Does anyone know of any free ways to build you subscriber list?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by tiajefferson, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. tiajefferson

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    I'm trying to build my subscriber list, but most of all the ways online require to pay money upfront. I'm really on a budget here and would like to know if there are any free effective ways to build you mailing list to promote your business. Also when promoting my website should I start directly with what the business opportunity is and how it works or should I have a splash page first to show a little of what the business opportunity is and when they sign up they find out everything else.
    Sorry for all the questions just trying to make my opportunity work for myself and my family.[​IMG]
  2. newbiz02

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    ok here are some ways.

    using facebook and twitter and craigslist

    1) Facebook and twitter method are similar, simply make some accouts and get targeted people to follow you. they can visit your site with your email optin. But promise to give them something for joining, this should increase conversions.

    2) post an ad on craigslist in the appropriate section, targeted people visit your site daily. promise them a gift and right there you get a bunch of leads.

    craigslist is good but when you take it to a large scale then you have to break out the big bux because you're gonna spend, so at least have a great way for monetizing your traffic.
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  4. KB24

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    You can do article marketing.. submitting articles linking back to your squeeze page..
  5. kane1976

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    Free traffic exchanges are a great way to build a list, and trafficswarm is the main one to sign up with.

    You could also setup a squeeze page and give away a free ebook on something in return for peoples email addresse's.
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    Hi Tia, I have found that free giveaways work amazingly well. People love free stuff and if they get to a website about a topic they are interested in and they see they can get something free they more often than not will give you their email address.

    The other thing that I have tried that also seems to work nicely is giving visitors the option to sign up for a short course where they receive emails from you on a regular basis with great info. At the end of the course you can then present your offer to them. By then they know you are are more likely to buy what you want to sell. Try PhPList ( to manage your subscriptions and mailings.
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    I personally love Facebook and Twitter to attract new business. Everything requires time, and I have to remind myself - "Business is a marathon - not a sprint"

    I have enjoyed reading everyone's ideas -- as soon as I ready to build a list -- I will use these tips.
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    My first list just happened. It's not that big, maybe 600 or so, but I did nothing but post on a forum in my niche. I became a presence there. The private messages started coming in. I moved them to my inbox. I gave them advice for free and became their friend. The owner of the site offered me moderator position (no pay). I took it.

    The forum shut down. I took my list and opened my own forum. The rest I hope will be history!

    Patience, long term satisfaction over instant gratification. The above took me two years.
  9. kailo

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    Article marketing works incredibly well for me. While many internet marketers use article marketing for backlinks, I just use it for targeted traffic. The conversion rate is generally high.
  10. FreeCashMan

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    Great quality traffic and interested subscribers can be obtain by simply commenting in forums, that are targeted towards your product/service niche.

    So you've already started in one of the best places.

    There's another method I've come across that one can create up to $650 in free advertising cash for any business, while advertising their home business, that may help you.

    If you are looking to really breakout of that budget, then leverage your cash money for offers biz team into a monthly residual income builder.

    Financial freedom is in the establishment of monthly residual income.[​IMG]
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    Posting on blogs and forums related to your niche is a great way to get targeted leads to sign up as subscribers. Here's a good method I use to post in blogs, forums and a few other sites that come up. What you do is build a list of questions that one may ask that your newsletter or site offers. Make sure you include keywords that people would use to find your site or information about your niche. Once you have a good list of questions that people may ask about your niche, you create an email account with google. From here you will use google alert. Google alert allows you to put in a topic or word phrase in which you are interest in and sends you an email telling you that someone has posted this question online. Using the list you created you can post as many of the questions you came up with in the alert box. Just make sure you put quotations around the phrase so google can return relevant results. Experiment with diffrent questions or look for what people are looking for in the forums. As you go along you will find what types of questions people are asking and just put them into alert box. Some questions you may not be able to answer as you will get results for news sites, forums, blogs and other websites. This will save you time as well as allow you to find blogs and other place you would normally not find. In most cases your answer or posts will be the first to be seen if you check your email regularly and answer promptly. [​IMG]GOOD LUCK!

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