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Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by footbag_man, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    hI ALL,

    I finished PL about a month ago... When I got it I thought it was the answer to all my prayers, but I got no results from it at all... Now I am on a different program that is based aroun keyword relevance, I look back and think "did I ever hear the word 'keyword relevance' mentioned in profit lance?"

    It's such a vital part of internet marketing I can't believe they didnt bother to put it in the system...

    In conclusion:

    Very disapointed with profit lance
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    footbag_man: "did I ever hear the word 'keyword relevance' mentioned in profit lance?"

    They probably called it something different as I am almost positive they train how to use keywords..[​IMG]

    Remember that all of these things like Profit Lance, Wealthy Affiliate, One Week Marketing Plan, My Online Income System, etc are tools - tools and training to help us with internet marketing.

  3. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    What do you mean by keyword relevance? Profit Lance emphasizes that keyword research is the most important part. mountainmom5 was right, they probably called it something other than keyword relevance.
  4. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    Could be that alright...

    Just seems such a big part of the course i'm in now...

    Ya PL did talk about keywords, but maybe it was me that didnt get the point or it wasn't writing in a way I could understand...
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Some people are big fans of Profit Lance. Personally,I didn't think it was all that great, but any product you buy about affiliate marketing is going to have a hole in it someplace, where things could have been explained better.
  6. dbaoms

    dbaoms New Member

    I agree with getagrip - I felt a little shorthanded after finishing Profit Lance, though I think the problem might be with how much information is actually there. After reading through the entire course, it was a little hard to figure out where to start. Maybe more clear-cut instructions on what to do first would help?
  7. footbag_man

    footbag_man New Member

    ya getagrip,

    you got it down to a tee... Also judging by this forum, the PL section gets more posts than any other, so it probably is one of the most successful programs on the market...

    it certainly has more affiliate competition than WA
  8. newbiz02

    newbiz02 New Member

    dbaoms: think the problem might be with how much information is actually there. After reading through the entire course, it was a little hard to figure out where to start.

    lol, i know. Thats why me, lately, i just jump right in. And i study
    the course on the fly. [​IMG]

    dont try that at home kids.
  9. bdkfreedom

    bdkfreedom New Member

    No holes found in the MMM private society! Those who haven't seen or heard of this brand new club is truly missing out on a GREAT opportunity! These are affiliate marketing secrets basically all done in video tutorials fo you to follow along with and apply these secrets yourself to your own niche markets! You gotta see these free videos for yourself!!
  10. destani

    destani New Member

    [​IMG]Hello, I'm new to the forum but I did invest in profit Lance a while back and I really did not get anything out of it but it did motivate me to look into other business opportunities. The one thing that I have found to be a fact is that there will be a learning curve with every product you try. Knowledge is power!! Just learn as much as you can because you will benefit in the end. [​IMG]
  11. Honest Income

    Honest Income New Member

    PL is another stepping stone to the knowledge needed to succeed online today. I joined and was amazed at all the training materials they provide you. It;s totally up to you as to how much you absorb, and where you go from there with that knowledge.
  12. drbillphd

    drbillphd New Member

    I have to throw this out there. Yes, most of these programs you read about on here have something to teach about internet marketing. Profit Lance, etc. and etc. But how about ACTUALLY making money with one of these programs? All I ever read is, oh wow, I learned so much from this or that. I want to read, OH WOW, I am making so much money from this xxxxx program. Is there one out there like that?
  13. dorianbanks

    dorianbanks New Member

    You can see already by the website that it's not working. Once 1 person is behind and mentioning automated system that's BS.

    That's why real programs are hard to find because of scams. I'm in this business since 1998 and untill now now automated system worked.

    The best way is to get good service and setup your own page and start earning. It will cost you few bucks per month for hosting and maybe some expenses for different tools for promo, but no automatic BS.

    You need from one to five months to start earning a living on internet doing it oldfashion hard way, but once you start doing it it sticks and you have to maintain it and grow.

    If there are some honest guys out there who really want to earn from home I can probably help and remember never pay to get paid.

    If you pay for tools or for some real value that's fine, but to pay for information how to earn ... Oh please! Why would someone want to share easy earning system with someone else for $49.95?

    If you are ready to work, but really work and that means work hard than contact me. But it will take time as I mentioned before. How much time, that depends on you.

  14. bisniseka

    bisniseka New Member


    I came across this forum, n as everyone else who try to make money online, you will know how the story will go...
    I read your message, n I hope, I do really hope u could help me. I will tell you in detail who I am as soon as you contact me which I am looking forward to it.

  15. drepope100

    drepope100 New Member


    whatever information you can share thats productive would be appreciated!! im definitely open to any suggestions
  16. ksc492

    ksc492 New Member

    Thanks for all the information...PL has been sending me so many emails I almost went for the bait. Not after reading this...thanks for all the input!
  17. magnavox

    magnavox New Member

    Can you actually make money with Profit Lance, or are they just giving you ideas on how to make money online?

    Is it a business to work for...or is just information on how to start your own business, because I don't have enough money to start my own business or I already would...

  18. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    Profit Lance isn't all that bad. When I first started building websites as an affiliate, PL was the first product I ever bought. It was hard to plunge $77 at the time, but starting on that is what helped me expand into what I do now. You gotta start somewhere [​IMG]

    It is one of the better courses that I've seen out there though when compared to some of the other junk that I've ran into in the past.
  19. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Profit Lance teaches you the 'tools' for how to make money online. Its the whole package. some people just get too lazy to go through all of the material.
  20. hotboy18

    hotboy18 New Member

    Profit Lance was the first marketing course I ever bought and it taught the long term skills to make money online. The information is overwhelming but you have to really take your time and go through the entire course.

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