Does your office decor affect your productivity?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by CubicleBob, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. CubicleBob

    CubicleBob Member

    I work in a cubicle (when I'm not telecommuting) and have made some enhancements to minimize the grey walls and to brighten up my work space. I've also made some positive improvements to my home office. I feel that these improvements have enhanced my productivity at work and at home.

    I would appreciate the input from you on the following questions. I think it might help everyone to hear the responses.
    1. Do you feel that the decor of your office affects your productivity?
    2. If so, how have you decorated your office to enhance that productivity?
    3. What is your favorite office decor enhancement that you have implemented in your home or work office?
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  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    My favorite piece of office decor is also functional. For Christmas, I got a super nice padded office chair. It looks great and it's very comfortable. :)
  3. CubicleBob

    CubicleBob Member

    I actually purchased a great home office chair about a year ago and it has really been a great addition to my office. In fact, my company recently sprung for a new office chair for me as well. It has great lumbar support and adjustable arm rests.

    I'd love to hear from others about items more decor-related that have enhanced your working environment.
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    My new office (not an home office) will be up in about another week. I'll chip in when I move in to that :)
  5. BoredDoug

    BoredDoug New Member

    - Do you feel that the decor of your office affects your productivity?
    Yes, I do

    - If so, how have you decorated your office to enhance that productivity?
    I have made it bright and light.

    - What is your favourite office decor enhancement that you have implemented in your home or work office?My office chair, you spend many hours in it. It needs to be comfortable.
    I hope that this helps?
  6. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    Not necessarily, I feel that my office works very well for me because it's very simple and uncluattered. I keep it clean so that I can focus and work easily.
  7. CubicleBob

    CubicleBob Member

    I know there is a huge interest in cubicle decor since I have a number of Pinterest boards that concentrate on this topic and they are very popular. Maybe we'll find some others who have more of an interest in office decor.
  8. CubicleBob

    CubicleBob Member

    Yeah, I tend to agree that without organization first, the decor just won't help much. Good luck with the new office setup!
  9. CubicleBob

    CubicleBob Member

    Hi Doug,
    When you say you have made it bright and light, did you install special lights in your office? I have a sunlight lamp in my cubicle at work and that has helped brighten it up considerably. My home office happens to be next to a slider which really adds a tremendous amount of natural light.
    I wouldn't consider a chair to be an office decor enhancement. It is more of a necessity. I'm looking for ways that you may have made your office more decorative.
  10. Texas Lady

    Texas Lady New Member

    This is a big issue for me! I desperately want to have an uncluttered home office! I'm pretty organized and uncluttered in the rest of our home, but never feel I have time to sort, decide what to toss, what to move where, ie,"de-clutter." It really messes with my ability to focus. It's a relief when I stop long enough to create an open space on my desk. In fairness, we just got home a week ago after a 31 day biz trip, so it's more hectic than usual playing catch up. Anyway, kudos to you.
  11. Ash_ash

    Ash_ash New Member

    My favorite office decor is my cork board! And what made me giddy and up while working are the photos of my dreams and goals posted on it (say, a photo of a beach because I want to have a vacation in that kind of place or a photo of a dashing laptop).
  12. ingoglia

    ingoglia New Member

    I like seeing positive statements hung up and around me when working in my office.
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  13. eina26

    eina26 New Member

    1. Yes I think it affects the decor on my productivity. When it's dull, it doesn't get me focused to work.
    2. There a small plant on my table. They say putting something green refreshes and relaxes your mind. I also make sure my table is organized.
    3. Picture frame of me and my loved ones. :)
  14. Vidal

    Vidal New Member

    I have worked online for quite a few years, and I honestly feel the decor at home has no bearing on your productivity. Sure, it is nice to have a nice work space, but if you love what you are doing and I bolded the word love. If you are focused and have that tunnel vision to me it doesn't matter what your decor is.
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  15. Ash_ash

    Ash_ash New Member

    Ah yes, same here!:)
  16. Aaleeyah

    Aaleeyah New Member

    Yes, Office place plays a vital role in my productivity levels. I also want that my office place, a comfort zone with motivational quotes and pictures and bright place with less space constraints. I have planned to put some decorative vases and motivational quotes around.
  17. Mike Desouza

    Mike Desouza New Member

    Yes, it definitely has an affect on me. I don't like drawing too much attention to myself, so I don't go for the decorative cubicle decor. I like items and products that solve a problem or have a specific function. My favorite would have to be my beautiful Turnstone Buoy Chair that I got from Amazon. Now I can sit for hours and not even notice!
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  18. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Well, in my opinion, a nice environment can make you love it even more! ;)
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  19. AnneSamantha

    AnneSamantha Member

    Yes I think surroundings are very important, the office I work in part-time is cluttered untidy drab,in an old dusty aged building, it's only the people that make is bearable, which is why I love working at home the rest of the week!! Where it's clean and bright, pictures I love on the wall, books around me and tea or coffee when i want!! I cannot change my work area, so I enjoy working at home!!!
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  20. OmaSeNg

    OmaSeNg New Member

    Absolutely, my office decor helps me to be productive. If my office is neat and and organized, that's how I feel. My office is somewhere I want to be so it makes me want to get things done. I don't think it qualifies as decor but I love my three monitor set-up. I also got a desk lamp instead of using the ceiling light. It's a more intimate lighting but it prefer it.

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