Earning Money While Building Your Business

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by kenwrites, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. kenwrites

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    One of the things that keep people from taking action on their chosen business, is lack of money. Let's be real for a moment. Building an Internet marketing business, takes work and it takes time to see money come in on a regular basis. Now a lot of people have full-time jobs to keep money coming in while they are in the process of business building. But what about those that do not have that luxury or worse, are finding themselves being pushed out due to the economy.

    One option is to write web articles for money. Look, you don't have to have a professional degree in journalism nor do you need to be the next Shakespeare. But if you can write coherently and stick to guidelines of various sites, you can earn enough to keep you going while building your business.

    Check out places like Demand Studios, Bright Hubs, Seed, WiseGEEK and Yahoo! Contributor Network. These are all places that take on people to write web content. The average pay for an article is between $10 - $15 with the exception of Yahoo!.

    This actually helps you on two different levels. Of course you'll be earning money. But you will also get into the practice of writing web content which is a part of most online businesses. This practice will help you develop better content for your websites, blogs and marketing campaigns.

    There are more sites than the ones listed, but those are the better ones for up-front pay per article.
  2. Thiya

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    Wow, Its really a great news friend. Yes, I too heard some sites that offers money for our worthy articles. But, I don't have any idea of what are they. Your this message is really a great advice for most of the freelancer who are good in English writings and they can earn some money in their free time after finishing their regular basis work. Thanks for this info friend.
  3. FreeCashMan

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    This is not a bad idea. Note that time to build one business is very often subject to their marketing means, methods, and dollars. In other words building a successful home business via the internet or other forms of marketing, as one shouldn't limit themselves, is not necessarily subject to a long interval to get into profit.

    There are many valid 30-90 success stories.
  4. tai119

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    I write freelance and belong to a few outsource sites, such as Elance and Constant Content. Luckily, I have been able to build up a bit of reputation with writing articles for my particular niche. However, I am spreading my wings a bit further and looking for other areas of working at home, and I am undertaking quite a bit of research. I feel it is important to build a solid foundation, one brick at a time, so yes, I am truly taking my time[​IMG]
  5. dmitch31

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    Great info Ken. Has this been something you have done yourself?

    Personally I have no experience with writing articles for pay, so my questions may sound kind of naive. Can you tell me, assuming someone wants to work as much as they can, how many articles one could expect to be able to write per day? I'm just wondering what kind of regular workflow/cashflow would be possible.
  6. dosil

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    Aside from writing articles, there are other means to earn an income - like working in a call center from home. You get paid by the hour and the work schedule is flexible. One such company is Convergys.
  7. talfighel

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    It is not just lack of money. It is lack of belief that they will succeed.

    People just do not think that they will succeed and see themselves as failing.

    Having this kind of thinking will not let you do anything no matter what it costs.
  8. shuvo

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    I agree with you.For getting some initial money people can use those networks.In fact the people having a good English writing hand have lots of opportunity to make money online.Triond is another site where you just need to submit an article and money paid based on impression.So more articles mean more income.

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