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Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by jr_red, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. jr_red

    jr_red New Member

    I need some advice on this. I am trying to build up muscles and lose weight fast. What are your advice on this?
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    What plan do you need advice on? You are kinda in the wrong forum but someone may be able to help you.[​IMG]
  3. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    Yea, bit of the wrong forum but

    70% raw food
    Beans, hemp seed for protein. Nuts and seeds in moderation as well as avocado in moderation. Nuts and seeds good for protein, high fat content.
    Lots of water
  4. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member


    I have done serious level bodybuilding for 3 years. Competed twice and this here, your advice, is complete nonsense.

    Quality proteins from chicken breast fillets, turkey, tuna. Together with mixed greens. This is good on off-days, on day (when you exercise), go with fish as protein. Salmon, trout, tuna also. Any kind of oily fish. For fish use 1-2 roasted medium size potato.

    All plan should be something like this:

    Meal1 - oatmeal, eggs (boiled, 3-4, 1 with yolk, others without. 2 slices medium fat cheese.
    Meal2- chicken breast fillets (2 medium size) and mixed greens. Keep portion size as medium.
    Meal3- cottage cheese, mixed with cucumber and tomato (if you don't like this cheese, have 4 eggs (boiled, eat only whites) + 3 slices brown bread.
    Meal4- Fish and 1-2 roast potato

    Meal 3 should be 1h before workout or exercise. Even fast walking outside will do. Reason for this, is that carbs in brown bread will be used fast, so once you start with your exercise, all food is gone, and body will use body fat as energy (you don't feel hungry, as you had your meal 1h ago)

    Meal 4 should be 1h after your workout/exercise. If you have off day leave potatoes and change it for greens.

    Chicken should be steamed or boiled in WOK pan. Takes 5min to cook.

    Morning drink should be either black coffee or green tea.
    Other meals: 2 glasses of water.

    Don't watch how much you weight, look at mirror. If you see are on track. If not, cut down last meal carbs (potatoes).

    I have used this diet for fat burning and it works really good.
    Be honest with yourself.
  5. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Oh, you should be able to lose around 2-4 lbs per week. If you are honest, don't cheat, and exercise (even fast walking) 3x per week. Good if 4 times.

    Edit: You need to eat every 3 hours. To keep your metabolism high. Skip meals and your fat burning process slows down (your metabolism slows down and your body will store fat)

    Hope this helps
  6. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    margo24: I have done serious level bodybuilding for 3 years. Competed twice and this here, your advice, is complete nonsense.
    While I appreciate you input regarding your bodybuilding and all, my advice is not complete nonsense although you are entitled to your opinion. I have been vegetarian for the last 5 years, the past year and half being 70% raw foods. And I can say that I have reversed high blood pressure and other ailments in the process. The thing is..the real secret about diets....there is no one diet for everybody.

    For example the one you outline above, 25% of the population will not do because of personal beliefs. Fact is that a high meat diet is unnecessary and more damaging to overall health. Black coffee in the morning as a diet regiment? Really? Black coffee contributes to the risk factors of those with High blood pressure and diabetes. Precisely some of the factors in ones determination to improve health to begin with.

    I think it is great that you have a regiment and also think it is great that you offer another "viewpoint" but to blatantly say that others points of view are in fact "nonsense" is well.....nonsense.
  7. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Black coffee is for antioxidants. Blood pressure comes in, if you drink it with high sugar.

    Ye but read what you said...70% raw food. Get protein from nuts. Hello man, since when you get high quality proteins from nuts and seeds? Nuts and seeds are for fats and fats only. Nice handful of nuts is around 600-1000 calories. Since when 1000 calories are good for weight loss. Genius [​IMG]

    I visit my doctor twice a month, to check my blood pressure and blood. Kidneys etc. All top level and healthy.

    High meat diet?WTF dude? Meat once a day and fish in the evening for Omega3 and 6 fats (good for brain work). You don't get them in nuts. Simple. And don't tell me that you can. Omega 3 and 6's are different EFA fats etc. Only in fish.

    Other protein sources are from milk (cottage cheese), and eggs. Eggs are not meat protein.

    Also protein in meat is more valuable and high quality than nuts or seeds. He asked for meal plan, i gave one. If you don't like it. stfu. If you want, write your own. Simple. If you can't. again...stfu

    Im done with this discussion here... [​IMG] can't argue with point. You don't eat meat, i do.
  8. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    Wow. That was professional...[​IMG]
  9. ReneeIngram

    ReneeIngram New Member

    You should take protein supplement to build up muscles.
  10. smilekill

    smilekill New Member

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