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  1. accuratemessage

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    Our answering service is small enough to be work at home, but large enough to be a small business. I have had minor success with faxing our ads. I was curious if anyone had tried this approach. I would say that a $160 a month client for 300 faxes isn't bad. But, I am still wondering if I should continue with this approach. Any thoughts?
  2. Just2EZ

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    accuratemessage: I would say that a $160 a month client for 300 faxes isn't bad.
    Please clarify, are you spending $160 or charging $160 for 300 faxes?
    If you are spending that it seems there are more cost effective ways.
    You can buy ads in a newspaper for less than that and reach thousands.
    Spend that on SEO and you will reach even more targeted customers.
    The faxes you send are good for a day, other methods have shelf life.
    I know I have personally thrown away thousands of junk faxes.
    (or should I say, put in the re-cycle bin)
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    Isn't faxing a bit outdated? Unless you are targeting businesses that have a fax machine hooked up all the time. Most people don't have fax machines anymore.
  4. FreeCashMan

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    I know of someone that does fax marketing from time to time. He says it has produced for him. I think he does more than 300 though. More like into the thousands.

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