Does anyone Rebrand E-books anymore???

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by drknlvly6781, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Starting to feel like a dinosaur with this one lol. I have an idea for a sales funnel, which would use a PDF rebrander. (Software that allows a person to replace affiliate information in a PDF with their own). Seems that this hasn't been done for years, but it would make my funnel seamless.

    Problem is I was only able to find one software that was still available, and once I purchased it I found that it didn't work as it should (no worries, that's what Paypal is for)

    So, before I overhaul my whole funnel, does anyone know of a software that currently works? It does have to be the kind that I can send a small piece of software to a person, the current hosting I'm using doesn't support PHP or MySQL so any rebranders using these formats are no good for me. Appreciate any leads that can be given.
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    I'm sure there are some who do rebrand, but your question got me thinking. If any of the ebooks are about Internet Marketing or SEO, they would also need to be revised or rewritten. So much has changed in the past few years.
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    This is actually something of my own I've written a couple of weeks ago; and it actually doesn't have to do with either of those fields....the pull for me with this software has always been to create something of my own to have others rebrand
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    Hi drknlvly6781,

    To answer your question, "does anyone rebrand e-books anymore"...... Absolutely yes! I've been using rebranded ebooks as apart of my marketing system since the late 90's. However, I've modified my system over the years.

    My marketing system is somewhat unorthodox, with a twist!

    Rebranding e-books is not outdated in the least. Anyone who may say it is not thinking forward or thinking creatively (that's my personal opinion).

    I have a marketing system using rebranded e-books that still work great and is a fantastic tool for driving traffic to my site, and then converting my traffic to prospects ... converting prospects to customers ... and converting customers into repeat customers.

    I don't know what your target audience is or your purpose for using rebranded e-books but please let me know if I can share additional information.

    Hope this helps!

    Love God. Love yourself. Love people.

    Bill -
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