Don't sell ... CREATE VALUE!

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by luckadoj, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. luckadoj

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    Folks ... in our everyday endeavors in trying to obtain our piece of the American dream, sometimes we get caught up (naturally) in just trying to make more money; myself included. One day I was thinking ... instead of focusing on selling, pitching and making money, I needed to ask myself "How can I create more VALUE for my customers?" For example, when I used to sell basement finishing systems and do in-home presentations, instead of focusing on price, I painted a picture of the VALUE that this project was going to create for their home. I explained to them how this particular system would DRASTICALLY increase their property value, eliminate future mold growth AND they could pass the warranty on to the next buyer! Which no contractor on earth would offer! Plus they were told about the added appraisal storage feature (PURPOSELY DESIGNATED percentage of the basement used for storage bordered by walls ... which would also add value). I explained this to them in a way where in the end, they'd wind up as the ultimate winner no matter what the price of the system was! The same philosopy goes for EVERYTHING you sell ... no matter the product!

    The bottom line is this folks ... create VALUE consistently over time and watch your pockets grow over time! This lesson is truly INVALUABLE ...


    "Live life; have fun!!!"
  2. Kathleen2

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    I agree completely! [​IMG] Giving value is critical for success and it can be done in many ways. It doesn't always have to be about your program or what you can do for them. Sometimes offering value on things like "how to deal with facebook's newest changes" can be all that is needed to show someone you know what you are talking about and get them to hook up with you elsewhere.
  3. FreeCashMan

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    You are on point, but you have to have a qualified buyer first or its just a great presentation.

    If one has a targeted prospect then all they need to do is show them the ROI on the money. Thankfully, with recorded video presentations this is easier than ever given the average person a great chance to achieve more income with home business like never before.
  4. Rach72

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    A bit of great content doesn't do your credibility any harm whatsoever either [​IMG]
  5. A8ch

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    This is true! People will pay whatever you charge if the perceived value meets what they are looking for. The skill is in presenting the benefits of your offer in such a way that the prospect is emotionally convinced it's the solution she has been seeking all along.

  6. ReportKing

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    I couldn't agree with this more. When you create something of value, it practically sells itself.

    It brings to mind something I learned form a Russell Brunson seminar. He said that when building a list, you should create a product that you could sell for at least $100 and then give it away to build your list. This would have the subscribers eating out of your hand.

    After creating an original product which took me almost a month, I decided to try this. Sure enough, the people who subscribed to my list were super responsive, and many thanked me for giving away an original product, and not just some rehashed MRR or PLR.

    Ever since then, when I recommend a product to my list, I get a great response because they trust me because I created something of value and shared it with them.
  7. aniket

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    your visitors are humans not cyber credit cards.......

    they are in need for a solution are the one who is willing to provide the solution..

    they are looking forward for someone whom they can trust for future references have to become that "someone..."

    they can be fooled once or may be twice not more than that....but they are wise enough to help their friends not to get fooled by you again..


    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    This also has to do with being knowledgable about your products/services. A good fundamental training is important and good support.

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