Fjola Natural, heard of this company ?

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    I just signed up with this company, It is a brand new Icelandic cosmetics MLM company that just launched. I wanted to know what you think of it, would you consider joining or did I jump into a too crowded market ?

    I thought of it like joining Avon at the very beginning, that would have been great :)

    But later I did some research on the top mlm companies and saw that 5 of top 5 are in cosmetics.
    Now im worried that this market is just full :p

    The thing with Fjola Natural that got me excited was that there is no startup fee, only a subscription to monthly product pack, and if I sign up 4 other people I get the monthly product for free
    plus some % from my downline. I do like stuff for free :D

    The system I think they are aiming at is a consumers oriented network, not really having independent distributors going to house party's. but only to get the 4 people to enlist, and thats it.

    Do the other Giants do this also ? Would love to hear what you think of this.

    Here is a link to the site

    Best wishes
  2. Just2EZ

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    I would think the opposite, the market is the top demand.
    It's not like the world is running out of people.
    And vanity is still the top attraction.
    Be a product of the product.
    You can make it work.

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