Fix your laptop with a sweater?

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Just2EZ, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Laugh of the day. Put a sweater on your laptop to fix it?

    My friend called to say his 4 yr old HP laptop wouldn't wake up when he came home from the store,
    screen was black but lights were on and blinking.
    Tried the usual re-booting, wiggling screen,
    battery out/unplug it/hold power button down to discharge BIOS,
    nada, nothing but the caps lock light was blinking, not normal.

    So I googled it, as usual, and found on the HP forum that it was a common problem with solder joints
    Some user posted that the cheap repair was to "put a sweater on it".
    Dozens of people posted that it worked miracles for them.
    Some said it fixed it permanently, some only temporarily.
    Some said they had to do it more than once to fix it.
    It heats up the bad solder joints so they work again.

    Remove the battery for safety.
    Turn computer on,
    Wrap it in a sweater for about 20-30 minutes
    (Well, we live in Arizona so I told my friend to use a towel.)
    Wait until it gets hot enough to shut itself off,
    (or until you smell it getting too hot to feel safe anymore, lol.)
    Turn it off and then back on and it should work.
    It worked for us and we can't stop laughing!
    It's Just2EZ!

    p.s. Blow out the dust once in a while to keep it from overheating in the first place.
    p.p.s. Practice what I preach!
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    Funnier, the ad above this post is for XBox 360 repair
    which is what I was about to post!
    My son said he fixed his XBox 360 using the towel trick.
    The funny part is he is a pc tech with a full work shop.
    So much for soldering irons! gimme a towel.
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