Difficulty getting my Melaleuca business up and running

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Brian Lavigne, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Brian Lavigne

    Brian Lavigne New Member

    Okay everyone, short and simple... I signed up with Melaleuca. They have very good products for which I have made purchases from. I tried to reach out to family and friends to introduce the products Melaleuca has to offer and hopefully change where they spend their money, but they don't like the fact they have to pay to join, and the prices scare them. Yes, I can talk about how healthy their products are, how long they last, the quality of the product.. it's still not going to get them to shop there. And they don't like the idea of watching a webinar just to buy a product. So there's definitely some obstacles to overcome here. It's been a bit frustrating because I'm not a sales person (even though I'm not actually selling anything), so even being a bit aggressive comes out as being pushy.. and that's uncomfortable for me. So if anyone has been successful in this business, I would love to hear what works for you and what methods have been most effective for you. Thank you!
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  2. jeffreysloe

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    Welcome to the world of Network Marketing (MLM)! You're no different than the majority of distributors out there. At some point in time, we've all gone through the same thing you're going through, and that's why the attrition rate is so high.

    If you're planning on building a large organization, with lots of distributors, you have to understand that the true business model is strictly a numbers game. If you adhere to that truth, and do the numbers, you will succeed.

    On the other hand, building a large organization that has a large customer base (people buying the products), takes a lot more time and energy. That's why most distributors opt for finding people interested in building a business, and it's the reason why they suggest having everyone watch a webinar.

    I don't believe a webinar is needed to sell products. It's main purpose is to generate interest in the business itself. You can talk to people about the products, write articles about the products, and post on forums or blogs about the products, if you want to build your business through a large customer base rather than distributors.

    To me, focusing on customers, people buying your company's products, is what works in the long term. Distributors come and go, and most get discouraged when they find out that their family and friends are not interested. It takes time, perseverance and thick skin to build a successful organization. However, there is one thing that a learned a long time ago, NEVER GIVE UP!!

    I wish you luck on your new adventure!
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  3. Denise James

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    first things first, you have to sit down and figure out who is your target market. People who are interested is natural products is a good start. I joined my first home base business, I thought everyone was a great fit for my products. Not true in fact. Friends & family are not good prospects... I hope this helps. You have to Identify your ideal customer by your niche. :)
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  4. annalaurab

    annalaurab Member

    Some good points already here. The reality is that people who are really interested and in your target market will watch a webinar before purchasing. I've done it several times before buying products.
  5. Candicelllen

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    Brian, One of the best ways to get people interested is by achieving a result on the product. People don't really care about all the good qualities of the product. They are attracted to things via a result. What can this product do for them what result will it give them?

    Also think about who your target market is, Who do you want to market to?

    What do they like/dislike?
    Where do they hang out?
    What lifestyle do they have?

    These questions help when trying to map out exactly who your target market is.

    I hope this helped :)
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  6. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    The very best advice I can give you is work on you! Don't ever lead with your product unless it solves a problem of your prospect. This is why so many people fail in network marketing is they think it's all about their product and comp plan and how awesome it is. The truth is nobody cares about your business or product, they only care about what you can do for them. So always lead with you and what you can bring to the table to help them. When you take this approach you will find people are much more open to looking at your opportunity.
  7. Ron Scott Jr |

    Ron Scott Jr | New Member

    I also agree you should work on yourself. You always hear the phrase " people don't join businesses, people join people." You have to work on your self and be the person that people want to join. You have to be a leader. This is something i'm working on myself. Great advise
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