Difference between do and no follow links?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by katereber, May 6, 2011.

  1. katereber

    katereber New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Can anyone here please explain to me the difference between do follow and no follow links?


    Feel free to share your reviews.
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    The difference is the hosting site, if they want to be associated with you or not.
    If they say "no follow" theoretically google will ignore the link when ranking the site.
    As far as the poster of the link is concerned, a link=traffic not site rank.
    For the site owner it is debatable if it helps protect their rank or not.
    The poster can get a rank boost from a do follow high ranking site.
  3. katereber

    katereber New Member

    I searched for it,
    What I understood was
    Nofollow are not crawling a link by search engine.
    Dofollow allow search engine to crawl links.
    Nofollow tag we can use if we are using a link for reference not for crawl. Both are good for traffic.

    Am I right?

  4. Ernest Morse

    Ernest Morse New Member

    Dofollow html attributes state that you allow the search engine bots to follow and pass link juice (page rank) to the link's target page.

    Nofollow html attributes state that you do not allow search engine bots to follow a link or pass link juice (page rank) to the link's target page.

    There's been a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not search engines actually follow this protocol.

    From a source that I trust, here is the breakdown of major search engine actions on nofollow attributes:

    Google: adheres to nofollow attribute and does not follow link. However, if the target page is being linked to from another website that does not have the nofollow attribute, they will follow the link.

    Yahoo: does not adhere to the nofollow attribute and follows the link anyways. They clearly state that the nofollowed link's target is inducted to their algorithm anyways.

    Ask: does not recognize the nofollow link meaning they completely ignore the nofollow attribute.

    The only reason that I can see that nofollow was introduced was to keep whatever page rank your site's page had earned within your site's page. When you place a dofollow attribute, some of your page's page rank is given to the link target's page.

    Since I believe in abundance and prosperity for all, I say use dofollow attributes. You wouldn't link to site's in your page if you didn't find them helpful in some way so why not show them some love?

    I hope this helps you [​IMG]
  5. Cesar Fasano

    Cesar Fasano Guest

    Ernest nailed it..

    I would add that a 'nofollow' link from a social bookmarking site like Wirefan for example, it's still a good link since you can get traffic from the people who hang out there. (Your future prospects might)

    Just mix it up a bit and keep track of your tests.

    good luck!
  6. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    We are all supposed to be led to believe that a nofollow attribute prevents Google from following a link or passing link juice. Personally, I think Google does whatever they want and they don't fill us in on the details.

    I'm not privy to Google's algorithms, but personally I suspect that nofollow links affect ranking too. Maybe not as much as dofollow links do, but I still suspect that Google takes them into consideration.

    And if you think Google is going to allow you to tell them to NOT follow a link just because you've put a "nofollow" on it, then you're just naive. Google will follow the link if they want to. They won't care whether you like it or not.

    I think the whole nofollow thing now just boils down to a ruse to make website owners feel like they have more control. But like I still said, I suspect that Google does what Google wants.
  7. stellaandreapar

    stellaandreapar New Member

    No follow link might be useful when it comes to letting people know about your site.
  8. sunnyblue

    sunnyblue New Member

    Dofollow is followed by search engines while nofollow is not followed by search engines.
  9. NetWizard862

    NetWizard862 New Member

    Keep in mind that there's no such thing as dofollow. They call dofollow any link that does not have rel="nofollow" value in it. But!! When you are looking at it at your browser, nofollow and dofollow link look exactly the same.
    I saw a post somewhere here with a question if blog commenting does make much of an seo sense. So, well, no much of it. Most of the blogs are automatically nofollow - that is, if you add comments to blogs like that they will not boost your rankings by any chance. So do not rely on blog commenting all that much, only few of them are dofollow.
  10. Stephen Pitts

    Stephen Pitts New Member

    crawler visit dofollow link but ignore nofollow
  11. miller111

    miller111 New Member

    Do follow links have "link juice." This is the main difference;)
  12. Firefox has a program or an applet that you can add on and it will identify which links are no-follow and which links are do-follow. So if you were to post a comment on a site with your link, if the site had do-follow links, Google would give you "credit" if the subject matter was relevant to your own. If you placed a comment and a link on a site that was strictly no-follow, Google would not give you any "credit" for the link.
  13. miller111

    miller111 New Member

    You have to download seoquake checker for it.
  14. If you use Firefox (or not - I only use it to check links and PR) an download seoquake, like miller said, it is quite helpful.
  15. miller111

    miller111 New Member

    Seomoz and majestic SEO will help you to explore more information about PR, back-links and etc.
  16. miller111

    miller111 New Member

    You can also use Seoquake with Chrome.
  17. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    If a site has "nofollow" assigned to any place you are likely to leave a link, this means that no link authority will be passed on to your site. Dofollow is the opposite. This tells Google when they're crawling the links to either pass or not pass link juice.

    In order to raise of up the ranks you want to be linked to high quality, authoritative sites. Nofollow links don't give you any link juice. But it doesn't hurt to throw them into your link building plan because it looks natural to Google.

    Google's algorithm is much smarter these days.
  18. jamess

    jamess Member

    No follow mean that no authority will be passed to your link.
    Do follow mean authority and link juice will be passed to your link.
  19. Dofollow Link is a hyperlink that is able to tell all search engines to pass along it’s page rank influence to an outbound link.

    Nofollow Link is exactly the opposite. It is a hyperlink that removes the ability to pass on it’s page rank status to other sites.

    It's more important than ever after the latest Google Penguin update to make sure that your link profile looks as natural as possible. With this in mind, you should be building nofollow and dofollow links at the same time and making sure that you vary the anchor text that you are using.

    Also,remember that if you were gaining links naturally then you would be more likely to get a larger percentage of nofollow links, as most blogs nofollow all outgoing links nowadays.
  20. Sanjay Sharma

    Sanjay Sharma New Member

    I think in the seo process both no follow and do follow links matter
    do follow count as back link to the site from search engine. It's important for site ranking to get quality back links.no follow doesn't count as back link to the site from search engine but it can be helpful as an traffic generate source if it's come from high pr sites.

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