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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by Shawn Kirby, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Shawn Kirby

    Shawn Kirby New Member

    Hey im apart of a business opportunity and Im having trouble getting leads on Facebook. Anybody know of a good way to attract people and generate leads on Facebook?
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  2. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    First you need to build your Facebook Profile properly - Good use of images and information.
    Then you need to start chatting to people and building relationships.

    Facebook is not something that gives quick results but overtime because you end up talking and connecting with so many people it snowballs and you start generating leads very frequently.

    You then share your success with personal pictures and people follow you.

    I recommend you watch a training video on using Facebook for Network Marketing.
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  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I would not even advertise on their site. I've been hearing a whole lot lately that they are rejecting a lot of ads.

    If you want to get leads, I would go with pay per click advertising.
  4. recruiter1

    recruiter1 Banned

    I find Facebook not the best place to get leads For business opportunities and more suited to selling consumer products.
    As I have a Business Facebook I would recommended building your Facebook page while keeping SEO in mind so that it will be found on google search.

    I had more success with twitter ads than Facebook.

    Also this is for all the member a free $20 in PPC clicks to your website when you sign up for free with Bidvester advertising
    Which I personal use...
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Is Bitvertiser any good? I think I tried them a few years ago and did not get good results.

    I still like the bigger pay per click companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

    Never had any success with the smaller wanabee ones.
  6. recruiter1

    recruiter1 Banned

    Cant beat the free $20 when the average Cost per click is 0.15 - 0.20 so it worth trying I have already gotten $40 dollars of them by signing up. Tip would be to use an ad that you know gets good hits.

    This is great offer for people starting off to learn more about Pay per click advertising.
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Facebook and other social media like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. can generate high quality traffic without paying for ads. But it does take time and effort. You have to get out there and network. Like other people's pages, posts, etc. Comment on their pages, posts, etc. Follow them.

    Post interesting content on your Facebook page. Make interesting tweets.

    SMM or Social Media Marketing is a valuable part of any Internet marketing plan.
  8. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    Groups...and learn how to actually build relationships on FB. Spamming groups (even if they are for ads or Work at Home groups) do nothing unless you know how to properly word your ad...and follow up. Don't tag people in your ad or you will upset them.
  9. Johnny Thomas

    Johnny Thomas New Member

    I have used many sorts of social media platform to create ads and I can say that it helped me to build up traffic to my site and there is no fast way or short cuts to this one. I spend time doing this and I know it has pros and cons but I guess all this leads up to those people who wanted to avail our products and services. As much as possible i tried to mange my facebook page on creative stuffs and good services that I am offering.
  10. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    I dunno... I think StumbleUpon is pretty fast. I think writing relevant content generates traffic pretty fast. Now whether or not it is the amount someone thinks they should be getting is a different story. Whether you can continue to drive the same amount of traffic is a different story, too. The best way to get something viral on FB is for it to be stupid. I have fewer than 400 fans. I'm okay with that. They are all organic likes and I routinely get seen / liked on things I post / shared in the tens of thousands. You just have to really know what your demographic wants to see.
  11. Curtis Slone

    Curtis Slone New Member

    This is in term of ads, though. I think that advertising network marketing and MLM opportunities isn't the best product for facebook unless you make them stand-out a lot.

    Every action I take in my network marketing business is built on the personal communication aspect. I use my strong interpersonal communication skills to build relationships, give value, and pump up my social proof. Also, this is a great way for me to create referrals.

    Facebook and Google + have created a wealth of leads for me. I think there's power in being a part of a community.

    Here's my strategy laid out.

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  12. Phil Roskams

    Phil Roskams New Member

    I tend to use Facebook paid ads for selling affiliate products which works very well but for promoting my online opportunity I mainly network within my friends list and groups.
    Facebook ads can work for lead generation but you have to word your ad very carefully or it won't be allowed.
    I find if you use social media platforms to offer content and give back as a first aim leads often follow...give and you shall recieve as they say.
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  13. Lorraine Pierce

    Lorraine Pierce New Member

    I use two approaches with facebook marketing, as I have 2 businesses.
    1. with my .com makeup biz we use re-targeting ads, so after they visit our site, they see ads on facebook luring them back. Amazon and ebay and many other sites do this.
    2. for my biz op biz I've found joining 5k friends in 30 days groups effective. I get about 10-30 friend requests a day. And I put them on my "MLM" special friends list. That way I can make specific biz related posts just to that list of friends and not annoy the crap out of my family and real life friends!
    When I accept a friend request I also click on "unfollow" unless they look like they could really add some value to my news feed.
    I also message them with something like "hey thanks for the friend request. What are you up to lately? having a good day? "
    DON"T USE THE OLE WORN OUT "i see we have things in common...blah blah I like connecting with like minded people"
    You get WAYYYYY more response with just a quick greeting along with a QUESTION about THEM!

    Reason for the 5k Friends...once you get 5k friends (facebook limit) from there on people ONLY have the option to "follow" you, which means your posts show up in their news feed ;)

    You're welcome :)
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  14. Yury

    Yury New Member

    To succeed with facebook ads you have to narrow your targeting... For example, if you're promoting your network marketing opportunity, you can target people like that liked marketers such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, David Wood, David Sharpe... etc
    Do a google search for top MLM/Network Marketing earners and use their names to target the audience.
    Your ads will pull in much more targeted leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

    Another effective way to get leads is solo ads. This is a very effective way to send qualified leads that are interested in IM based offers to your landing page/squeeze page. Once they optin you can capture that lead in your Autoresponder and redirect them to the offer page.
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  15. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    Find out where your target market is hanging out. Groups, interest etc..Then build a relationship with them first! Do not under any circumstance send them an unsolicited link of any kind. Find out if they are having any problems and if your product or service can solve it. You can do this through chat but I find it easier to get their phone number and just have a normal conversation with them. If they are having problems they will tell you at some point you just need to be actively listening to them.
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  16. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I have been on facebook since 2009 and I can say probably half of my business comes from there and I don't use adds. I may try them in the future. I am just me, uncensored, normal human interacting with others. I have built a lot of relationships and a very strong Mastermind group there with like individuals. It all happens naturally if you just allow it. It takes time.
  17. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Interacting with others is the key to social media marketing (in my opinion). :)
  18. Sammy Preston

    Sammy Preston New Member

    No point being on social media without being social. Good luck, plenty of awesome advice in this thread already.

    YAGOOFT Active Member


    Social Media is time consuming, and although it can be productive strategy for finding prospects and more traffic to your web site, most don't know how to utilize the known best strategies for getting started. As I do everything, I started to research FaceBook and YouTube since so many were saying it is the future in prospecting. Well, I did find out videos on Youtube is a great start as you get up in Google organic search results very quickly, so I figured there must be some truth to the value of getting videos made and posted. Sure enough, pays off big time.

    As to FaceBook, I am not a fan of useless posts which is all I see, and not having time to waste, I went with their PPC when introduced, and no doubt, this did work well, but it was expensive. And in the end you will learn there are a lot of people who could care less about your business, it is all about getting friended and building your likes. Having little time to waste, I started to research automated posting systems which was far less expensive than the PPC strategy.

    Having furthered my research I came across Social-Media-Income which is an automated posting system, you set it and forget it, change up your messages, you can switch businesses, and as one who promotes multiple income streams, this was a very important feature and it allows me to build likes much faster than the PPC strategy did. Remember, PPC is not like it use to be given millions are using this strategy, so live and learn, I prefer automation over manual labor.

    Success to all,
  20. Conor Doherty

    Conor Doherty New Member

    Facebook is getting tougher and tougher to get ads approved. I've just gone through like 5 different ad types that were rejected.
    I try to focus on building relationships by reaching out to people, posting helpful tips, and helping others by sharing their content.
    Give, give, give and you'll eventually receive something back in return.

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