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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by vfelcett, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. vfelcett

    vfelcett New Member

    Does anyone know of a good email listing company that is affordable? I am looking to promote my business through email lists... thank you!
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Aweber is the best one, but you may want to check out as they offer a 60 day free trial.
  3. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    Letting people subscribe to your list through your site can easily give you targeted emails. If you go with the email list companies, you can't be sure that the emails they are providing can give you targeted customers to your product or service so it is good to filter them on your own.

    You can use aweber or getresponse.
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Yes, having a subscription form on your website is the best option.
  5. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    Have opt in form, that way you can build your list of subscribers. Always remember to have good content so that they will want to open your emails once they become your subscribers.
  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    If you are looking for email leads there is one inexpensive but viable source

    Contact me via PM for another good one.
  7. Andy3568

    Andy3568 New Member

    I agree with everyone recommending and "Opt In" form on your website. You may not get as many names as you can purchasing a list from someone, but you have the advantage that everyone who has entered their email address on your website has a certain level of interest by the very nature that they visited your website and entered their address. Now all you have to do is move them a little further in the decision process toward purchase.

    I use Aweber to manage everything. They are not overly expensive, and they will really start paying for themselves as my list grows.
  8. Dgitalnomad

    Dgitalnomad New Member

    I am searching for a viable, but also quick way to build my list. I also am very disappointed with what I have found so far.

    I would buy leads on some proof that a system works, or a recommendation from a member. I am not interested in safe lists or traffic exchanges.

    I am looking for targeted leads in the IM niche.

    Any ideas?

  9. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    This is also in relation to the subject of your website as well as the level of traffic you are gaining.
  10. Jim Gillum

    Jim Gillum New Member

    Traffic is worthless if you are just getting bulk clicks. Targeted traffic comes from targeted advertising and promotion.

    If you run a classified or solo ezine ad, you need to be straight forward as to what you site is about.

    There are many factors that can impact the conversion rates of any site.
    That aside, people who visit to see what you have to offer, after being told what your product actually does, are more likely to become buyers.[​IMG]
  11. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    There are a few ways you can promote your business with email lists.

    (1) Create your own email list (preferred method). Of course, you'll need an autoresponder like Aweber, Get Repsponse, Trafficwave, etc. With your own list, these people are your customers that you earned on your own.

    (2) You can advertise your business through ezines that have their own email lists. One of the popular ways is via solo ads which can get expensive. Targeted lists, but pricey. Solo ads can cost $200 - $1000 per ad depending on how popular the site is. You have to create the ad and submit it. The ezine simply posts it out in their next email. So you just paid someone $200 - $1000 to just post your add in their email. You could have done that in your own email for free.

    (3) Buying a list of emails. Completely legal, but annoying to your email recipients. This is borderline spam.

    (4) Safelists/Traffic Exchanges. You get tons of traffic but virtually no sales. Why? Everybody is doing the same thing you are. In order for you to send out tons of emails into a safelist, you've got to agree to accept their emails. This is a waste of time and money. Why clog your email with other people's email you don't intend to read, nor are they willing to read yours.

    Option 1 is the best and a worthwhile investment. Don't count on someone else promoting your stuff. Do it yourself.
  12. AnthonyS

    AnthonyS New Member

    The best possible way to build an email list has to be through an opt-in form on your own website as you then know that the people signing up are already interested in what you're offering.Simple. In my opinion Aweber is the best autoresponder to handle those lists. Good luck,Anthony
  13. JoelCowen

    JoelCowen New Member

    I use Aweber but Getresponse has a trial where you don't pay until you get 10 subscribed members, then after that its about $20. Hope this helps.

    To your freedom and success,

  14. NWinnzsit

    NWinnzsit New Member

    There are many different companies that you can use. Personally, I always use Aweber and GetResponse.

    They are both highly reliable, affordable, professional and helpful (you can get support when you need it).

    Also, they both have great relationships with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). And that helps get your email delivered.

    No matter which company you decide to use DON'T overlook the issue of getting your email delivered.

    Many people send out great promotions, tips, etc., to their lists and still get terrible results. What they don't realize is that many times, their messages are not making it to the inboxes of their subscribers.

    Again, I like Aweber and GetResponse, but if you go with someone else, be careful.
  15. kane1976

    kane1976 New Member

    I just recently signed up with a great autoresponder that's so much cheaper than the rest.

    It's at and is really worth a look.

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