]

    2. Another ebook I haven't yet gotten all of the way through yet is called "Firm and Flatten Your Abs", by David Grasaffi. I've only used 4 of the basic exercises out of the many abdominal exercises that he recommends, but I've seen a definate improvement in my abs. One thing I didn't expect is that these four exercises have really helped my lower back pain, and I haven't had to do any sit ups! There is no doubt that I will soon have a six pack again when I move on to the more advanced addominal exercises!

    At any rate, David's ebook is focused more on abs, but Tom's books are more fitness oriented in general, but if you apply strategies from either author (or both), you might soon be posting YOUR own picture in this thread! [​IMG]
  3. samda

    samda Member

    getagrip: you might soon be posting YOUR own picture in this thread!
    Yes, getagrip. I hope so if I get rid of my laziness...[​IMG]
  4. jimmyk007

    jimmyk007 New Member

    This is actually a good thing because now people tend to be more conscious about their bodies because all they see in TV are men and women with "perfect" bodies.

    I just hope this doesn't affect them negatively by being more depressed about their extra pound though. It's a challenge, not an envy.
  5. volybal3

    volybal3 New Member

    Hello all:

    Here is what I will like to share. As I mentioned before in other posts, I recently discover P90X, a fitness program by elite trainer Tony Horton.

    I was at a point in my life when simply going up the stairs will wind me. I was time to do something about it. I 23 years old at the time, and completely out of shape.

    I always said to myself, "I want a six pack" or "some day I have a six pack". Instead, my stomach looked like a damn beer keg and looked nothing like a six pack.

    Then I discover P90X, and what I learned while doing this fitness program is the following:

    You can exercise all you want, but that six pack will not come out unless you start eating healthy.

    Junk food will only set you back and through all your hard work away.

    You need high intensity ab workout routines as well as whole body routines because you cannot chance one specific part of your body.

    You need work hard, and keep working hard in order to maintain results.

    It is not easy, it takes discipline, and it ultimately becomes a life style... both eating right, and exercise.

    Best of luck,
  6. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    I would have to second that post. P90x is a great work out and they give you the nutrition plan to follow. It is extreme so this shouldn't be your first attempt to working out but there are modified easier moves.
  7. nanlar

    nanlar New Member

    I do crunches on an incline bench and when the crunches get little easier I raise the incline a little. And from there I lay a flat weight on abdomen while doing this. Increase weight as it gets easier. Load up on the protein in your diet.

    Good Luck!

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    So true, it does take hard work for abs like that. And nutrition is the very foundation to build whatever fitness program on.
  9. bookguy

    bookguy New Member

    I second what has been said about diet and exercise. It also helps to vary your routine from time to time, so that you will not become bored or discouraged.

    If if it is practical, try adding running in the park or out in the open for a mile or so, to start, in addition to the exercises that are already being performed. A moderate pace is good, but not an outright sprint, if you can keep up tje pace, starting with a ten minute session. If this is too much at the beginning, walk the distance, then build up to running. Later as you become more able to, you can increase the time, distance, and speed.

    If running is not possible, consider bicycling. This can be done on a regular or stationary bike, starting with a fifteen or 20 minute session, and increasing the time as you are able to go longer without getting tired and can maintain a sweat.

    The thing to remember is that you need to make sure that your diet and exercise schedule work together in your goal of training and developing a set of six packs. Be patient, but work hard, and the results will eventually display thenselves!
  10. AshleySullivan

    AshleySullivan New Member

    You have to remember that many pictures you see are planned. In other words, a lot of subcatenous water has been depleted prior to the shoot because it's that layer of water that hides the definition from others who have followed a strict diet and exercise routine but are not on any sort of diuretic program.

    You can get a six pack without restricting your water but you need to really work your abs. The abs have to already been there prior to the diet exposing them.

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