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    Hello everyone! A way I have made extra money(but with what's been in the news lately I am thinking of stopping) is by creating or managing Facebook profiles for inmates(where allowed). I am contacted either by the family of the inmate or the inmate themselves through corrlinks.com. My fee for managing a profile is $5 monthly. My fee for creating a profile is $15 monthly. Friend lists (which are very popular) are $1.00 per page plus postage and individual photos are .25 per photo plus postage. I send messages and replies daily. It's a nice way to earn extra money but there are those few that ruin it for others. My next step is to set up an independent website because of the few bad eggs. But if not for them and the slight stigma of dealing with those who are incarcerated this is an excellent way to earn extra money. Let me explain: All you need is ONE prison. (I deal with four) I spend nothing on advertising because everything is word of mouth. Since you already own a computer your only other piece of equipment you will need is a decent printer. After that your largest expense will be mailing material(postage meter,stamps,envelopes) and ink cartridges. As sad as it is to say you will never run out of clients,I've actually have had to put a cap on my client intake. I make between $650-$750 per month doing this.

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