Energy Deregulation The Modern Day gold Rush

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by tony1018, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    There are several MLM opportunites out there that involved a product or service. Some of these companies are great and have wonderful products or services to offer. about a year ago I was introduced to a company where I didn't have to change my family and friends purchasing habbits but showed them how to save money on a bill that they have to pay anyway and I make a residual income everytime someone on my team pays their Utility Bill. We can pay off our car and our homes but we can never pay off that energy bill. I'm new to this forum and was looking for some input from other as to what you think of this opportunity? [​IMG]
  2. LadyDiane

    LadyDiane New Member

    Hello Tony1018, I am new to this forum as well. I live in one of the states that was recently deregulated, and I was also presented with this opportunity. I think it is a great opportunity. Recently I have gotten mailings to attend meetings to explain the benefits of switching. There was even a segment on the new regarding the deregulation, and people are jumping on it.

    Like I said great opportunity!
  3. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    Hi Lady Diane,
    Thanks for replying to my post, I guess my first post sounded a little like I was trying to sell something but I really wanted to spark up some conversation about my passion.. Where abouts are you from? have you been to a presentation yet? We just opened up in our 5th State with more on the way... I have been dragged to so many product based opportunities but I just knew I had to change peoples purchasing habbits but when I seen this business and what was deregulating I was like WOW.. It is a bill everyone has to pay every month and I get a piece of it... Product training is as easy as it gets... So what biz are you involved with Diane?
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    This can be a simple opportunity for one to attract as customers, it was done with the deregulation of long distance. So such a biz model has worked.

    As far as income from customers, that will take a some serious numbers to equal some serious cashflow on a monthly basis. I know of people that were very active with ACN back in the days of long distance deregulation, they had a thousands of customers in their group, but the largest part of their income was not residual but from the start up bonuses.

    As long as you know and understand this then you can calculate your income potential, and what it will take to really make good monthly income from the other words how many team members/customers you need to get to "X" amount of residual income and bonus income.

    Of course, residual monthly income is what networking home business is about. Bonus money will come and go like the wind.

    All the best, and much success.
  5. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    thanks Freecashman,
    yeah I know how ya feel I had felt the same way and your right your initial money you make in this business is recruiting but what I have found was it is starting to turn into a residual machine.. Especially the last few months with it being cold and people using Gas to heat their homes has really kick started the residual income. The CMO of the company was a VP with Excel communication that took advantage of deregulation with Long Distance back in the 90's so he has this thing figured out... Being that we just opened our 5th State and only a less than 2% penetration in any state we are in it is such a ground floor opportunity.....
  6. raquel

    raquel New Member


    I'm involved in the energy broker business as well. I started my business in December 2010 and was profitable in the first month, and have been every month since so far. I know that's only three months, but, since I've already made my investment back and then some, I feel like I can't lose.

    I've earned my profits from my electric customers, NOT by recruiting other energy brokers.
  7. JanHickling

    JanHickling New Member

    Do you have a list of which states are deregulated?
  8. Jeff7

    Jeff7 Guest

    Hi Jan,

    There are 17 states that are deregulated, they're:
    Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Virginia, New Hampshire and Ohio.

    If you have any questions on becoming an Energy Broker feel free to email me.


  9. Jeff7

    Jeff7 Guest

    Hey All,

    I'm trying to explore other options on recruiting new Energy Brokers. Does anyone have any advice? I live in PA.
  10. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    Hi Jeff what company do you broker for?
  11. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    There are a few more states also... Florida Georgia and California... For Residential power there are 33 that are degregulated or in some form of deregulation
  12. Jeff7

    Jeff7 Guest

    Hey Tony. North Amerian Power, you?
  13. tony1018

    tony1018 New Member

    I'm an energy consultant with Ambit Energy.... Really have a blast... amazing opportunity with Energy deregulation
  14. Jeff7

    Jeff7 Guest

    Thanks Tony. What are your thoughts on how the market will be over the next few years?
    Check out my you tube video if you get a sec - I would like to get an opinion from someone else in the business.
  15. kailo

    kailo New Member

    I have helped many friends in New York save money on gas and electricity. It's a win-win situation when you really do people a favor.
  16. PDNewYork

    PDNewYork New Member


    Just had to chime in about Ambit. I'm also a consultant and must agree, amazing company and opportunity. Looking forward to continued growth with this company. It's one heck of a ride and I'm enjoying it immensely.
  17. GoogleV

    GoogleV New Member

    I was with Ambit when they first came out but I left because there was a monthly fee to pay for my websites which at the time I signed up with, there was no monthly fees until a few months later.. did not like it. I could host my own sites and everything on my server and save the monthly fees but they didn't want that so I left.

    My question is, do any of you working for any of these energy companies do NOT pay a monthly fee to be active and make money with them?

    I love to be involved in the energy biz as I'm heavily involved in Real Estate in charge of the utilities information for the new homeowners and tenants in my area (which is not participating in any of this deregulation deals yet, I guess) but I network with others Real Estate professionals in the USA

    Please let me know if there's such energy opportunity where there's no monthly fees and still earn from your referrals and customer's energy usage? [​IMG]

  18. PDNewYork

    PDNewYork New Member

    @GoogleV- Sorry to hear you were not happy with Ambit. I know paying the $25 a month for the site can be bothersome but when your making a nice check it's not all that much to pay. I will admit when I first started out I was reluctant because I wasn't sure how much I would be making and I viewed the web site as another bill. Fortunately it started paying for itself rather quickly. I don't know about other companies policies as far as websites go. I do know that Ambits savings guarantee and the possibility of earning free energy are our biggest advantage over other companies. This is the biggest draw for my customers as opposed to other companies. For me paying the money for my site is worth it because I find I bring in more customers because of what we offer. It balances out.

    Good luck to you in finding another energy company.
  19. mikelikesmlm

    mikelikesmlm New Member


    I know that North American Power doesn't have a monthly charge IF you have 1 energy customer.They recently changed their comp plan but still a decent opportunity.They also have ZERO signup fees.

    I am not a rep for them but have a good networker friend who is who can answer any questions you might have.

    The energy business is certainly a very appealing opportunity.It will require lot's of work to build but it is a product everyone uses

  20. ThePhoenix

    ThePhoenix New Member

    My friend is part of Stream Energy, which is funny cause this is the one guy I thought would never be part of network marketing. But it is a valuable service that saves people money, and I completely understand and am down with these kinds of services!

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