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    One of the most important things in ANYTHING you do is that you must enjoy the process. I would never recommend that you be a baker if you didn't enjoy baking.

    I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My father owned pizza shops. When I was 11 I took my first trip to the store with my Dad. Dad had good times in business and some not so good, but Dad taught me work ethics. At one point in his life Dad worked as a store detective and owned 2 pizza shops. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial life.

    At 17, I became the open route carrier for the Loveland Herald. I delivered newspapers once a week, about 1000 on Wednesdays. I earned about $320 a weeking doing this. Which paid my car payment and my insurance.

    Out of highschool I went to college at the University of Cincinnati for one quarter, and never went back. I delivered newspapers for USA Today, The Cincinnati Post, The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Wall Street Journal. It was a great business as I had all the benefits of being self employed, without the investment....well, I did have to have a car and gas for the car.

    One of the jobs I had was working for my Dad as a manager in one of his pizza shops. It was a nice job, but no training. I had to learn all the management stuff the hard way. I was a 19 year old trying to fill bigger shoes. The people who worked with me didn't want to listen to me and since my Dad hired them...it was not the best fit...but I learned something.

    Dad moved the store to a new location and as luck had it Pizza Hut picked a location close to ours. It was at this time that I started my own advertising agency and began suggesting ideas to my dad. Now, Dad does suffer from powder butt syndrome, so he didn't want to listen to anyone he'd powered their butt...that being me. So, Pizza Hut did end up winning the pizza war.

    One suggestion I made was for every box or bag that went out of the store should have a coupon on it....I suggested a very inexpensive stamp that could be changed as often as he liked...but, it never happened.

    When I left Cincinnat for Nashville. My first time on my own I had $300, a car payment, and a dream of living life with the friends I'd made in Nashville. I stook everything I could fit into my car. Mostly business stuff.

    In nashville, I immediatly opened my business and began calling business owners. I got some great clients. I worked with Bridgestone/ Firestone - Which was a great client to have. I was young and eager to make things happen.

    Along the way, I was shoe stringing my business. I'd work for myself during the day and work another job at night delivering cooked steak dinners ( it paid better tips).

    I left Nashville with my new bride in 1994. We'd had some money challenges as most newly weds do and my Dad suggested a Gold Star Chili franchise that was for sale. It was one that I'd worked at one Summer while in High School. I made a trip and the decision was made to buy the place.

    It was a tough route. Buying a franchise is like buying yourself a job where the boss follows you home and tells you where to spend your money. A franchise tells you where to buy everything and you have to buy it from them in most cases. I was not very popular as I hired my own contractor to do the remodeling and saved $30,000. I did it all with CASH! My dad pulled a few strings and we got new fountain equipment and 3 months later we had a new store. (The franchise said they could do it in 2 weeks, but saving $30,000 was more important because that was our money)

    As luck would have it, the state widened the road in front of our store. I - 71 is right there and we had a huge challenge as most of our lunch business came from the other side of the interstate. It also didn't help that Cincinnati Microwave ( who invented the Escort Radar Detector) was having financial problems. When we bought the store they had 1000 employees. Before we closed our store they were down to 120 and only working them 30 hours a week. We lost all our regular customers from Cincinnati Microwave.

    We survived these challenges, but at the end it was just not for me. 80-90 hour work weeks are just now the life I had in mind. I took the first opportunity and got out. My Dad tried to make the store into another Chili franchise, but it only lasted a few month...I knew it wouldn't last as Gold Star had a Million Dollar advertising budget.

    I took a few jobs, but still had all my books and joined alot of mlm companies. I'd been doing this for some time, but had little success as every company at the time would say...Make a list of 250 people you know and bring them to the Holiday Inn. That system still works today, but it's not my thing.

    I learned alot about mlm companies and marketing from books. I love to read and have an extensive library. One thing you'll find is that most authors speak and when they speak they sell audio programs. I own a ton of those as well.

    After selling furniture, insurance and phone systems, it became obvious to me where my strengths were. I'd done very well selling furniture in a 250,000 sq. ft showroom. One of the biggest. We had 60 sales people and I consistently was in the top 10. I was there because I had a very simple process. I'd simply walk around the show room and ask "Do you folks have any questions?" and it worked. The only sales people who did better that I did were the ones who worked their days off.

    I had a job selling phone systems with Lucent Technologies with a contracted company. It was a great job with a nice salary and commissions. The contract lasted about a year and the company wanted to retain me, but after 5 months of waiting to find out what I'd be doing. I was sent to a temporary contract calling California and getting LEC permissions from their customers...not what I had in mind.

    I found a convience store for sale and it was a great deal. Most people didn't understand how to choose a business, so I got very lucky at this gem. It was doing $10,000 per month gross income and I simply checked the deposits. We bought the business at a great discount. I ran it for a year, got bored and gave it to my brother.

    This was 2000. I moved to Nashville. I took a job and also began the process of learning about Internet Based Network Marketing. I mentored with a $350,000 per month expert who taught me some of the most important lessons. Like, take people offline and bring them online. Use all media and put together a co-op so your new team members can afford to advertise like a fortune 500 company.

    It was a challenging time. Some of the mlm companies I worked with went out of business. Some changed the pay plan. I toughed it out and learned alot.

    In early 2001 I started working with a friend who had started his own network marketing soy candle business. He was in retail stores and had a great brand, but $200,000 later in his Am. Ex. Card and he had to close the place. He'd already began the process of working with a manufacturer in Alabama and I asked if I could take over. He allowed me to do it, but I had to create my own branding. Love Mary Soy Candles was born. It was a great business. I did retail stores and mlm. We got big, but also got alot of challenges.

    When my supplier of candles went out of business, I did the same. I'd had it with all the challenges and sold off all my inventory.

    I was introduced to Coastal Vacations 3 weeks before I closed. I bought the membership as an incentive and recognition program for my candle business. I got my L1 directors release by simply talking with my distributors and suggesting they do the same thing I was going to do....use the vacations to open new account and get bigger sales. Buy 3 cases get a free vacation.

    I began applying my years of education into my Coastal Business. I focused on talking to people, building a sales team as that is
    what I had done with the soy candle business. It was fun and I enjoyed what I was doing. No need for employees.

    As you go through you adventure in business. It's important to realize that everything will not be great. Your going to learn a few things from experience like I did. You should have a director who hads done alot in the business and can help you avoid the expensive lessons we've learned.

    The best thing about learning from experience is you can share it with others. The best thing about having a mentor is that they can help you avoid the challenges.

    TODAY, when my team ask questions - I can answer from experience. My director was not very helpful to me in business...so I took all the experience I had and it worked AWSOME!!

    My PhD from the school of hard knocks had paid off.

    As I sit here, avoiding the shopping trip my wife has gone on. I'm reminded that that trip is possible because of Coastal Vacations. We made this trip to Orlando because of Coastal Vacations. We bought the new van that brought us here with Coastal Vacations money. We eat, sleep and drink Coastal Vacations....because, of the income this business has made.

    As you take your journey in life, I hope you can enjoy the process of learning and doing. It's not always been a wonderful journey...but it has been appreciated and I'm able to work my 2-4 hours a day, 3.5 days a week because I've applied what I learned.

    My Coastal Business started when I attended my first Coastal Seminar. It was in Orlando, I sat in the 3rd row. I don't believe in spending more than my business can afford so I waited until I had the money to go.

    I never invest in anything for my business until the business has the money to. I made my initial investment at L1, when I decided to make Coastal into a business, I upgraded to L2 ( L 3 didn't come out until March of 2005) and I ran with it. Took me 3 weeks to get my L2 release and I've never looked back.

    Enjoy your journey

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
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    Wow Jay that was awesome thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing your story Jay. As Adam says it's great hearing more about the directors who are successful and that it didn't come easy is great news for some of us others.

    Perseverence pays off.

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    Coastal is an adventure to be enjoyed. Many look at the fact they havent had the success they want and get discouraged. Failing is part of becoming successful. I heard somewhere that Edison failed hundreds of times before succeeding. What truly matter is the learning experience.

    Coastal has taught me tons. My focus in the beginning was to build a team and buy leads. Well the thought of the day was to get a team of 15 and then work with your team and stop recruiting. Big mistake we made doing that. In a few months about half the team dropped out and the other half worked half of the time. I was in a quandry. What should I do?

    This was definitely a failure in our eyes. But I didnt get upset. If I built it once I could do it again. Plus it taught me not to depend on my team. I began to do more retail and began to change my approach. Most people love to travel but not as many like to or can run a business. So I began to focus on retailing the product. Now when I changed my approach business flourished again. The ones that wanted to do the business well that was easy. We have a great system. I didnt need to really mess that up any. I got them on the calls , I got them in their back offices and with all the support we have out there they all flourished. My business grew as I marketed it on the fact its a great travel package. That made me learn the package more.

    If I had gotten discouraged about my failure I would have never seen the forest for the trees. Learning the package and retailing made me better prepared to go B2B , it helped me teach my team members better and it made me become more well versed in how I ran my business. I learned to create my own leads by retailing. This knowledge came in handy for team members that couldnt afford Coastal Premium leads. I became well versed and able to adapt to situations better.

    Coastal is an adventure and its important to enjoy the journey and everything it teaches you. I heard somewhere that one mans garbage is another mans treasure. I truly believe in thinking like that. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. All it takes is a minor shift to turn things around. So if you feel like you arent achieving the success you desire then really look at your situation and learn what you need to learn so you can move forward.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
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    Quoting: ateamfuntimerWell the thought of the day was to get a team of 15 and then work with your team and stop recruiting.

    LOL...ah yes, I remember hearing this from the CSG leadership and I just couldn't believe they were teaching that...but, hey it's your own business. Personally...I worked with my team and continued to build as well. I've released a ton of directors, some quicker than others. Each person is an individual and each has their own life beyond Coastal and there's where the focus should be anyway.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Advisory Council
    Coastal Vacations

    P.S. - I'll be adding to this thread in a day or so...so look for the next update. I'm going to be sharing some great stories about people I've had the pleasure of meeting and know in the mlm/ network marketing business who have helped me succeed.
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    Personally- with a full team of busy people who are duplicating- the business mushrooms fast and you run out of time IF you are truly training them.

    Its all about the quality of team members you are taking on in the first palce. I'm not focused on making as many sales as possible- my focus is on taking quality people who I really CAN help onto my team. Again, I am looking for duplication.

    So, for me- its all about sorting. Learn that skill well- and you really DO stop prospecting for yourself at 15 people. Unless you drop the personal training part and stop working with people one on one.

    I was getting to the point where I had to consider group forum training. I knew from watching this business for so long- that is when duplication very often STOPS happening as strongly. I did not want to have to do that- so I merged my business with another director and formed a waiting list for personal sales. I don't take on more then we can possibly train PROPERLY, by our standards. But we still sort, sort, sort- and now have in effect- a triple screening process for potential associates.

    So, to me- it depends on if your focus is on making sales or creating duplication. Some people just don't have that sorting skill nailed- and thus always need to make more sales.

    I can agree, though- that you CAN'T teach what you DO NOT DO- so I do keep my hand in the prospecting pot when time allows- not as my primary focus- just so that I can "keep a pulse" on it, and continue learning.

    Thats my .02!~

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    That's great Jani.

    I believe Scot mentioned he doesn't personally buy as many leads or run as many ads as he used to because he trains his new people and team with the leads they buy and send to him. Most times on the 12 noon calls he is calling leads for his team members, doing the following up etc etc they are listening in and now they are able to duplicate that same process with their new people.

    It helps them get qualified sooner, heck he IS making the money on the first 2 sales anyway, they stay in the game and they duplicate that process and bring in people who too stay in the game.

    Awesome system!
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    Yup, exactly!

    If you are working with team members who are actively duplicating- you simply won't have TIME! Not, unless you want to work all the time- which I don't want to do, even if I could!

    Too much life to live!
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    What I'm about to share with you will allow you get a better understanding of how knowledge and expirence in business can effect your future outcome. Over the next few weeks I'm going to share information with you that MANY have not seen and that leaders in their group don't want you to see.

    I'll give you a very good example. Some leaders goto trainings to figure out what they are going to training you on the next 6 months and they don't want you to go. I heard this specifically from a group that I was a part of and I couldn't believe my ears.

    When it comes to time...we all have the same amount of it, it's what you do with it that matters. I know some directors will fill up their time with busy work that has little to nothing to do with what's important...talking to people, enjoying life and supporting your team. I know because I'm trained with the best of the best...and I have watched as some directors has become professional social clubs. Creating an environment that's all about chit chat, gossip and parties.

    I have taken in the environment and learned a thing or two about time management from several perspectives. Now, I believe it's important to attend as many calls as you can, but check the schedule as you may find it hard to find time to do your business.

    Duplication is important in this business, BUT I want to share something with those who don't already know this. True duplication can never take place. There are essencially 4 different personality types and if your not the same personality type of your director...you could have a tough time duplicating. What about others aspects like your list of what's important in life.

    Take this test:

    Number the list below in importance

    1) Adventure
    2) Security
    3) Love
    4) Imtimacy
    5) Health
    6) Success
    7) Power
    8) Passion
    9) Comfort

    Now there are no right answers. It simply boils down to some people are more interested in sky diving than making sure they have funded their 401K.

    This again is something to consider when it comes to WHO you duplicate. Let's just say your #1 is security and your directors #1 is adventure. You both just made $20,000 and you are going to take $10,000 and put it away for a rainy day and your director....they're going to the casino for a night of drinking and fun.

    Now, as a side note I must say that I'm not thinking of ANYONE when I point this out...it's stricly an example.

    True duplication would be you doing what your director would do.

    Here's how you CAN duplicate what's important. Continue to be yourself. I was reading a magazine last night that the person interviewed said they'd grown so much in the last year. Really?? So, does that mean that you've got to change who you are as a person to be successful with what that guy was selling???

    People change and money changes people. People become more of who they are when they have more money. Now, it's no secret that I enjoy cars and education. I also enjoy giving and sharing. I give heavily to charities and I send gifts to people all the time. I was at a seminar in January and a guy I know shared that he didn't have the money to buy some training being sold. I had it and had already listened to it...so, I gave it to him.

    As you go through the Coastal Vacations information you've been given know that there are core things to look for in this business. Why are you even considering this business?? Can the director your looking at provide that to you? Do they have what you want?? If not, how close are they??

    For me, I keep it simple. When they phone rings.....I answer it.
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    First of all, this is an awesome thread!! We are getting back to why I was visiting this board in the first place!!! With that being said, I think it was great of Jani to point out the fact that at some point you need to stop prospecting for yourself in order to train your new team.

    I have seen directors who continue recruiting to the point where it gets so out of control, no one is succeeding- including the director who brought them in. There are not enough hours in the day to train everyone and help them succeed in this business with 20-30 new people at one time. It isn't going to happen. I think that anyone researching the business, needs to ask their potential director how many people they are training at that moment to make sure that person will be available. I would love to learn more about your screening process Jani, as this is the structure I am currently trying to implement in my business.

    My number one goal, like most of us on this board, is to bring moms, dads, and grandparents home to their loved ones- not so much the money!! Don't get me wrong, money is nice, and helps me stay home but I promised that if I found a way to make an ethical living from home, I would share it with the world to keep other mothers from having to endure the pain of wanting to be at home with her child when it seems impossible!!

    We are truly blessed to have this opportunity to help us enjoy being business owners, but first and foremost, parents and grandparents. I am really anxious to see some of the things you are going to share with us Jay!! Thanks for starting this thread!!

    God Bless!
    Nikki Carter
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    Quoting: jnapierTrue duplication would be you doing what your director would do.

    Hi Jay- actually the duplication I was speaking of was system based. Of course- we are all unique people, with unique goals and needs. The world would be a pretty boring place if we were all a bunch of those star trek drones--- erm, what are they called? Its been a long time since I watched TV!

    Truly- what we must do is work with each individuals unique needs and qualities- and give them the foundation of a simple, duplicable system- then ideally- once they have that firm foundation that they can teach to show others the duplicable basics- we support and guide them in their uniqueness to bring their own strengths to the Coastal table.

    That being said- I do subscribe to the philosophy that we should NOT focus on improving our weakness. It truly is a recipe for mediocricy when our weak areas become average and our potential stong areas are not developed.

    I'm really very interested to see what it is you are going to say in the coming weeks! I find it interesting that you have heard of leaders that go to training and don't want their team members to attend- personally I have had the opposite experience!

    I can't tell you how many times in the past few weeks I have had people call me and tell me that their director doesn't have time for them, and keeps giving them pat answers to their concerns by saying things like "go to training with Dani Johnson in Las Vegas" or "Get on a teleclass with Ellie Drake". Don't ask me HOW Ellie Dani Johnson (and I think they are BOTH great- I have tools from them here too) can answer someones propsects specific question about the business model, training, tools or product. Really "...I don't know about that, but what I DO KNOW IS ..." can only go so far! What I always wonder is how are these people getting trained for COASTAL?

    It seems to be a trend lately! I'm sure you have noticed it too!

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    Quoting: matiasmommyI can't tell you how many times in the past few weeks I have had people call me and tell me that their director doesn't have time for them, and keeps giving them pat answers to their concerns by saying things like "go to training with Dani Johnson in Las Vegas" or "Get on a teleclass with Ellie Drake". Don't ask me HOW Ellie Dani Johnson (and I think they are BOTH great- I have tools from them here too) can answer someones propsects specific question about the business model, training, tools or product. Really "...I don't know about that, but what I DO KNOW IS ..." can only go so far! What I always wonder is how are these people getting trained for COASTAL?

    There's a page 2 to this post that may come tomorrow....

    I totally agree. I do like Ellie and Dani. I don't put all my training eggs in 1 basket by requiring people to attend these trainings.

    I believe that training is a 2 way street. I'll give you an example. I had a weekly training with a trainer in the industry. I scheduled myself for 8AM. When I over slept or missed the time...I called in and he'd continue on with the training, but I MISSED OUT.

    I don't hold a schedule or a time to my team when it comes to their requirements. I DO not do technical trainings as so many computers are different. I'll TRY to help, but my answer to computer issues is to buy a new one.

    I've said it for a while. One size does not fit all. This week I took off my training schedule and my team made their calls. I'm sure some made more calls than others...but I've been available to them and SOME have made a call to me, OTHERS didn't....it's the OTHERS I get concerned about.

    We ahve an equal opportunity to attend each training call and an equal opportunity to miss it...the challenge is you don't know what you've missed unless you listen in.

    Jay NaPier
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    jnapier New Member

    What is a leader? This is a word we hear so, so much...yet, it means so much for alot of people.

    A leader is somone who is in front. They are the top sales person, the top manager, the top trainer.

    You become a leader with Coastal Vacations by making sales. We do have several Top Leaders who visit here and I love it. This is the Coastal Vacations water cooler. Where we can all visit and have a virtual cup of coffee, ask questions and learn more about our business.

    Where does duplication fit into things. Systems are duplicatable, but you never want to be system dependent. Dependence is not something you want, as things change and you want to be in a position where YOU call the shots...not someone else.

    There are story after story of people who were system dependent, but one fine day something changes and all of a sudden the grass is greener and the leader of your system leaves to do something else...and take your team with them....BIG CAUTION HERE!

    You want to learn from people who are doing what you want to do. Now, when I first got started I so, so wanted to pick up and go on vacation working as I was on vacation....and I've done that. I've made $1000 per hour for the 11 hour drive to Orlando.

    I'm not sharing this to impress you, but to impress upon you the importance of having your WHY!

    Why do you want to be successful with Coastal Vacations? There are 2 primary motivators....Pain and Pleasure. Pain is the greater motivator. How bad do you want to quit that job? How bad do you want to be a stay at home mom? How bad do you want it?

    When my team members share their why with me, it's not for me....It's for them. It's because you've got to have a strong reason why you want it....and hey, I've been where it was just nice to have the money to be able to eat out ounce a week....but more important...you've got to have a B-HAG. A Big Hairy Agressive Goal.....beyond yourself.

    One of the goals I had that I've made is being able to send money to a charity on a regular basis. I could share how much and how often...but there are actually people who'd say that I'm just sharing this because I'm arrogant....but I'm not. I'm just a guy from Cincinnati who moved to Nashville to become a redneck with a Northern Accent.

    Here's why you want this. At some point, you should get to where your making in a month what you made in a year. I did it, I've made more in a month with Coastal than I did as a restaurant franchise owner...and I've got to tell you, I didn't put in 85 hours a week either.

    When you get to this point, you'll have to have something big to grow toward.

    There's more to come....As always, when my phone rings, I answer it!

    Many Blessings

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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    jnapier New Member

    You Are Never Alone!

    My objective of coming to this forum is to be around other Coastal Directors and to assist them. I don't always agree with everyone..and they don't always agree with me, BUT it's a great place.

    Personally, I'd like to see a neutral zone where there's no marketing other than our signature file, but it's not my forum...so, you've got to be able to distinguish between a sales pitch and information.

    One of the challenges you'll find working from home is it can seem like your alone. Well, your not. There are several of us who are working right along with you. I did a one hour advanced B2B training today for my team. It was not announced....I just had several team members who wanted to talk about B2B so I went all out and shared what it takes to sell Coastal B2B.

    We have a wealth of training available to us, but so, so few plug in. You know, it's the process of plugging into the official Coastal Training calls that will give you information your looking for...and without a hidden agenda.

    More information to come...As always, when my phone rings...I answer it!

    Jay NaPier
  15. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    I get alot of questions because of the success I have with Coastal Vacations. The question I get most is what makes you different?

    Consistent Activity is one of the most important things in your business. When I started my Coastal Business I was working it part time, but I used time leverage to get me results. I gave up TV and put a couple hours a night into my Coastal Business. Using advertising agencies and my few hours a night helped me be successful.

    I do use a very successful system that also makes a difference. It's been used successfully for years. It's simply, we use the telecenter system to allow us to know who we should call back and who just doesn't qualify for our time.

    Time management is so important in business. I don't like schedules, it cramps my creativity. I like to be able to go to the mall when I want, goto lunch when I want and hey...it's thursday, let's take the day off....

    My schedule is really simply, I work Monday - Wednesday, I finish up my work on Thursday ( about a half a day) and I take the weekend off. I do make myself available on to my team by cell phone during reasonable hours ( 9-9 cst), so I'm available to always answer my phone.

    You can run your business any way you wish, BUT I've got to tell you there are alot of people who want to get you off on a tangent. You've got to learn to prioritize your time. I used to fly all over the country attending seminars done by people who didn't have near the success that I have.

    One day, it just clicked. Why am I attending their seminars...they are asking ME questions about how I do what I do. I took a good look at what has brought me my income and it had nothing to do with what I was doing.

    When you begin to earn a large income, you begin to do things that you never could have afforded to do in the past. Like spending $2000 for a seminar. Some are worth it, but before you do it...Make sure your investing in a speaker who's a published speaker that you can get their books at the bookstore.

    Marketing and advertising are the most important thing I do. I've invested in ads that work and alot that didn't. What really makes the difference is when you can talk with someone who have blazzed the trail and save you the investment.

    I had a company I was advertising with use me as a referal. Another Coastal person was calling to see how I liked advertising with them. I'd already quit advertising there and so the obvious question was already asked. When I spoke with this person, I knew her name and she know of my success. She asked the question and I let her know WHY I quit using this company. They wouldn't leave my ad alone....they kept changing it and they never got my permission to do so.

    Big Savings for her.

    Actions speak louder than word and I do monitor words as well as actions.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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    Jay you have a huge team and a big internet presense. As you are sharing with us all can you talk about where you advertising specifically. For the past two years as ive been researching Coastal on the internet ive seen you in a variety of places. In the past ive asked you to share some tips with me and ive gotten a few things but as you are now really going into details I think some practical examples would be great.

    As always I dont agree with all you say. And know from the way you answer alot of my post we have differences in methods. But as a leader I know it is important that I am always open to learning. Can you share some of the ways you became such a hit on the internet. As so many people use it as their source of research having a big presence there is important.

    Id love to hear your feedback and I look forward to reading your post as you continue. I see you are a leader as you do step up to the plate and lead the group in discussions.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Leader
    Level III Director
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    Hi I am new in coastal.. I keep hearing that if you find 15 good people. You can stop lead generating! How could this be? I might be missing somthing. If I signed up 15 level one people and they did there two training sales I would have made $30,000 This is were the cash would stop if I never brought anyone else in. Im I correct?
  18. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Each person that gets passed up to you will also owe you 2 pass up sales and so on and so on. It never stops but you should ALWAYS be recruiting because not all of your members are going to produce sales for you. It's just a fact of life. Your director should be covering all of these things in detail along with helping you make your first 2 sales so make sure and get your money's worth out of them. We are all here for you if you need us, also.
  19. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: mikeYou can stop lead generating!

    HI Mike,

    It is possible to stop marketing after you've got about 15 or so team members as your new members will be doing the marketing and forwarding you the leads as you'll be working with them.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  20. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Mike never stop recruiting. Your success should always depend on you. What if the people you sign up have a situation and arent as strong as you are and quit. Then what? Are you willing to put your financial success in the hands of someone else. In my training I teach you to be well rounded in recruiting as well as going out and generating sales on your own. People are competitive and follow leaders. If you continue to recruit and bring new people in it keeps your older teammates on their collective toes. You keep the "power" and not give it away.

    I would suggest to always bring in new members it keep you on your toes as far as how to prospect. You keep your eye on the pulse of what your are training others to do. Worst case scenario is your team gets big and you just have to become more efficient in training them. Thats a good problem to have.

    Hope that helps.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director

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