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  1. Hello everyone!

    As you might know my focus in the work from home industry is with Empower Network. As with any more established business opportunity, you'll see a certain amount of saturation after a while. Through my contacts in the Internet Marketing industry, I now have access to high-quality traffic sources. However, many of these traffic sources don't take Empower Network on the front-end anymore. It doesn't matter if you take Empower's own capture pages or you create your own lead capture pages. Anything that leads to the sign-up form for Empower on the front-end is not accepted. Reason for that is not that those providers don't like Empower Network, but their lists just have been hammered with it already or someone else bought the exklusive rights to market to that list with Empower Network on the front end. This is where EZ Money Formula comes in. Please allow me to explain.

    What is the EZ Money Formula?

    The EZ Money Formula is a free system which helps affiliates tremendously to promote:
    - GVO
    - Pure Leverage
    - Empower Network

    It also gives you access to the EZ Money Network Training.

    The main reason for me to join EZMF little over a week ago, that it promotes Empower Network (and other offers) through a free system and it does it very well for you.

    Another nice thing is the additional income streams of GVO and Pure Leverage of course. Using EZ Money Formula, I was able to jump on last week's leaderboard for PureLeverage in my first week through my free traffic methods. All I did was using EZMF's lead capture page instead of Pure Leverage's own capture pages.

    The lead capture pages of the EZ Money Formula are fresh and convert very well so far.

    Once set-up, the EZ Money Formula and its automated sales funnel and automated follow-up Emails enable me to not lose focus on Empower Network.

    The access for free members to the EZ Money Network Training makes it unnecessary to babysit new customers and affiliates, as they have step-by-step instructions to start making money using the sales funnels of GVO, Pure Leverage and Empower Network. This is definitely a huge bonus for all the people just looking for some extra dollars.

    I highly recommend affiliates of GVO/PureLeverage and/or Empower Network to use this system, as I personally had tremendous results with this so far.

    Tomorrow I will run a solo ad and I'm looking for many more sign-ups.


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  2. Zach Andary

    Zach Andary New Member

    I am currently on the EZMF as well,

    and have got great results.

    I just sent a 500 click solo and got 8 PL signups,
    and 4 EN signups (two of which upgraded to inner circle).

    I didn't use their traffic sources, but overall a good system.

    To the top,
    Zach Andary
  3. EddyHiser

    EddyHiser New Member

    I am using the EZMF also!

    It is great at helping you build a huge list and it converts
    sales for you on auto pilot. I would recommend this for everyone.

    I start generating leads and downline sign-ups my first week with the program.

    -Eddy Hiser
  4. I also found to have better results with the Solo Ads I'm running.
  5. wiseme11

    wiseme11 New Member

    It is a good combination programs place under one roof. Those who wish to join into this program got to ensure enough budget to maintain monthly subscription fees for both programs. Besides, you have to invest in advertsing to generate traffic to your site. A long as you plan out nicely with your budget..this can be a good online business program
    to start with as it has good return if you recruit the right peopple in your team.

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