Everyone is preaching: Build a LIST (Should you?)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by talfighel, May 16, 2015.

  1. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Almost every internet marketing expert will tell you that the majority of your sales will come from building your own opt in email list and then sending them offers over and over again. (don't forget to give them value too)

    While this was very true a few years ago, it doesn't work anymore.

    I did this test over and over in the past year. I have built my list to well over 600+ subscribers. The only people that joined my opportunity were the ones that opted into my list and bought RIGHT AFTER they opted in to my list (They become COLD after a day and just WON'T BUY).

    No one joined or bought anything with 5-30+ emails follow ups. People were not even opening the emails and I had a lot of bounces.

    OK, so since they were not joining me in a business opportunity or buying any of the products, I decided to send people to my website and provide them with a link there. I have a:

    Picture of myself
    I tell them my real story of how I struggled online in my first 5 years.
    I offer them a solution for making real money online.

    The conversions were higher. When a prospect comes to your website, THEY ARE HOT and ready to buy.

    So my conclusion is this:

    You don't have to build a small or large list to do really well with affiliate marketing.
  2. riquebiz

    riquebiz New Member

    hmmmm.... that is an interesting perspective. While I agree you don't have to build a list to do well with affiliate marketing, I think you may be missing additional monetization opportunities for those that have already purchased from you.

    If they have made a purchase, you now know they:
    1. have money or at least credit (you may not know how much, but you know they have some)
    2. are comfortable purchasing online
    3. what they're interested in purchasing online
    If you know those three things, your list can be an extremely lucrative source of revenue. They may not purchase from you again, but you can certainly promote related products and earn revenue off of those.

    I agree that the days of "THE LIST" as the cornerstone of affiliate marketing are gone. That being said, not having a list seems like a big missed opportunity imo
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  3. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Oh my, I don't like lists! A lot depends on your niche. For example, what if you are an affiliate marketer and use only Amazon as your source of income. Many search for a particular purchase of a particular product, buy it and never need that again. What would you mail them? My coaching partner makes a full time living as an Amazon affiliate, a very comfortable living and has never used a list. She capitalizes on the major Holidays!

    I put those that buy my product in a group on Facebook where they can ask questions, get support, get to know me and my other clients and so forth and so on. When I come out with a new product, they find out in the group and that converts for me far better than any list I have ever used. Groups on Facebook Rock!

    The fact that you don't have to have a list to make good money at affiliate marketing is a major selling point on my products. Mass marketing is not what it used to be in my opinion. I can't stand it. There I said it! :)
  4. Russell Toews

    Russell Toews Member

    My personal opinion is that I HATE email spam. I won't ever sign up to opt-in lists because invariably the list owner will sell the names to even worse spammers. When I get spam emails, I attempt to opt out, and I'll do whatever it takes to get myself OFF the lists. Over the years I've had to stop using email addresses that became too spammy with junk mails that I couldn't stop. I've heard many people say 'the money is in the list' but I couldn't imagine myself being the person that I so much despise. The is money begging on a street corner and especially if you cut your child's leg off to make them look even more pathetic but I'm not going to earn my living that way.
  5. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    The strategy you outlined is an excellent example of what "connecting with people" is all about.

    You use:
    1. Your photo - so visitors can put a face to your name.
    2. Your story - so visitors can relate to your struggle.
    3. Your solution - so visitors can have a way to emulate your success.
    And the great news is, it's working.

    Now if, on top of that, you had a way to follow-up directly with those people who converted, you would have a better shot at making them repeat customers and increasing the dollar amount they spend with you.

    And as marketers, we are encouraged to never limit the ways we can make money. (Don't leave money on the table)

    In any case, it is obvious that the same strategies work better for some people than for others. This could be due to reasons peculiar to a certain niche, or a person's marketing experience and skill. But at the end of the day, the methods that earn you the best results are the ones you ought to stick with, refine and scale up.

  6. Mazzini Auto

    Mazzini Auto Member

    Talfighel, how can one promote clickbank products if squeeze pages don't work anymore?
  7. jeffreysloe

    jeffreysloe Member

    Promote Clickbank products that are related to your niche. If your niche, as your name suggests, is in the auto industry, place links to automotive products on your web site. You can also write articles or blog posts promoting those products.

    If you have a "contact us" form on your site, redirect your customers to a thank you page. On that page you can place links to products your customers may find valuable. If you do have a "list" that you send information to, place a link in the email, or suggest a product that you find interesting.
  8. ghomveld

    ghomveld New Member

    This is the first post I've ever read where someone did not agree that it's VITAL to build a list - and I actually agree with you.

    Yes, a list can be a very powerful tool to use for your online business, affiliate marketing or even to sell your own products, but I prefer adding a simple "blog subscription" tool to my sites instead of building lists (Don't get me wrong, I do have a couple of lists, some of them with thousands of subscribers, but I get most of my sales through my blog posts and free reports that I compile).

    In the end it really depends on your specific niche. If you are in a niche where you can promote different kinds of products to customers, and you can add new products frequently, then it might be a good idea to build a list in order to promote all of these products - a visitor might not be interested in the product you are offering them at the moment, but if you keep sending them new product offers, there might be a product or two they would want to buy.

    I also don't use online mailing services like MailChimp and Aweber - Whenever I create a new program that I intend to build a list with, I create a custom mailing service to meet my specific needs.

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