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Discussion in 'Site Build It' started by rvlady, Mar 11, 2013.

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    ..and very glad to have this forum, as well as others where I have met such "giving of their time" people:)

    I bought into SBI last week and it is an excellent program I can be assured of that. I am, however, more inclined to go back on my own, only because of the freedom to choose whatever I want in building my own business.

    I am just thinking about it now, but SBI is all about content, and building an online biz "is" all about content. So either way, I realize that without content, I have no business. I know many will think I'm nuts and probably just want to avoid my posts even but maybe there are some that will also understand this more than difficult decision. I agreed to try the SBI but fortunately, it is a money-back guarantee.

    I know that sometimes I just go back and forth on what I am going to do and yes, I know I need to "land" somewhere with something. Feedback welcome as always. PS One thing I don't like is my site being attached to someone else like SBI or anyone. It's like I don't want to always be paying 300 a year even though I might make 1000's of dollars some day. Does that make sense? I mean I know there is always overhead, Income - Expenses = profit. I studied accounting as well in school:)


    PSS I also feel I still have to do as much research as I would on my own (I am a good researcher) so with SBI I am paying them to "let" me do all that I would on my own. Again, maybe I'm just nuts.
  2. Winter

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    Not sure what SBI is, but from reading your post, it sounds like a waste of money? Again, not sure what it is, so that's an uneducated opinion.

    Good luck with whichever way you go with it! :)
  3. rvlady

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    I think whatever works for someone is a good thing. That's logical. I am thinking that SBI is not for me afterall. I say I am good at research but at the same time, I am good at jumping into things before I do "enough" research. On the other hand, I learn either way. Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

    I am reading a review by a gal that wanted to do SBI and did. But she found for her, that she wanted to write what she wanted to write, not use the keywords that were coming up in these search tools we find on the web including SBI. She wasn't selling anything, I mean, no program etc. to buy into. She was maybe, selling the idea of considering what you love to write about and do it.

    A website is about content, knowledge of that content, and loving to write about it and share it. I for one don't ever want to write about something so I can only be going for a buck. I am not saying SBI promotes this because I don't see that in their program at all. I guess I am
    saying I want to do it on my own, or seriously thinking of trying again, lol!

    Like I said, some folks have gotten to know me a little and they probably will think I am nuts. Or wishy washy at best. It's a hard decision. Especially for me, in picking a niche. It always has been, since 2009 when I first got interested in affiliate marketing.

    Now I think that if a person can pick something they really are interested enough in to write about, information people out there want, then a site will grow. I just wonder how many people are doing exactly what they want on their site, and people are finding them? I don't want anyone to think that "I" think I can make this simpler because not for one moment do I think that. I am thinking I can put in just as much time and effort without paying anyone to do that.

    That's crazy me though for you;) Denise
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    You are what you eat, Nuts! Me too, almonds mostly but any nut will do.
    The keyword research is to help with search engine rankings.
    Doing it naturally by what you say is a great way.
    People who search for those words will find you.
    That is "targeting your market" automatically.
    Just use relevant ads to match YOUR words.
  5. rvlady

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    Right, that only makes sense to me EZ:) I am taking my time now, better late then never:)
  6. payment proof

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    I absolutely agree with this statement you made Denise.

    Many of us have found a different niche. And if we can make that niche work for us, it is a totally good thing.

    I also enjoyed reading the posts in this thread too.

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