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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by chillbeariv, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. chillbeariv

    chillbeariv New Member

    Hi. My name is Archie and like so many other people I'm curious
    about the concept of working at home and probably like a lot of
    other people I have about a bazillion questions that I need to get my head around. So excuse some of the questions. Here are just a few:

    I'm interested in the educational aspect of working at home. If I went to a college, what could I major in that would almost guarantee me the ability to work at home and make an excellent living? Something dealing in computers? accounting? etc?

    Are there popular companies that hire at home workers? What are some of the job titles?

    As I said before, these are just a few of the questions I have rattling around in my head. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Most of the successful work at home folks don't have a college degree as it takes more than a college degree to be successful online. [​IMG]

    Unless you could get a job for someone like Google, but then you would still be working for a company and not at home.

    It takes persistence and patience - to keep going until you get a handle on how the whole Internet Marketing thing works.

    Its not something that is hard to do at all, but most people are not committed enough to stick it out for a year or so until things start working for them.[​IMG]
  3. mountainmom5: Most of the successful work at home folks don't have a college degree as it takes more than a college degree to be successful online.
    Totally agree. Hard work, determination and a committment never to give up is the key. [​IMG]
  4. JesseK

    JesseK New Member

    Agreed, another thing I would add is that you really need to do as much research as possible before investing or buying into anything. There are a lot of work at home opportunities out there that seem great from the outside but a lot of them are scams so you just need to be careful!
  5. chillbeariv

    chillbeariv New Member

    Thanks for the replies. I understand about working at home and making a profit through sales, but I'm interested in jobs that require some sort of training.

    Example: I'm always hearing about medical billing and how you can work from home. This requires some sort of education and training in the may not work at home right away, but maybe over time and having enough experience, there is a chance.

    I have a friend right now who works at a hospital from the comfort of his home.

    So what I'm looking for are other ways to work at home or any companies that hire workers that work at home. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  6. HiAchiever

    HiAchiever New Member

    If you search for "medical billing" on Google you'll find a ton of schools teaching medical billing. But, jobs are scarce. If there is a hospital near you, inquire there to see if they anticipate any openings in the near future. I know of one lady that was doing medical billing and was laid off and has not had work for the better part of a year.

    Depending on your skills, you may find freelance work. Look at sites like,, and others.
  7. chillbeariv

    chillbeariv New Member

    Thanks for the reply. This is what I'm looking that require some sort of schooling that you can do from home. You may have to work at a company at first to get the experience in but eventually can you take that knowledge and perform that same task at home and maybe have a company pay you. Thngs like medical billing, accounting, computer programming, artist, etc. the list can go on and on.

    Is there anyone out there that has taken their knowledge that they learned in school and are now making a living at home? What job is it? How long did it take to eventually start working at home? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    chillbeariv: knowledge that they learned in school
    LOL, my schooling was on main frame computer security ages ago.
    In a roundabout way that led to website design and hosting later.
    Lots of local businesses are seeking a web presence or upgrading.
    It doesn't take a lot of schooling, just a lot of studying and practice.
    Not having experience isn't a deal breaker with some small businesses.
    I have some clients that want nothing more than a contact page.
    You can always turn down jobs or sub them out to others.
    I also didn't go to photography school but make money from pictures.
    There are literally thousands of ways to make a buck from home.
    It takes a desire and commitment more than an education.
    And a leap of faith.
  9. chillbeariv

    chillbeariv New Member

    Excellent explaination. Thanks so much for telling your story. This is what I'm interested in...skills or knowledge that can be used to make money at home. You might have started in one direction but it led you to another that pays you while you work at home.

    If there is anybody else with a skill that allows them to work at home, I'd like to hear their story.

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