Does Anyone Have Comments On Project Payday?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by VictoriaNTC, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hi Work At Home Members!
    Does Anyone Have Comments On Project Payday?
    Just curious....
    Thank you, Victoria
  2. gradyp

    gradyp New Member

    I remember looking into it a few weeks ago. The thing that puzzled me was to work the system, you had to sign up for all these offers. What I couldn't get was if you had to sign up for all these offers, how would you make any money?

    I don't mind spending a little money if I can clearly see the benefit, but I had trouble seeing how it would truly benefit me.

    Others might be making money with it, but I'm staying away from it myself.

  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Oh... Oh... I can give a bit of experience... I do not cry easily but I did when I was doing project payday....I could've shot my computer, I was so frustrated.

    It was so frustrating as you have to complete a certain amount of offers in order to get credited or to go green - or whatever they called it...

    Well - long story short - we ended up with not enough credits to ever make a dime and even after my husband had wrote down all the dates we had to cancel our trial offers,etc... we STILL ended up with credit card charges as some of the deals were written in such a way that it was almost impossible to get credited unless you got charged...

    So... go ahead and try it but be careful to keep track of all the trial offers and when they end, confirmation numbers,etc - and you will want to print out EVERYTHING as you will need numbers and stuff to cancel some of them.

    No - I did not have a good experience as you can tell - lol
  4. rglar6

    rglar6 New Member

    I've had a quick look at it, and I think there are better ways to make money. Maybe it does work for some people, but I would steer clear of it.
  5. sefhop71

    sefhop71 Guest

    i am a member of project payday, and i love it, its the best thing i have found online to make money..i pull in at least a grand profit every month from it. yes the offers part is annoying, but once you get past that (method one) and move onto method two, thats where you make your money and dont have to do offers anymore [​IMG]
  6. judyp

    judyp New Member

    The primary problem with Project Payday is that you simply don't need them to get involved with freebie sites and make money. Plus Project Payday gives some inaccurate information, such as, that you can use prepaid credit cards to do offers, which you CANNOT or you'll get your accounts locked faster than you can say "fraud".

    There IS tons of money to be made in freebie sites though. I just wouldn't recommend Project Payday. There are forums that are kinda sorta free where you can do this, the trouble is there's way too much competition on them these days, and they have these "premium" memberships and outrageously priced sticky threads that you pretty much have to pay in order to get your threads seen.

    The better way is Zero2Riches. You only have to do offers on one site, you get paid $20 by your sponsor, then with one referral you get paid $80 (pay $20 to your referral, profit $60.) Optionally you can invest your earnings into higher paying programs, then you'd never have to worry about the signing up for offers stuff again.
  7. Seth

    Seth New Member

    FOCS is like the upgraded version of Project Pay Day where in you can build a residual income using the CFSS...

    $150 per referral in FOCS then once a person joins you in CFSS that person must pay you $150 + pass you one of his/her referral.

    Then that referral will do the same pays you $150 + pass one of his/her referral and so on its never ending ..
  8. mcarroll

    mcarroll New Member

    Project payday was one of the first things I got into. All I got was a negative paypal account and offers that wouldn't cancel and or got banned from using prepaid cards [​IMG] It's a concept where I did get paid but it only evened out the cost that I paid in.
    They do start you with a $2 dollar referral bonus that isn't bad but there are MUCH better sites out there that don't have "qualifying games"
  9. Swisscow21

    Swisscow21 New Member

    i had read some things on this and was considering joining myself, what i read was it was not a substable source of income and wasnt worth it, that turned me off but other people have had luck with it so i dont know =D
  10. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    I think everyone has a different tolerance level and from what I gather Project Payday can be stressful if it isn't for you. I know people who also make money with it, but I know it isn't for me. I would be a basket case fooling around with it.
  11. sandycy22

    sandycy22 New Member

    I have used Project Payday several years ago. There are people who do make some money with it. I hung around the various forums and found that I could find lots of people willing to pay me to do their sites, but couldn't never get anyone willing to be a referral for me. You really have to have a continuous source of new people coming in in order to have the biggest success.
  12. jaugustat

    jaugustat Guest

    I also had the same problem as sandycy22, I could never seem to find referrals. Lots of people interested though. Just something that didn't work out for me.
  13. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    I did Project Payday in the beginning of 2007. Its a good way to make money, if you follow the directions carefully and have the patience for it. But the problem with it is even if you can make money off of it, it isn't for long because you start to run out of offers. After which, in order to make money, you have to buy greens (people completing offers under your affiliate link) which is way more competition than I care to get into.

    I was lucky to find the Free Online Cash System some time ago, which shows you how to use that same money completing offers, then leveraging that through different systems in order to make great amounts of free cash.
  14. MrSmileyface564

    MrSmileyface564 New Member

    It can make you money but it is quite a hassle because you have to constantly dish out your credit card number to buy these little promotions to get credits so can get paid. Then after you have to cancel those promotions otherwise they start sucking money from your credit card. Plus you start to run out of offers pretty soon so you are sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. But you can make money from it. Although if you want to make real money online there are a lot of other, better ways to do it. Like affiliate marketing that is where the real money is.
  15. es21

    es21 New Member

    i just joined project payday and i had some questions:

    is using a prepaid cc that does not reveal your personal info okay ?
    is giving out a nickname to trial offer companies okay, or is that considered fraud?
    is it also considered fraud not to give out your real address and phone number?

    i am concerned about giving out too much of my real info.
  16. JayW

    JayW New Member

    Hey es,

    Here's the answer to your questions.

    1. You cannot use a prepaid credit card.
    2. You can't give out a nickname to trial offer companies. In fact the information you provide must match the information on your credit card.
    3. You have to provide all of your real information.

    I'd also like to add that Project Payday is nothing more than a portal. They advertise programs for other entities and they are paid commissions. Instead of completing an offer to become a member of Project Payday you can find all the information they provide on your own. If you are interested in freebie trading they have forums that where you can learn all the information you need. Two of the most popular forums are anything4free and netincomesolutions. Also, ensure that you understand the terms for any offers you sign up for to ensure that you don't get charged prematurely for a free trial.
  17. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

  18. Brucefan

    Brucefan New Member

    I had the same experience as sandycy22. I didnt lose any money, but after I greened, as they call it, I was referred t another site called zbest freebies. I paid $40 for 1 month, and couldn't attract anyone to "green" for me. My gut feeling is that there are better sites that attract more traffic to help you make money in method 2. The problem was for me, that would mean starting over and qualifying, and I already completed many offers . Still considering it though, since the concept still makes sense to me
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