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    Web is filled with home based opportunities that let you make fast bucks. There are many online business opportunities all around. Some of them involve buying an established business and generate revenue over long period of time. Buying established website is a great way to get head start your new online business and save your efforts and time.

    Benefits of Buying Established Website

    1. Fully website setup

    2. Cost effective

    3. Established customer base

    4. Valuable Traffic

    If you are looking to jump into an online business then you should look into buying an established business
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    I agree, as long as the domain (website) does not have a dark past. When someone speaks of purchasing an "established" website, it's usually the domain name that they are purchasing. I believe that's what you're referring to, when you say "established website."

    I was conversing with a young man that purchased a website (domain name) which had the perfect name for what he was marketing. However, in the past it was actually a scammer's site, which had some really bad information still out on the web.

    I do SEO for a several businesses; one of my clients called to say one of the companies he was doing business with may not be legit. He was all upset, as the previous domain owner was a scam artist. He was not a happy camper when he found that out.

    There are a lot of domains with dark pasts. So, may I suggest that before anyone purchases a website (domain), always check the sites history at the Way Back Machine http://archive.org/web/
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    Those sites sounds very promising. Even with the legit sellers that design these sites, google frowns on duplicate information across the web. The sellers have more than one site, so I found you may come across them again. I purchased a couple years ago. I ended up having it redesigned and I place my own articles on them. They do recommend you do that anyway. It use to be gold many many years ago on the web.

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