Essential Elements for Online Marketing Success

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    I don't believe there is a singular formula for online marketing success, but I do believe that every successful marketing formula contains some of the same essential elements. Here are some that ought to be part of every marketing recipie:

    Product - You need to have a concept, system, product or service that is in high demand. The greater and more sustained the demand, the greater will be your chance of success. Nothing happens until something is sold/bought.​

    People - There must be sufficient people clamoring for your concept, system, product or service and driving demand. Success is not possible without support from people. They will make you or break you.​

    Preparation - This relates to all aspects of your project or business, from product creation, to presentation, to delivery, to support. Proper preparation is half the battle won. It's an outline that makes it easier to fill in the blanks when you encounter them.​

    Productivity - Many marketers often confuse being busy with being productive. Having clear goals and a plan to achieve them helps to keep one focused on doing what's necessary to continually make measurable progress. ​

    Patience - Sometimes the excitement and exuberance that accumulates when you are chasing a goal can get ahead of your actual progress and create an urge to rush the outcome. This could cause you to take ill-advised shortcuts that often delay or derail your achievements. Be patient! The journey of 1,000 miles is accomplished one step at a time.​

    Persistence - There is never a guarantee that things will always go smoothly or as planned. There will be obstacles to overcome, projections to revise, delays to wait out, corrections to make and so on. Don't throw in the towel when frustration is prompting you to give up. Instead, use it to redouble your efforts and keep pressing on.​

    Passion - This can be the driving force that keeps you moving forward, the life jacket that keeps you afloat when everything around you is sinking and you are feeling the need to take a second look at your sanity. Passion can be the wind that fills your sails and pushes you along when the engine breaks down.​

    Of course, along with the above, there are several other components that must be in place to pull off any measure of online marketing success. However, the ones mentioned here are among the main ingredients.

  2. payment proof

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    Another excellent post Hermas with some great advice.

    Nicely written and than you for sharing this with us. :)
  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Well written Hermas (y) I think I have a few missing in me right now :rolleyes:
  4. robinincarolina

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  5. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Very true Robin. Without Belief, I think none of the above "P"s could help you. What do you say Hermas?

    Or, to be in line with the "P"s, Positive Attitude.
  6. whitney black

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    Out of all these, I think persistence is the most important. IF you can't learn to keep going, you'll never succeed!
  7. Diana MEYER

    Diana MEYER New Member

    Good article Hermas, Thanks! I also agree with Robin and Vishal... Believe in Yourself & in your product and have a Positive Attitude ;)
  8. BuyYourOwnHouse

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    Well written and thought out. I think Patience and Persistence are so important. Too many people give up too soon or expect immediate results. Slow and steady wins the game.....
  9. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    Also heads up from here!
  10. Art

    Art Member

    I have another one but unfortunately it doesn't beggin with a P :)
    Approach - until you'll get it right you'll need to change it again and again, until you'll succeed.
    Cheers guys :)
  11. Conner Hogan

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    If you sum it all up, the correct attitude is all you need.
  12. FreeCashMan

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    WOW Hermas, one of the best post in the forum. It touches on all aspects.
    How can I get you on my team ;)
  13. Suzanne Sobers

    Suzanne Sobers New Member

    Excellent Post Hermas - This is a comprehensive list of some of the most important ingredients of a successful online business.

    I'd like to add to this
    Be Absolutely Crystal Clear on Your 'Why' - What is your Ultimate Goal, What do you want to achieve out of the business?
    This is fuel that will keep the fires of Passion and Persistence burning
  14. DiaJacob

    DiaJacob New Member

    Informational read! I should say, the 5-Ps to online marketing success.
    I fail in the past due to lack of preparation, and passion. I used to try promoting products that I have no understanding about! And it leads to failure.
    Now plan properly, only promote products that I personally use, and never give up until I reached the results that I want! :)
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  15. JTGMarketing

    JTGMarketing Member

    Great advice, Hermas! And of course who could forget the most important "P" of all -- "positive attitude," without which success can never be achieved.
  16. Aaleeyah

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    Nice post! Very essential for a successful business.

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