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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Drewski, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Drewski

    Drewski New Member

    Firstly, thank you. So far this website has been nothing but gold to me with how much great information and knowledgeable individuals there are.

    I did not see any education section relating to what I'm about to ask, so apologizes in advance if this is out of place.

    My main question I guess is, what advice can you give me on choosing my major? Is web design / internet marketing a given?

    I'm 22 and have had a career in marketing/sales one way or another my whole life thus far. You can't be sure of much at this age, but what I'm sure of is my passion for technology and more important my marketing mindset.

    I want to be an entrepreneur of the internet. I want to maintain various websites/businesses that produce a passive income. I want to do this by different means, many of which I'm still learning, but those ways are mainly blogging, article writing, ads, commissioned sales, etc.

    Any comments/advice would be appreciated!
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Drewski: Is web design / internet marketing a given?
    In my opinion yes, there are so many opportunities with that background.
    But why wait for learning when you can earn while you learn...
    Drewski: those ways are mainly blogging, article writing, ads, commissioned sales, etc.
    You already answered your own question so just get started and do it.
    Use the "Search" feature on this site for tips on every aspect you need.
    If you get stuck, ask for help - there are many glad to share their knowledge.
    Welcome to the Work At Home Forum.
  3. robpenn

    robpenn Member

    Yes, web design and internet marketing.
  4. Jen80

    Jen80 New Member

    I got to this thread because we have the same aim Drewski. I just got back to this forum after I signed up a month ago. I became busy. I'm an online writer by the way.

    Lately, I have thought of starting my own online business but I'm clueless where and how to start.

    The tips mentioned here are very helpful. I'm actually taking down a few options that I consider trying.

    Drewski: I want to be an entrepreneur of the internet. I want to maintain various websites/businesses that produce a passive income. I want to do this by different means, many of which I'm still learning, but those ways are mainly blogging, article writing, ads, commissioned sales, etc.
  5. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    To both Andrew and Jen,

    I would say that the best thing, in my opinion, is to choose ONE option and stick with it until you have a good grasp of it and have become somewhat successful with it before branching out to others.

    This keeps you from getting overwhelmed and running around in circles while actually accomplishing nothing at all. [​IMG] That happens too often.

    When I started my "research" into online marketing a few years ago, I sifted through a variety of concepts and options until I found the one that really resonated with me. Once I did, I committed myself to focusing solely on that for one year - practically with blinders on. [​IMG]

    My personal choice for starting out was to build a theme based niche website where I would be able to write about something I enjoyed and then make money through affiliate commissions on related products and services as well as earning advertising dollars.

    Because I don't live in the US most of the year, this seemed the most sensible plan of action because I didn't want to have to worry about packing and shipping hard goods. I could simply refer other people's hard goods and make commissions on the sales generated. [​IMG]

    My first site was chocolate-candy-mall(dot)com, because I happen to be a chocoholic and I thought it would be fun to learn the ropes with something so delicious and delightful. [​IMG] That site still earns me several hundred dollars per month year round (even better at Christmas time, of course).

    I envy you young people who are already well versed in computers and technology. When I started a few years ago I was already nearing 40 and extremely "technically challenged." [​IMG] I can only imagine how well I would be doing now if I had your head start!

    Thankfully, I ran across SBI which is uniquely designed to help people at any level of computer knowledge to build a successful online website business. It was an answer to prayer and I still use their program today for building and managing all of my websites.

    Anyway, back to my initial statement. You've got a golden opportunity to really invest in your financial future by creating an online business for yourselves. Take your time and learn to do it right. Focus on one thing and do it well and don't be afraid to ask questions when you're stuck.

    We all do!

    Wishing you both the best of success!

  6. Azmos

    Azmos New Member

    Hi Drewski,

    It's good that you have passion for the technology and you have marketing mindset. But do you have business mindset? You're still young and a have long way to go. I would love to see you succeed one day. But along the way you will meet failure. That's life and successful business person fails before they succeed.

    Actually web design and internet marketing are related to one another.You may agree or may not. For a start, you can start as a freelance web designer at, and many more. Show your skill to the world. Maybe you can show me one day.


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  7. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member

    Take what you are most pationate about and simply do a google search for that topic stating how to earn money by blogging, article writing ect... Then list those ideas down on paper and start tackling them, and see what works for you. Don't waste time staying on strategies that don't keep you excited and motivated, but don't give up if you don't see results super fast either. The key is to enjoy what you are doing, and weed out what does not work as far as bringing in some $$. I agree with someones statement above to take things one step at a time or you can easily get overwhelmed going in too many directions.

  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    The one thing that you must do is to learn how to effectively market online. Once you master that, then you need to work with programs that will earn you passive income. What you don't want to do is to promote products that pay you a one time fee and you also don't want to promote products that only the product owner or vendor can profit from.

    You need to find programs online that will pay you residual and income from the efforts of others too. Network marketing online is the best way to go in my view.

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