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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Liza Appleton, Aug 12, 2015.

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    I'm just curious, in your MLM direct sales business, do you know how many reps are in your country? And when you joined what number out of the total you are?
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  2. It actually doesn't matter, especially if you're in an Internet based MLM company, which, end of the day, is easier to build as compared to a traditional MLM company in which you build your business by phone/meetings etc.

    Talking about myself, I just joined a company which is in pre-launch phase, we're gonna make it FLY! I am from India, and I just pulled a team of 21 people in about 2-3 days. MOST of whom are not in India.

    So, I don't think of country as a parameter. :)
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    Just like the previous person posted it really doesn't matter. If you know how to market and position yourself as a leader you could join Amway today and build a big successful team.

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    Good question, and one I wondered about as well from time to time out of curiosity. Most companies do not publish the true numbers, most are BS, I only know how many I have under me in my organization, not how many are above. Being near the top which is my focus, I would guess at about 14 between my position and company spot. In current company I am one of a dozen leaders to date, I have 550 out of 4000 in company as of last week in first six months.

    Success to all,
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