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  1. With NetFlix raising prices, BlockBuster filing bankruptcy due to RedBox competition, it there room for lower price option, or will you pay more to go with the big names in the movie rental industry.

    Like most, we are all looking to save money, and in a recession this severe, how many will go to the movies with family when the costs average over $25. for family of four, never mind cost of snacks and gas which adds to cost of venture to local movie theatre.

    As one who researches recession proof businesses to add to my portfolio, I see this industry as one which will grow as families look for less costly enterntainment venues. So the question is, do you rent movies more or less in this down economy. I have satellite now, and at $6.99 to rent a movie, and similar cost from cable, and with BlcokBuster at $10.00 a month and NetFlix at $9.00, and RedBox which looks cheap at $1.00 per movie per day, $2.08 per month sounds good to me which is what FlixsNow cost is.

    With more people having fast speed internet, and now with Apple and Google TV coming online, I predict more will be downloading movies than ever, and as streaming video technology will only improve in time, I see that both NetFlix and Blockbuster are now offering this option, as will FlixsNow, so as I see it, the home movie industry is recession proof industry, what do others think?


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    Sounds great but has anyone checked to see if this company is properly licensed to distribute these films? $25 a month is pretty cheap when you consider that they have to pay a portion to the studios.

    I would like to see some kind of documentation before I join or tell others to join.

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  4. Good question,

    Movies come from the same distribution network that NetFlix uses and FlixsNow will set up its own distribution network as needed to insure speedy delivery.

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  5. MultiWriter: $25 a month is pretty cheap when you consider that they have to pay a portion to the studios.
    It is $25.00 per year, not month, just wanted to make sure others who read thread are not confused. Compared to NetFlix at $8.00 and BlockBuster at $10. per month, yes, this is a money saver even if one does not want to refer a couple to earn unlimited free movies.

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  6. UPDATE:

    Now RedBox just raised their prices, and NetFlix is still suffering from backlash when they raised their prices and lost tens of thousands of subcribers to their direct mail program. Simply put, price does matter.

    Latest announcement is exciting, new BlueBox KIOSK system like RedBox contract was just signed. Better yet, we as founders will have the option to earn free KIOSK system to place in our local area grocery stores to compete with RedBox head to head, except our prices are much lower.

    RedBox killed BlockBuster and is main reason they had to file bankruptcy and close hundreds of stores. In my area, my BlockBuster closed, and I saw more and more people going next door to RedBox which surely ate into BlockBusters business, so did price win in this case, it did in my mind.

    Like everything, if you could purchase the same product or serivice for less, most will. All movies are the same, and now that FREE-FLIXSNOW has announced their BlueBox KIOSK, this is going to get real interesting fast. We will be able to compete head to head with NetFlix, BlockBuster and RedBox, never mind the high cost of cable or satellite which is $6.99 per movie in my area.

    If I wanted to go to local theatre, it is over 14 miles away, and for average family, the cost would be near $30.00 just for a movie and the usual popcorn and a soda. Is this a cheap night out anymore? It is all about saving money in a down economy and this has to be one of the best recession proof businesses I have researched in years.

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    The question is what will the content selection be? Also honestly there is not much money to be made from a $25 a year program. Sure the owner will get rich but as a rep not something I would want to spend my time with. But success to you. I just have seen many of these companies come and go. People hype it up and it peters out fast. I prefer to stick with stable companies that are publicly traded that grow in an slowly accelerated pace opposed to the fly by night pre launches that blow up and fizzle out.

  8. Good question,

    Selection will be same as NetFlix, a couple thousand movies, TV and soon, games, all movies are being uploaded during pre-launch stages, so time will tell. As to money, no doubt, this is not a get rich quick deal, but when you know the industry, having zero attrition is more important to me having seen so many quitters out there in MLM land.

    When you research the industry, as I have, low prices sells itself, and with less overhead up front over NetFlix, BlockBuster and RedBox, I see this as a long term residual income plan, so to each their own, but with millions of videos being rented on regular basis, and all movies being the same, who knows, but I could see the potential for a million subscribers some day, so we shall see.

    I had traditional video rental business years ago, and it was a money maker, and just as RedBox had exploded and are now in 37K Walmart stores in what, a couple years, the potential is there, and that is what I look for, getting in early, rolling the dice, being in the right place at the right time, not trying to sell the same old same old deals in MLM. Given the initial results, I can say without a doubt this is the easiest and fastest growth I have seen in any business I have promoted. Not having to pay to play a few hundred dollars, or have to be on autoship is a plus as I see it, so low cost means everyone can succeed, even if they only want to earn unlimited free movies, or a few hundred a month to start, the potential is huge long term.

    Value sells itself in this economy, and knowing each DVD could be rented a thousand times or more with only a $6.00 wholesale investment for each, not a bad ROI. With old VHS videos we were happy to get one hundred views each at a cost of $4.00 back then. Sure was a profitable business, just as the RedBox deal is with lower overhead model over BlockBuster which filed bankruptcy last year and closed hundreds of stores. It all comes down to lowest prices in this economy.

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  9. FreeCashMan

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    Unless there is some serious big money backing this deal up, I think we may have another Empower Network on are hands.

    Note nothing indicates there some serious big money backing this up (but I could be wrong).

    Nonetheless, the risk could be worth any reward. Truth of the biz will be in the distribution of the movies. If that falters, or is poorly administered, "game over."

    Home biz seekers, I wouldn't putting any "big dreams" on this right now, it has to prove itself, and there's a long way to go for that based on the expectations flixsnow promotes.

    One things is for sure, your dvd movie entertainment will not come at a cheaper price.
  10. Agreed,

    No business will survive if they don't deliver, and with first movies going out March 1st, it won't be long to see how proficient they are at delivering. That is what I liked about deal, you subscribe for the measly $25.00, get positioned in the matrix, and if the movie doesn't show up, you get a refund and it is all done. And given you only need two and you are all through, pretty simple duplication which I feel will insure everyone's success. No, you won't make millions, but with it almost impossible for most to earn free movies at worse, who would drop out? And that is the real power of program, so next week we will see how well oiled the distribution system is.

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  11. Interesting,

    I always judge a company by how it responds to start up hiccups, and there are few new companies who do not experience a few bumps along the way, FREE-FLIXSNOW being one. Like most, it takes time to fully understand most programs back office, and this one is overload, just too many features in my opinion.

    Well, after taking the time to navigate all the features offered in our back office, I must say, this is impressive offering with every tool you can think of, customization, different pages to promote, banners, tracking down to campaign, I mean this deal has it all and then some. lol

    I just ran a test ad using new landing page, and this too got my attention as I like to track where all my prospects and leads come from. The key is to make this as hands free as possible, and with the interest level at a level I rarely have seen, this one is the one to watch. I have seen a tremendous response for everyone is looking to save money first and foremost, and most want to earn a free unlimited movie subscription at worse, and many want to earn an extra income, so all the ingredients I look for are present.

    As far as hiccups, yes, the usual, merchant account issues, PayPal holding funds, nothing new here, I have seen this issue raise its ugly head a dozen times with new companies which max out their cap on credit card sales or PayPal sales where they hold your money for up to six months for no reason other than success of new companies sales.

    With this issue coming to light so early, good sign to see they have started to offer several more payment systems including good old reliable AlertPay. lol Payment systems are always an issue to start ups, so we shall see how well they handle this problem, so time will tell, this is the first bump outside of a few tracking errors in software which is now corrected. I prefer startups, they offer the most risk, but also the most rewards.

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  12. talfighel

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    FREEBUSINESSES: BlockBuster filing bankruptcy
    That is just too bad. Used to rent movies from them here in Toronto.

    It is sad that they closed all their stores down.
  13. BlockBuster was my first experience with renting DVD's and was sad to see most of the area stores shut down. I don't know about CAN, but there are still some open, but I don't know for how long. The compettion of RedBox was main reason, the perception of less costly and most were located next to a BlockBuster store, so I saw the industry growth early on.

    Having researched this thoroughly over the last few months, and since I was already looking into RedBox to see if they were a franchise, but not, I looked a little deeper. Cable and satellite rentals are down 12% for one simple reason, $6.99 per movie is crazy in this economy. When NetFlix announced they had raised prices, over 800,000 canceled their subscriptions, so price does matter in this down economy.

    Now with RedBox rasing their prices, the timing is perfect to launch a new low cost alternative. In my research the only other DVD vendor was a $20,000. investment, so given our BlueBox KIOSK will be earned by our affiliates, this is shaping up nicely. And when streaming video is released, then we have all the marketing bases covered, direct to home mail like NetFlix, and in store KIOSK's like RedBox, but for less than both.

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  14. Amazing,

    NetFlix did over $3,000,000,000.00 in sales in 2011. Wouldn't it be nice to take even 10% of this business volume, and given this is just one of the major players, this is a huge industry and growing. The more you learn, the more you can earn. With 9 million movies being rented from KIOSKs every week, it should not be difficult to see the opportunity with Free-FlixsNow.

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  15. Speedy2011

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    Freebusinesses, did you get your first movie in the mail yet? If they kick off at the time you said on March 1st, then you should have gotten your movie by now.

    Keep us posted on how the PRODUCT is working for you. Right now all we are reading threw out the internet about Flixsnow is making money from it and only costing $25.00 a YEAR.

    If and when I see people getting the movies they want in the mail along with getting them in time; then I will look at maybe becoming a customer.

    Thank you,
  16. Good question,

    The merchant account, as well as PayPal got overwhelmed, so nothing new, they got put on hold with payments, so I got refunded through PayPal, and had to make another payment, so it will be a few extra days I was informed. Will report as soon as I get my movies.

    Success to all,
  17. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    Thanks for the answer. Looks like they have some iron out to do.

    My main concern about this is for us to be able to rent the newest movies and getting them when we order them for only paying $25.00 a year.

    In other words, will they be able to run this with the same quality service as Blockbuster and Netflixs offers us now with mailing movies to us?

    You have to have a staff of people to mail the movies out to us and recieve them from us. Will $25.00 a year cover the cost to cover the staff to make this happen like Blockbuster & Netflix is doing now?

    Or will this start off at $25.00 a year and then after a month or two the price goes up to cover the cost for the staff to handle all the customers coming in for this great price?

    Right now, this sounds great to be a customer of along with it has a business opportunity with it too. But will it be able to take off and stay at this price?

    At this point, they are already having a problem with all the payments coming in with out any movies even getting mailed out to them yet. Not a good sign already.

    Trust me, I want to see this work; due to this is a product people use along with a price that is better than what we are paying now to have movies mailed to us.

    Thank you,
  18. Agreed,

    This was beta testing stage, or shake out, and knowing the industry, merchant accounts will always get locked up when you swamp them with orders the first day. Nothing new, seen it a hundred times before as these banks have gotten more restrictive. The real test will be to see if they can overcome this obstacle. Setting up a reserve is usually enough to get over issue, so this will demonstrate their funding and backing as I see it, so it is wait and see time.

    As to handling the distribution, this is the second issue we have to evaluate. Merchant issue is suppose to be resolved next week, and although this slowed up the whole system, next week is when we will see how they have handled it, and if they do, this is proving they are up to the task to stay on top of everything.

    I love start ups, they offer the most potential, and at only $25., there is little risk, so as I see it, this was indeed worth getting positioned to truly evaluate service first hand. We all know a dispute can be lodged if not happy or want a refund, so zero risk as I see it, and the potential is huge with even passive effort.

    As to the low price, no doubt, unless you research and study the industry, it would appear to be too low, but the profits in this industry are tremendous, just look at the revenues of NetFlix and RedBox to see what I mean. For years BlockBuster was the gorilla in the industry, with only small regional or Mom and Pop video rentals, which is what I owned years ago. I did very well with each unt returning 1000% plus, and DVD's last even longer, so the profit potential is even greater now than ever, and I use to rent videos at $5.00 per night.

    Everyone is setting up for streaming, and this will lower prices even more, so low prices is what most are looking for as I have identified. There is no doubt people understand a movie is a movie, same thing, so why would anyone want to pay more for same movie? Distribution is a well proven system now, in fact, you can actually watch how it works as NetFlix has video online, pretty amazing to think how little inventory is sitting on shelves, it is all moving through the system, and most people focus on the new releases only, which is what FlixsNow is doing, simply duplicating what has already been proven. You start with one distribution center, then add more as needed.

    Just as BlockBuster was put into bankruptcy due to low price NetFlix competition, and then RedBox strategy to put kiosk next to every BlockBuster was the nail in the coffin. High overhead of retail stores killed the gorilla, and NetFlix is feeling the low price option of RedBox kiosks, and these machines cost up to $25K, and they are making big profits, so with these high margins, and FlixsNow low overhead, word of mouth strategy, no doubt the profits will be higher without the hundreds of million in advertising the big boys have spent over the years.

    I was in the process of researching franchise like deal offered by DVDNOW, and at a cost of kiosk at $25K plus inventory, merchant account, online internet service to monitor inventory, you could easily spend $30K to start a video rental business. Compared to free FlixsNow affiliate offer, everyone can afford to start a movie rental business, and many who were in the same research stages as I was have joined my team since they will have option to earn free kiosk, as well as purchase at wholesale which is a fraction of the $25K per kiosk, so time will tell as it always does if they can launch on time in a few months. We are the beta testing affiliates, so we will see first hand how it all comes together in the coming week.

    Success to all,
  19. FreeCashMan

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    You are putting a lot of good faith in them. I hope all goes well, but Jack Johnson who has been involved in network marketing for years and has had great success, from what I understand, should have known to not even touch paypal for incoming funds for a network marketing business.

    On top of that they are using an affiliate backoffice platform for an mlm payplan. As well as, launch date have been used to get people to pay but have not been realistic, and they know this.

    Then as you noted the profit margin for what they are doing doesn't seem to be there. Unless you are going to be looking at old black&white movies.

    Then there's the use of the 2x2 cycle effect for a pay plan. We all know the history of those when not tied to a residual component. The only thing that MAY drive momentum for this is the movies, like MPB Today when they were plaster Wal-mart cards to buy your groceries free, but in the end the 2x2 did what it does when tied to a one-time pay system only. Other than that the pay plan is flawed for longevity, and the cash flow will dry up to cover the operation cost without a monthly membership.

    The best thing about flixsnow, is that low risk, for some gain, but I don't see the dynamics, as it is currently structured, suitable for a home business that will be paying a person, or paying anything of significance to a person, a year or 2 from now.
  20. Agreed,

    I am putting $25. of faith in concept, so you are right, what is the risk, very little, and if I was to get free movies, I would be happy. I am not a fan of 2X2 when it involves $220. like with MPB deal, and this is why it failed in the long term, too much for too little for the masses of asses who jumped into that deal. Hey, I have been an ass too, but lesson learned.

    I am not looking at this as a typical get rich quick deal, more of a get rich slow one, and as I see it, with the potential of zero attrition, low entry point, value beyond cost, it intrigues me knowing the secret to success is the program with the least attrition, not the typical one built on the hype of get rich quick, seen enough of those deals to last a lifetime.

    The leverage of the masses of potential subscribers is where the real income is as I see it. When you think of the market, millions who rent movies every week, hey, even a small percentage would be enough to make it interesting. The numbers and profits in the industry are huge, so with only 1% of market, this would be hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so I am in it for the long term, and as usual, time will tell. Once thing for sure, with a few hundred already showing up in my organization, never saw this happen this fast with anything else to date, so who knows.

    As to PayPal, no doubt, this was a mistake as many of us know from past experience, but they had two seperate sites, retail and affilate, and the retail site was the only thing PayPal saw, but the red flag went up for the fact volume, not the affiliate side of program, and it is under review, so who knows, I could care less about Paypal for they held my funds up for months a few years ago for no reason.

    Success to all,

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