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    Hi guys,
    I have nothing to sell you today.

    I just wanted to ask your opinion on something.

    I am selling my own product which helps people make money with affiliate programs. Basically, I have 12 very high in demand niches that can be sold easily and anyone can make EASY money with. I will be giving my buyers 12 different niches over the course of 12 months to work with and give them everything they need like....

    1. A HIGH and very profitable converting niche.

    2. Squeeze page to capture names and emails.

    3. A marketing plan.

    4. 100 of the best keywords for that niche

    5. 10 autoresponder emails

    Can you guys let me know if the sales page does anything to you or makes you want to buy.

    I have taken the BUY NOW buttons and links off so that I am not being accused of spamming.

    Here is the page which I am promoting.

    I just want to know your thoughts.



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    Here there are:

    I would reword the headline to highlight a specific benefit someone would gain from using the program. It should be aimed at the "what's-in-it-for-me" question. Creating an expectation in the reader's mind for what problem(s) your niche marketing package can solve is much more persuasive than announcing the delivery schedule when they join your club.

    Opening Section
    I like the opening section about the challenges people face when it comes to making money from affiliate programs. I would significantly expand that section and play up the difficulty factor. I would name as many problem situations as possible so that every reader could personally identify with at least two or three. This would show the depth of your knowledge, and boost your credibility and level of authority on the subject.

    Here's What You Get
    I would move up the section that explains what's in the course and place it above the section about pricing. People want to know specifics before reaching for the credit card. Tell them exactly what they'll be learning over each of the next 12 months and how it will benefit them. This will make it easier for them to decide if the course is right for their particular level of experience.

    I notice that there are no product graphics on the page. Professional looking graphics help increase conversions. They attract attention and help the reader to conceptualize the product. Plus it catches the eye of skimmers and others who are influenced by visual aids. You could also consider adding a short video message as well.

    No bonuses are offered. Some people will buy a product simply for the bonuses. Others will buy it because the bonuses increase the perceived value of the offer, making it more appealing to them.

    Price and Length of Copy
    There is consensus among the vast majority of accomplished copywriters that says:

    the more features and benefits a product has, and the higher
    the price of that product, the longer the copy needs to be.
    If you hold up that school of thought to your sales page, it's easy to see the disparity. With all the consumer skepticism surrounding online scams and inferior products today, internet marketers must go beyond the extra mile to establish their credibility and the worthiness of their product, if they expect to convince strangers to invest almost $200 in themselves.

    Your sales pages contains the basic elements of copywriting that are crucial to creating a high converting sales page. In my opinion, you just need to expand, rearrange and refine those elements to get yours to that level.
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