Easy Way to Start Affiliate Marketing for Newbies!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by robinincarolina, Apr 1, 2014.

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    I have found that many new affiliate marketers get into information overload and get hung up on exactly how to get started. Of course there are many ways to get started, but I would like to share how I got started and hope it can help someone get unstuck. The main thing to remember about starting affiliate marketing is that it is something you have to consistently build on. It's not something that you just toss up a page and hope to make thousands. That happens rarely, though not impossible! :)

    Step one is find a product to promote. Get you affiliate link to it.

    Step two, buy a domain. Pretty cheap, usually less than 12 bucks for a year.

    Step three, forward the affiliate product to the domain.

    Step four, do your keyword research and start writing articles in free directories such as Ezine and Street Articles. Use good on page optimization. If you don't know how to optimize your page, just Google it! Lots of free advice out there on this. You can't put an affiliate link in these articles as it is not allowed, but you can put a domain name in it.

    Repeat this over an over. This is a good way to start to have a presence on the web and begin to build followers. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day. The articles I wrote three years ago are still ranking!

    Share these articles via social media.

    Down the road, when you build a site, you can then remove the affiliate product from your domain name and replace it with your site. Ta da, you already have pre-built backlinks to your site and your domain name has some age on it. Now all the articles that you have written link to your site.

    In the meantime you should see dollars start to roll in!

    Some say this is backwards. It worked well for me though it did take time to start to build up momentum. I had over 300 articles before I ever built my site. When I did build my site, this was instant traffic already in place!

    When you first start, you are still learning so much. I don't recommend putting up a website when you are still in information overload. Had I built a site when I first started, I am quite sure it would have been a complete flop. Article marketing is a great training ground for the new affiliate marketer as they figure out what works and what doesn't.

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    Excellent post Robin and great instructions for newbies.

    A lot of people wanting to make money online just don't know where or how to start. Step by step is so helpful in the beginning.

    Gave you a huge LIKE. :)
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    Great post Robin!
    Articles are like seeds you plant one time and continue to benefit from for many years after. My latest Ezine Articles report showed that my best performing article for March 2014 was written 5 years ago.

    Somewhere in the steps you outlined, I would create a squeeze page to start building a list from the outset. That would speed things along quite well too.

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    Do you have this switched around or is this honestly something I missed all these years?!

    By the way guys, Robin KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT and she is a master at affiliate marketing. Her guide is one of the few I recommend to anyone.
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    Is it forward the domain to the affiliate product, lol. Domains I can honestly say is the one thing that has always confused me the most. Still does. I just know how to buy one and set it up. :)
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    It is easy to find and promote affiliate programs. As time goes by, it is also easy to make some sales here and there.

    What will make a huge difference in ones venture into affiliate marketing is that they work with the RIGHT programs.

    I used to promote one time commission programs for years. I made an OK income and have sold well over 3000+ programs that paid me a one time commission between $20-$40. That got me nowhere years later.

    You need to focus all your attention on programs that:

    1. Pay you residual income.

    2. Pays you from the efforts of others.

    3, Pays you the 2 above plus HIGH ticket commissions.

    If you promote what I mentioned above, you will do well for years to come.
  7. robinincarolina

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    Excellent points talfighel! Why not promote both. One time and residual. If I can make a few hundred a day every day from a one time commission, I am not going to not do it. Multiple streams of income is wonderful. It all adds up quite nicely.
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    When it comes to generating free, on-going traffic and generating new backlinks to your site or affiliate links nothing is simpler or more effective than article marketing.

    It's been around for years and has always been a powerful tool - regardless of the shifts in search technology.

    Don't forget that writing articles provide direct traffic as well as backlinking.
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