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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by cjmo75, May 30, 2010.

  1. cjmo75

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    I recently picked up a product about how to use article directories to promote CPA (cost-per-action) offers. It's a very simple concept.

    You write articles in the niche that the offer is in, and submit the article to the directories with a link to the offer or a landing page in your resource box.

    Since CPA offers can pay as low as $.50 per lead on up to over $100 for a purchase, this could be a very viable way to make some great money.

    The author says in the beginning you should direct link to the offer page to test the conversions. He also says if you don't want to build a landing page this is a great way to do it.

    My confusion comes from the fact that most of the popular article directories don't allow affiliate links in the resource box. Aren't these considered affiliate links?

    This is a good system because you can write an article outlining their problem and then direct them to the offer to find their solution. Once there, all they have to do is fill in a few spaces and click submit and you make $1-$3 on average.

    If you can write a good article with a high CTR and lots of traffic, you could theoretically make upwards of $20-$30 a day (if not more) from just that one article.

    I'm looking for input on this from anyone with experience, and also some ideas. Do the most popular directories allow this type of linking?
  2. Vishal P. Rao

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    Popular article directories like do not allow affiliate links in the resource box. People who really seem to master this concept (write short articles, submit them to article directories with a pitch in the resource box), have a link to their own website, which is usually an opt-in form.

    Although the conversion rate might go down, their argument seem to be that they build their list, which is their most important asset.
  3. cjmo75

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    I know they don't allow direct affiliate links there, but lots of other directories do. I believe you can also set up re-directs as long as they are from a top-level domain. However, the ebook I got says that you can direct link. Maybe it means you need to set up a re-direct.

    I would think direct linking to a CPA offer would produce more conversions than going to a landing page. I direct link to a lot of the ClickBank products I promote and it's pretty successful.

    I did end up setting up a landing page for one offer just to try, but I direct linked it at first. If any of the article directories reject the article because of the link, I'll just send them to my landing page instead.

    I'm excited about CPA, because I think you can make a lot of money if you can get a lot of articles out there. The reason why I'd rather direct link is because I don't use a list and I want to promote several products, and don't want to have set up landing pages for every single one.

    My method of marketing is strictly articles, or BUM Marketing. I usually put out 5-10 articles per day to 20-25 directories. That works pretty good. I'm hoping to be able to employ that tactic with CPA offers as well.
  4. carterstory

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    cj, you can also go this route..
    You can also ways do a forwarding domain... but you can always have your domain and forward it to the CPA link..
    IE: ->
  5. I have great success with articles linking to CPA offers [​IMG]

    I use occasionally, redirects from my own websites mostly and I purchase .info sites from Godaddy for less than a dollar and redirect them from Godaddy [​IMG]

    It works!!
  6. anthony2313

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    I use my affiliate link all the time with ezine articles. I just buy a domain name from godaddy then i would mask and forward the link to the affiliate website.

    I buy .info's because there like 99 cents
  7. anthony2313

    anthony2313 Member

    You can also buy a piece of software like adtrackz or gotrythis which can cloak the links for you
  8. KB24

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    for ezine articles i know you can buy a domain and redirect it to your offer. GO Articles allows affiliate links..
  9. amicof

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    This is very interesting.
    Last night, I was watching a video on mobile marketing by Adam Horowitz. He has just launched his product, which I think is awesome....

    He was talking about something really cool that you can do with your aweber autoresponder. Instead of the regular thank you page, enter your CPA affiliate link!

    This allows you to capture emails AND make money at the same time out of your affiliate offer. You'll send the freebie you promised in your landing page (e.g., free report, video etc...) in your first follow up message.

    If you are doing PPC, it might help get your advertising money back!!

    However, I haven't tested it. That might irritate your prospect and start the business relationship the wrong way.

    According to Adam Horowitz it least with mobile marketing...


  10. Multimastery

    Multimastery New Member

    Redirects with shorturls or through your own domain that you can purchase cheap like a .info works for most directories.

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