Dominant Sex?

Discussion in 'Humor' started by cmartel, Sep 14, 2007.

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    The lineup for the "male" side of St. Peter's gates to heavan was looking exceptionally long that day. God, realizing that something must be going on, made a decision.

    "Okay guys, I want all of the guys that dominated their wives in a lineup on the left, and all the guys that were dominated by their wives in a lineup on the right."

    God went into the back room to talk with St. Peter and came back to find the two lines had been formed. The linup of men that had dominated their wives was exceptionally short- only one man stood there, while the other lineup (of men that had been dominated by their wives) was filled with thousands of men!

    God looked in dismay at the sight before him and cried out, "Guys, guys! What happened to you? I create equality among sexes, free thought and feeling, and only ONE MAN has the balls to empower himself?" He then turned to the lone man and asked him, "you there, WHY are you in this line?"

    The guy looked at God, shrugged his shoulders, and replied "I have no idea... my wife told me to stand here."
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    My husband and I just laughed our heads off! Thanks, that was great!
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    very nice very nice.

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    No Comments [​IMG]
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    I'm having a second thought to marry next future wife seemed to fit in the dominating category[​IMG]
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    great! I think it the real situation around the globe
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    Haha very funny, that's a good way to start my day. [​IMG]

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