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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by merline, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. merline

    merline Guest


    I would like to know which are the best free ways to earn money with a website.

  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    That would depend on lots of factors and how you measure "best". However, article marketing is certainly a no cost and effective way to start earning money online.

  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I agree - that is a huge open-ended question! But if you go to this discussion here you can find some info that may help you...

    Click this link----> What IS Affiliate Marketing??
  4. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    I like MLM

  5. bburt252

    bburt252 New Member

    You will have to learn some SEO (search engine optimization) to increase your page views. Then you can use advertising like google adsense, affiliate marketing, free money making programs etc..
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    And there is always SBI - one of the best ways to learn a TON about SEO without having to be smart... plus end up with a nice website to boot.[​IMG]
  7. fredraley

    fredraley New Member

    Whether you use free or paid methods, selling from a website is the same:

    Leads --> Educate --> Sell

    You must define the purpose of your site. Will it be direct sale of a product or service? A lead capture page for further marketing to your list members via email? A niche within a niche?

    There are plenty of free marketing sites. They do not convert or get your more leads like the paid services will. But they are free. Using free resources means you have to spend your time to work them, track them and find the good ones.

    Hope this helps.
  8. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member

    Some free methods are article marketing, video marketing and blogs. This gives you alot of free traffic driving to your site. Make sure you are able to get the proper training and support you need to be able to implement these tools.
  9. DaveBeck

    DaveBeck New Member

    You could create a blog or design a website around affiliate marketing and use it to create multiple income streams out of it.

    To Your Success,

  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    You can have a very good looking website but if you are not able or don't know how to bring traffic to it then you will not do so well. Another important factor to a converting website is to have some sort of an opt-in form so that people can opt into your newsletter.

    This will allow you to follow up with them. Some will buy from you in the first email. Some will buy in your 10th email to them.

    Now, in terms of getting traffic to it, I personally am not so happy with article marketing. Sure, it is working for a lot of people but for me it is not with over 300 articles.

    PPC is still the best of the best when it comes to getting paid traffic to your site.

    Matt Zenittini: I like MLM

    I totally agree with you Matt.

  11. dougster77

    dougster77 New Member

    You could also post free ads at US free Ads, every little bit helps.
  12. joanne

    joanne New Member

    Unless you want to use a site such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger etc it's not really free to have a website (although it is cheap). If you want your own website you'll have to pay for a domain (approx $8) and hosting ($5-10 per month).

    If you're using one of the free sites above I would create some content reviewing an affiliate product (maybe one from Clickbank) and then submit articles to article directories such as Ezinearticles to get traffic back to your site.
  13. Bluecash

    Bluecash New Member

    The best way to make money with a website is through niche website building. This is something I have learned within the last six months and saw a world of difference with traffic and $$$ once I caught on to how it's done.
  14. yasser

    yasser New Member

    affiliate links related to your niche and google adsense.
  15. andie926

    andie926 New Member

    I have been using usfreeads and have been getting some views from it. It is also pretty affordable.
  16. MarketLifelines

    MarketLifelines New Member


    The fact that you want to make money from owning a website means only one thing- you have to invest. Websites cost money.

    Many us believe that there are magical quick ways to transform ourselves into instant millionaires with a website. It has never worked that way and it never will.

    A website costs money and time to build. The marketing of the site costs even more in cash and time especially for those without adequate internet marketing skills.

    My advice to you is to have an open mind. Firstly, know that you will need some finance, however little. Then you should be prepared to put in long hours in training and building your business. That is a fact.

    As regards what kind of activity you can engage in, only you can decide that based on your skills and motivation.

    Areas that you can explore include Affiliate Marketing, selling your own products or working as a Virtual Assistant.

    All require work. That is the bottom line.
  17. BruceMiles

    BruceMiles New Member

    The Internet has brought media to a global audience. The interactive environment of Internet marketing in terms of provided that instant response and eliciting responses is a unique quality of the intermediate. Internet marketing is sometimes measured to have a broader scope because it not only refers to the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media, but it includes management of digital customer data and electronic customer association management Internet marketing ties collectively creative and technological aspects of the Internet, including: design, development, advertising, and sales.
  18. JoeRollin

    JoeRollin New Member

    You have to learn how to optimize any advertizing free or paid
    I myself use Google analytics on my website it tracks where my clicks are coming from also how long they are staying on your site which is most important theres a lot of free advertizing which to me does not work well for the amount of time you have to put into thats where tracking and anylizing your site traffic is most important
  19. bianca_dee

    bianca_dee New Member

    I am learning some great tips here ! [​IMG] Thank you for all the awesome advices.
  20. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    That's a pretty basic question.. What are you interested in doing?
    Do you want to do a blog in a niche and make money from ad-networks? Do you want to sell affiiliate products?
    Do you wan to join a network marketing company and make money that way?
    Do you want to sell products?
    There are a lot of ways you can tie in your website in and market.

    If you are looking for ways to bring in traffic, I'd suggest using article marketing, it's free and it's a great way to build good do follow backlinks to your page.

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