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  1. dubnutrition

    dubnutrition New Member

    I was just wondering if ANYONE has heard of this new company? I signed up but think I better get other peoples feedback before I am fully suckered Any info or advice you could give me would be great! Thanks.



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  2. mdirkson

    mdirkson New Member

    I am in Dub!!! I have been taking the supplements for two weeks and I love it. I know many other people in the company. I don't think you can go wrong becuase it is just starting out.
  3. dubfitness

    dubfitness New Member

    Greetings.....I am in Dub as well... and welcome to the family. The company is real, the opportunity is amazing, the timing is unbelievable and more than anything else the products actually work!!

    The company is still in its private launch phase and has seen unbelievable growth just since its inception 4 weeks ago.

    But hang on to your shorts as there are some amazing pieces to the company that are still to come in the next 30-60 days... 2 of the founders are in the tech industry and are going to give the distributors the most amazing tools available for success.

    I hope that helped, and good luck with your business...

  4. gainesandrew

    gainesandrew New Member

    hi i am in dub but im finding it hard to get other distributors under me. can i get some advise?
  5. DUB Man 1141

    DUB Man 1141 New Member

    Andy -

    Become a walking testament to what DUB has to offer. Take the product, live the healthy lifestyle DUB encourages through the use of their products, and everything else will follow. I have been a DUB distributor for two weeks now, I was one of the lucky ones to get in early, the results have been amazing, I already have three of my family members under me and I have many prospects asking me what I am doing to loose weight and feel great. Educate yourself on the product, watch every live webcast DUB has, last night was a great one. remember, this has just BEGUN! hang in there, stay on track, work hard at this, the rewards will be bountiful in all aspects of the DUB life.

  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I never heard of them before. Maybe you should do some research on Google to see what others are saying in other places.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Be a product of the product and go from there!

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