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    I just wanted to lay out the system I've been using with E-Junkie and Aweber to make some good money.

    For those who aren't familiar with E-Junkie, it's sort of like Clickbank without all the bells and whistles.

    I bought the $15 per month package a month ago (40 products), and I hadn't used it.

    About two weeks ago I joined a great MRR membership site and so I decided to take 20 of the best products and set up the sales pages and set them up on E-Junkie to see how many affiliates I could get.

    A day later, the affiliates started to come in. As of yesterday (exactly two weeks later), I have 130 affiliates signed up to promote my products.

    Not bad. Now, here's where the list building comes in.

    The great thing about E-Junkie is that when they sign up to be your affiliate, you get a list of them from E-Junkie and it includes their email addresses.

    I set up a list in Aweber for my E-Junkie affiliates and as they cam in, I manually submitted them to Aweber.

    Over the course of two weeks, I submitted them all (you can manually submit up to 10 per day without doing an upload and having Aweber have to review it).

    Out of the 130, 57 have opted in so far.

    So now I have a list of 57 affiliates promoting my products.

    I set up an autoresponder series, and every 2 days they get an email talking about one of the products and a download link so they can actually have the product.

    These are all MRR products, so it's not a big issue giving them to my affiliates.

    My thinking is that it will encourage them to promote.

    I realize that most vendors don't do this, but I'm trying to think outside the box. If anything, it may educate them about the product so they can promote it more convincingly.

    Well, today I saw my first results.

    One of the products I promote is a set of 10 of those ready made squeeze page/report combos and I have it priced at $37 with affiliates getting 60%.

    Evidently, one of my affiliates has a good sized list (or a really busy blog or website) and did a broadcast today because as of right now I have sold 9 of them.

    He gets $22.20, and I get $14.80.

    So I've made a profit of $133.30 today from this method!

    I really like E-Junkie. It's much smaller than Clickbank, but that is working in my favor because there are a lot less products for internet marketing niche affiliates to pick from, and so I've got quite a few affiliates already.

    It's slowed down now, but the last few days I've still been getting 4 or 5 new affiliates. The first few days I was getting 10-20 per day.

    The point is that you don't need Clickbank to get good affiliates and that all you need is 3 or 4 really good affiliates to make some good cake.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Congratulations on your success. May it continue. Proof positive there is some money to be made online assisting others in getting what they are looking for.
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    Good job. If possible, please follow up on your results since your first post.

    Thank you,

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