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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by oppo99, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. oppo99

    oppo99 New Member

    Ok Folks there are as we know 101 ways of generating traffic.

    Apart from PPC which is obviously the easiest and quickest way (if you can avoid the google slap!)

    What are your most and least favourite ways of generating traffic?
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Writing articles is one of my favorites as it goes on bringing you targeted traffic indefinitely...

    Paying for a bunch of hits to my website would be my absolute least favorite... but then I have never done it either! lol
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    It may depend on what you are marketing but if I only had one source for generating free quality traffic online it would be internet forum commenting.
  4. DylanC

    DylanC New Member

    I would like to know how to get more traffic to my blogs and website
  5. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    FREE is my favorite method of getting traffic.
    I wrote an eZine article "EZ DIY Cherry Pitter", totally unrelated to my blog...
    but it got an "Expert" rating and the traffic still flows in droves over a year later.
    In other words, a lot of diversified content brings a wider audience.
    Another article got "Stumbled" (by my son[​IMG] which grew virally for months.
    You can buy "Stumbles" if your site is not too commercial looking, but free is better.
    My Google rankings soar because my WordPress blog pings the search engines.
    Make your page title (url) grabs attention and use the words in the page 2-3 times.
    Simple SEO is the best return on time invested.

    If you just want traffic to blow your server, buy some cheap ptc ads.
    You can get thousands of hits a day just don't expect any sales.
    Then again, you get exposure and occasionally a customer.
    10 visitors for a penny can really send your counter soaring.
    Be sure to use a splash page, not a slow loading blog site.
  6. My favourite method of generating traffic is Articles.

    One of my websites gets over 2000 page views per day with at least 75% coming from articles. [​IMG]

    My least favourite is PPC because I haven't tried it and don't intend to!
  7. mbasa

    mbasa Member

  8. bthankful

    bthankful New Member

    One of my favs is article marketing, agreeing with the other statements above with articles its pure targeted tarffic you are getting if you write the articles to match your niche.

    I have had some good results from using squidoo, what i do is use one of my articles reword it break it down into say 4 -5 paragrahs and add images works like a dream and again its targeted traffic.

    My always favourite is Free I have paid for adwords however my free traffic out ranked my paided traffic. I know adwords works but you got to put the money in it to work, i prefer to use free methods and use my money for offline marketing and outsourcing projects when needed.
  9. jamieseo

    jamieseo New Member

    I think what works best is having a range - different methods seem to work better for certain niches [​IMG]

    Personally my two favorites are video and article marketing.

    Social media is something I am trying out at the moment but it just doesn't have the same results for me :p
  10. shiz101

    shiz101 New Member

    Article marketing has to be my favourite, it's so simple and can be kinda fun as well[​IMG]. I don't really like writing in blogs though. For some reason using services like squidoo seem to take much more effort than writing something in word and submitting it, but maybe that's just me.

    The easiest and quickest way would probably be posting in forums while advertising your website in the signature space. But remember, easiest and quickest doesn't always mean best...
    Hope this helped[​IMG]
  11. jazbo

    jazbo New Member

    For me its pure longtail keywords. No need to write articles etc, just write site content and rank on page one with ease, as long a your site has some authority of course.
  12. keeplivin

    keeplivin New Member

    Of course, yes, authority, yes.

    but how does my site get the authority to begin with?
  13. anthony2313

    anthony2313 Member

    I love articles and solo ads for my traffic generation.
  14. DylanC

    DylanC New Member

    I have tried article marketing, free clessifieds and countless others and I still have no traffic other then myself going to my sites to see if the counter went up. Most of my articles have gotten expert ratings on them but nobody seems to be looking at them.

    So I guess what I'm saying is none of these methods are working for me.
  15. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    DylanC: no traffic other then myself going to my sites to see if the counter went up.
    I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Been there, done that.
    If you are referring to the sites in your signature, you have no CONTENT.
    Gecko Ranch is a great title but all you have are ads, ads, ads.
    I don't know how well free Weebly sites get indexed but you need articles, not just ads.
    There are millions of sites with the same items advertised, some have related content.
    Content is king of kaching.
  16. DylanC

    DylanC New Member

    So my sites suck.[​IMG] Ok so I need to build one like yours Just2EZ to advertise one thing and only one thing?
  17. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    DylanC: advertise one thing and only one thing?
    Your Gecko Ranch has a lot more than one ad, and little CONTENT.
    Ask yourself why anyone would find your site by searching.
    You can buy traffic to your site but it's unlikely to be found in a search.

    DylanC: So my sites suck
    Not at all, I love the header image and your truck.
    After the blurb on the front page nothing else held my interest.
    As for the "Income from home reviews", bonk. No reviews?

    You don't have to even create content yourself, borrow some eZine articles.
    Give the searchers something relevant to read about what you are selling.
    Then your traffic will come naturally and stay longer, maybe even buy from you.
    You might as well use AdWords or PPC if all you want is traffic to an ad.
  18. DylanC

    DylanC New Member

    I'm still working on the new gecko ranch site. I plane to add a lot more stuff to it as soon as I get time.
    So I should remove the ads page and add my blogs or something along that line. And I should find one good product to sell.
  19. jsf2

    jsf2 New Member

    I'm pretty new to all this, but i have been getting a few responses posting free classifieds. But i think i'm going to elplore some of the article writing. Many of you seem to be having good success. I personally am going tio stick with the free avenues.... [​IMG]
  20. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    DylanC: build one like yours Just2EZ
    No way I would recommend anyone build a site like Just2EZ!
    That is my "playground", kinda like a scratchpad for teaching others.
    It is so unfocused because most of it was showing someone else "how to".
    If you look at the home page it is my personal site, not a business site.
    My main business is hosting and designing websites for local resorts and artists.
    But my main love is teaching them how to do it themselves - by example.

    Which brings up my next point, VIDEO.
    If you really want to hold their attention longer give them some eye candy.
    That's what is good about your home page, the pics with some words.
    If you embed a related YouTube video add a few hundred related words.
    The words will give the page search relevance and the video will hold the visitor.
    Simple, FREE, and fast way to add CONTENT to your site.
    Content is what people AND SEARCH ENGINES are looking for.

    One more hint: Add words to your "product links" page to go with each ad.
    Otherwise the search engines will ignore that page completely.
    Also use the "Alt" tag in images so search engines will index them.
    Try to think of content that compliments the products you are selling.
    I know it's a never ending task but bit by bit you'll get there.
    Just2EZ is 8 years worth of bit by bit and half is invisible.
    Overnight success comes from years of practice.

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