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    I enrolled in procard international's dental/vision plan on April 17th, 2006. My checking account was charged 34.90$ on April 19th and then 14.95$ on May 1st. They have a 30-day trial period in which you could cancel and receive a full refund. I decided to cancel my enrollment, and sent my cancellation in on May 13th, within the 30 trial period, so I would get a refund of the 34.90$ and the 14.95$, since I was charged the 14.95$ within the trial period. I marked the day I sent my procard stuff back on my calendar to keep tract of when I sent it and my cancellation in. I hadn't received my refund yet, so I then emailed them on June 14th or 15th and told them I sent my card back and a request for a cancellation on May 13th, and asked when I would receive a refund? I was told I didn't request a refund and that they didn't get my cancellation back within the 30days and it wasn't postmarked within the 30days. First, it shouldn't matter if I asked for a refund or not, because it says in their membership policy on their website that you may CANCEL and get a refund. And that's what I did. I CANCELED. I sent my cancellation in on MAY 13TH and have absolutely NO idea why they WOULDN'T have gotten my cancellation before the 30 days were up or why it wouldn't be postmarked within, by, or before the 30days, and they gave me NO date as to when it WAS postmarked. But I STILL sent my cancellation in on May 13th, and I put it in the mailbox on May 13th, so I WOULD get a refund and with the intention OF getting a refund.
    They then tried to tell me that they thought I knew I wasn't qualified for a refund when I sent my notice in and when I was charged in June I decided to try and get the refund then. That is absolutely NOT true. I was NOT even CHARGED in June. I KNOW I sent my cancellation in on MAY 13, within the 30 day trial period so I WOULD qualify for a refund and I KNEW that I would when I sent my cancellation in on MAY 13th because that was within the 30 day trial period. I turned my complaint over to the consumer protection agency, attorney general and local news station that helps consumers with complaints and procard has ignored their letters and me. I have proof that supports my complaint and they have shown no proof to me or the above agencies that says you have to ask for a refund to get one, and no proof of when my cancellation was postmarked. They just ignore it and are not being very fair about this or doing anything to resolve my complaint. What kind of company is that? I don't know how they can get away with it and will be taking legal action against them. They are going against their own guarantee by not giving me a refund.
    Also, it's nearly impossible to make money on this business and don't know how other people are supposedly doing it. Even when you can get company or personal leads to sing up to become registered, they never become active because they can't get anyone to enroll in the plan and they don't want to enroll them selves. Or, you can't get anyone to become registered, after they find out that they have to call business because the business never want to enroll in the plan, and after they find out they will have to enroll someone else, which they can't, or themselves, which they don't want to, in order to become active. So, you can't make money on this business, you just loose it, and everything I stated is the truth, and thought people should know what kind of company this really is so you can think twice about getting involved with them
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    Curious why you cancelled so quickly? In the 13 days you were a member, did you not receive any discounts or did something just turn you off?

    Also, how did you come to the conclusion that it is "nearly impossible" to make money in such a short period of time - how many advertising methods did you use? Did you ask for help from anyone? Did you post flyers, send emails, distribute business cards or advertise in Newspapers?

    Just curious.
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    As this is a very old post, I can't say what may have happened. The other post from just curious is what I would like to know as well. How can a person work leads and get benefits from this program in such a short time. I have worked for Procard Intl for over 5 years and make a great living and love my job that is very flexible. I can enjoy my grandkids and free time. I choose when and where to work. This is a great opportunity and it is now expanding rapidly which is definitely worth looking into for new people.
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    Let me say this because I wouldn't feel right if I didn't. It's what you put into a job commitment, and not what you gain. You are, what you are worth. If you put in a little, expect little. But if you put in a lot of time and effort with the go-for-it attitude then something great will come out of it. As I say to those I admire dearly. "You can fail many times, but you are not a failure until you give up". Procard is paying my bills with extra to spend. I don't have to answer to anyone. Keep in mind, when you do nothing, you get nothing. Never doubt anything until you put in your best effort and work performed. This is how you know you are good at what you do and love the way you do it.. For those who want to look into Procard as a career, by all means do so. I am a firm believer and achiever of PCI.

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