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  1. wltr1

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    has anyone heard or seen ezwealthsolution i guess it suppose to be new is there anyone out there doing this and if so hows it working for you. THANK YOU

  2. weelsn888

    weelsn888 New Member

    I also saw alot of ads and emails for this program. I have not join it as I am abit skeptical about it.

    I saw this this program called Affiliate Junktion and found it interesting as any newcomer will be rewarded with $75 bonus upon joining. Have anyone join it? I need to hear from any of you whether bad or good.

    I had joined many other programs like Ultimate Wealth Package owned by Mark Warren (also required to subscribe to a year hosting service with Midphase), Daily Easy Cash, Success University, etc.
  3. Vishal P. Rao

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  4. wltr1

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    hi weelsn888 I did some research on Affiliate Junktion and I have to say it does look interesting but after doing some research on it did sound so interesting anymore. What i normally would do is i try to google it and if peole have bad experience on it they would normally post it online.

    FOR EXAMPLE here one that I found I cant say where I got because I didn't really ask anyone for permission on this but if you google AFFLIATE JUNTION you should find this pretty quickly its on the first page:
    Sure, after never going for one of these "schemes" I tried Affiliate Junktion.

    In fact I blogged my whole experience (day by day).

    Basically there probably isn't anything illegal about it, but you won't make any money from it and by the time you realise this, you will have got them, maybe half a dozen new members (who in turn make the same mistake).

    Also, all money they quote you (for commission/startup bonus) is in $NZ (NZ$1=US$0.78).

    I spent about $US150 to get NZ$98 (75 of which was the signup fee) and even then, the NZ$98 has been "pending" for months and anyway I would need more than $NZ150 to get paid anything (another thing I bet that bank on).

  5. wltr1

    wltr1 New Member

    I also decided to go ahead and try ezwealthsolutions I will post anyprogress I make on this program but im sure it will take me a while for Im new at this and away for buisness and cant really spend too much time on it.

    I guess one of the reason why i signed up is because I havent really found anything bad about it yet.


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  6. weelsn888

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    Thank you for your posts on Affiliate Junktion. Luckily, I haven't sign up or I will lose more money. This looks similar to another program called 24-7 which I saw a year ago.

    I did sign up for ezwealthsolution which claimed that my membership of $47 was paid by my sponsor. On its webssite, I was asked to buy some products for $96. I am quite confused on how to make money from ezwealth. [​IMG]I hesitated because I had been conned before. I am not sure whether this is genuine. There are so many programs like Automated Cash Formula costing $37. I come here to do some research about it. Last week, I paid $47 to join World Internet Summit and now, I regret because I forgot to research on it.

  7. Insanecashflow

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    You should definitely research any potential investment.
  8. Rubytube55

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    That guy in the chair is a joke, I haven't taken the tour or anything but it looks like you need to qualify for higher levels before you can start receiving the higher payments. I see it being promoted alot through PlanetXmail SOLO ADS but that could just be what they tell their members to do to make money witch would be stupid because anyone who gets PlanetXmail Solo Ads just click through for the credits and are not interested in others opportunitys.

    It bothers me when somthing sounds great on the outside, only focuses on what they need to get you in, and dosen't deliver what you need to actually succeed.

    Remember to do your research and due diligence.

    Good Luck,

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