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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by dpawealth, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. dpawealth

    dpawealth New Member

    Is anyone here a dog breeder or thinking of being one? This seems to be a good business, with high profits if you sell quality, show dogs.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You can probably find a forum on that if you search for 'dog breeding + forum" [​IMG]
  3. mrbillydee

    mrbillydee New Member

    No, not a breeder here. Just make sure you are ready for some work. You will need a specified place for the new pups to be. Make sure your place looks inviting. People don't want to come see your pups to find your place in a mess. They will think you are too lazy to take proper care of the animals. Appearance can definately break deals in this business. Also make sure you know as much about the breed you are selling as possible. Folks will have questions and expect you to have the answers.

    It can be a lucrative business. Just make sure to do your research and invest time in your/their home. Good luck!
  4. Shanec

    Shanec New Member

    Been there, have several friends who do this for some extra $$$$

    From my experience, you need to go into this because you love dogs/cats.....

    I have friends right now that had 12 puppies and were expected them to sell very quickly. 6 months later they still have 6 puppies left [​IMG]

    The money in dog breeding is really not that great when you consider all of the food/vet bills/accessories, etc....

    You can expect to earn a little spending cash, but don't expect to get rich off of this!!

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do[​IMG]
  5. ThePhoenix

    ThePhoenix New Member

    It definitely sounds like a fun job for an animal lover. But definitely would require a lot of work. Just taking care of one dog is a lot, but imagine having to manage dozens of them and ensuring they stay in peak performance.
  6. OrganicWealth

    OrganicWealth New Member

    Don't do it! There's enough orphan dogs in this world!
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  7. mendedpuddle

    mendedpuddle New Member

    Hi dpawealth
    i would strongly advise you against breeding dogs for money, so many things can go wrong and you will not make loads of money. any dog bred should be fit for purpose.
    In uk you have to have breeders licence, have an inspection by an animal welfare officer, specific health tests for your breed and have your bitch screened for things like herpes and brucellosis the latter of which is transmitable to humans and is really hard to treat.
    Other things to consider are certain breeds have difficulties in wheping (having pups) and have to ha a c-section and there are several things you need to ask yourself. 1) are you prepared to lose your bitch if things go wrong, 2) can you home all the pups, 3) a responsible breeder will take back any unwanted dogs that they have bred and rehome them can you do this 4) are you you prepared to get up and feed pups if bitch dies or rejects pups. 5)do you have enough money to cover an emergency trip to vets. 6)do you have enough time, as your bitch cannot be left alone after day 56 (during pregnancy) and for several weeks after pups are born.
    Then you have to know about co efficients (how closly related dogs are) its not just a case of let the dog cover her and see a litter of five due to an infection
  8. kensomerville

    kensomerville New Member

    Hi I am a dog breeder and have been one for 5 years, I sell my puppies from 1275 to 1500.00 each, and after 5 years I am just starting to show a profit.

    If you love dogs and are ready to work 24/7 then great, but it is not all fun and money.

    Sorry to tell your the truth. I make far more money mentoring people to make money online, then I do with my breeding, and am looking at getting out of the breeding, as I have people asking me to speak at seminars, and I think that will be a lot less work then dog breeding.

    But if you want to get into that business. Then make sure you get the right breeding stock, and have a vet on speed dial. lol

    Have fun. Ken
  9. blueskies

    blueskies New Member

    I have recently decided to start breeding..

    I purchased a 3 year old bull terrier with akc paperwork for $750 for a breeder on a puppy back contract.

    I also purchased a 4 year old english bulldog with akc paperwork for $1000 on a puppy back contract.

    I found a stud for $800 for my bull terrier. Two samples.

    I found a stud for my english bulldog, black and tan rare color, for $500, three samples, ai included.

    So so far, $1800 on dogs.
    Will spend $1300 on semen. On SEMEN. Yeah. Unbelievable I am going to do this.. But we are this far..

    Plus, spent $450 at the pet store.

    Have to progesterone test each dog, every day after she starts bleeding to find the perfect days for insemination. Have to drive to Ohio for one dog, and have to pay a vet to accept sample for the other and have to pay for ai at a vet for her as well. Quoted me at $400 just for the one dog to totally get inseminated because the ai isn't included for her.

    The bull terrier is going to attempt to free whelp, but if she needs a csection, which she might, it will be $450 to bring her in for an emergency one.

    The english bulldog will definitely need a csection, so I'm planning one for $350.

    I don't wanna add it up... but you get the idea....

    then puppies... gah... they need sh!t too! lol here we go!
  10. mendedpuddle

    mendedpuddle New Member

    Hi blueskies, sounds like youve done your research but like you said pups need stuff too, you havent exactly started with the easiest breeds lol but good luck. a few helpful tips and some words of advice with you bull dog bitch when she has her c section she might not produce milk straight away so have a puppy replacement milk. ive seen a whole litter of bull dogs go blue as the were unable to breathe while suckling and tubes were inserted into mouths while they suckled and oxygen pumped in just to keep them alive. i have and am breeding ebts standards and have just lost a litter of five due to an infection. recommend the book of the bitch it covers every aspect of breeding from estrus to whelping. very good read.
  11. mendedpuddle

    mendedpuddle New Member

    If you have a dog from bull breed check out this link they have a weath of information from thier own experiences and are only too willing to help. just say i recommended you when you join please.
  12. mreyn

    mreyn New Member

    WE have a friend whos had a breeding business for many, many years. She does very well. Research to see what different breeds sell for, and see which breeds are the most wanted and bought. You also should pick a breed that you will blend well with and love because they require alot of care and you have to love what you're doing. Some dogs have to have csections, others have problems with hypoglycemia, which can be very scary. so you need to take into consideration those costs as well.
  13. blueskies

    blueskies New Member

    I bought the book of the bitch [​IMG] thank you for the recommendation I just finished up a book on english bulldogs and I was ready for a new read - perfect timing

    I have experience breeding akitas and poms but these are my first for bull terriers and english bulldogs.. lots of learning, plus lots of repeated information.. but all worth it [​IMG]

    Also, to speak to costs, my bull terrier got a skin infection recently from having an allergic reaction to a flea medicated shampoo... Cost me another $300 at the vet this week.. so you really gotta be prepared to dip into savings and put vet bills onthe emergency credit card..

    I am planning to send the genetics off of each english bulldog pup to find what color lines they will carry ($90 a dog I think..) since I am breeding my red/brindle white faced bitch with a black&tan stud and if they are colored black&tan or if they carry lines to produce black&tan puppies those color lines are rare and worth more.

    The woman I bought my english bulldog from sold her pups for $1800 the person I am breeding her with sells her pups for $2500-$3500. Lets hope its not a litter of one or two.. anyway I know the shrinkabulls people sell their pups for upwards of $5000

    Also, I have a cardiac report from a cardiologist on my bull terrier and an eye certification from an actual animal opthamologist if you want to breed you should google OFFA and see what kind of genetic testing and health certifications they offer it gets pricey I also get her kidneys checked every single year to check for issues and keep the records in her folder its a cheap test but I have to keep up on it to keep the results current enough to remain valid.

    And, you may say the breeds I am dealing with are more of an issue than many but that really only applies to the actual whelping of the puppies. All dogs have issues. All dogs have genetic diseases to worry about. All dogs need certs for congenital issues. I might have the csection issue and the kidney issue but what ever breed you pick is going to have its own special issue you will want to test for and certify so you know you are breeding a dog health not just temperament and color. It becomes even more of an issue when you deal with breeds that have rare and more desirable colors b sketchy breeders will in breed and cross breed to achieve those colors so you pay the top dollar for the color and you end up with a dog that doesn't conform to standard or has health issues unforeseen due to sloppy breeding.
  14. Agnes Galinato

    Agnes Galinato New Member

    It will require a lot of time and space. If you're willing and ready to make these efforts you can try. But before anything, please do a research if you have a demand. You might find yourself supplying for a non-existing demand.
  15. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    Do a google search on it. I know nothing about it but I'm sure that people make a killing at this, dogs sell well.

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