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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by bybsports, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. bybsports

    bybsports New Member

    Has anyone had any success with advertising by handing out flyers or business cards?

    I run a sports related website, do you think I would have some success putting small flyers on cars outside of a professional sports game?
  2. KarenSmith67

    KarenSmith67 New Member

    Hi Bybsports-

    I have used pull-tab flyers, with some success. I believe the important thing to remember is market your business in the right establishments, i.e, health clubs.

    Business cards tend to get lost in the shuffle, so I would recommend postcards, or something a little but bigger than a business card. Once you have made a connection, then I believe handing someone a business card is great. BUT, you must have their interest first.

    There is nothing wrong with putting flyers on cars, if that works for you. I know in my state, it is illegal to put things on the windshields of cars, unless someone is getting a parking ticket [​IMG].

    By all means, use your imagination when promoting your business, but again, the important thing is to market in the places that your business is connected with.

    Success to you!
  3. bybsports

    bybsports New Member

    How do I know if i is illegal in my state?
  4. KarenSmith67

    KarenSmith67 New Member

    Call the local Police department and ask them, or you could call the City where you live. For example, I live in Corvallis, so I would call the City of Corvallis. I would start with the local Law enforcement and ask them.

    Good luck!
  5. bybsports

    bybsports New Member

    Thanks.. Sounds like trouble waiting to happen I guess. Any one have any other ideas for how to promote a sports site?
  6. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    bybsports: how to promote a sports site?
    Water proof business cards in your local Sports Bars.
    A bikini clad model for the background might help.
    A bartender can be your best advertising friend.
    Or a friendly cocktail waitress.
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Flyers, postcards, biz cards, "sticky notes", signs, etc. etc. etc. all work and can be used in various ways.

    Some sort of consistency in that marketing is essential along with a "catchy" flyer or the like, be it the wording or the images.
  8. bybsports

    bybsports New Member

    I like those ideas.

    I was at the post office yesterday and saw this little booklet like things that had like little business cards you could rip out.. I though that was a good idea. Maybe get a few of those little booklets and dropping them in high traffic sports areas..

    Another thing I was thinking about was urinal advertising at sports bars etc..
  9. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    bybsports: urinal advertising at sports bars
    A highly captive audience there!
    Again, water proof printing recommended.
  10. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Just2EZ: water proof printing
    The cheap Kodak 10 series printers have waterproof ink.
    I dropped a picture in the jacuzzi (on purpose) to show a friend.
    Hint: use waterproof paper or plastic to print on.
  11. yahia

    yahia Member

    That's interesting. I once tried to send flyers by mail to buildings infested with roaches and rats for a local pest treatment offer, and guess what .. zero. I mean how more targeted could it be? There is an art for this because it obviously works for Pizza and fitness clubs!
  12. bybsports

    bybsports New Member

    Yeah I read the urinal advertising is kind of effective for the fact that you get direct contact for at least 30 seconds, you dont get exposure like that anywhere.
  13. HopeIsFree

    HopeIsFree New Member

    Business cards only work with face-to-face interaction and conversation. And then, even in that case, they often get lost or forgotten. I guess, the more meaningful the conversation, the better the business card will work.

    Flyers are pretty much ineffective in my experience. They get thrown away, written-on for "scratch paper," and ignored as an ad. The only way to make them effective, like the member said, it to make pull-tabs on the flyer and post the flyer somewhere that relates directly to your product or service. I teach music, so I post flyers in the hallways and bulletin boards of churches and schools.

    The "old-fashioned" warm market telephone call still works! Even if your family and friends aren't interested in your product or service, they know people that you Don't know. So they are good for referrals. You can appeal to family and friends by asking for their "HELP." That way, the referrals are luke-warm. But then, you have to know the right script to use and you have to overcome that age-old fear of rejection. Once you know what to say, and you are properly focused on the outcome, you can use the telephone and make a lot of money!
  14. Dana K

    Dana K New Member

    @bybsports, I don't think most people appreciate flyers on their cars. Beyond that, some places don't even allow it, due to the litter it creates. You want folks to have a GREAT feeling about you and want to do business with you! [​IMG]

    It's been my experience that, in business, the ball is ALWAYS in our court. Most people are passive and don't respond to a simple flyer or business card unless there's an amazing offer attached that they can't refuse. ("Free" always sells!) We want people to take action, right? I've handed out thousands of biz cards, brochures & CDs, and frankly it's just not that effective.

    If your business is online, why not focus your attention on online sports enthusiasts? Offer a free series on improving ones golf swing, choosing the right workout gear or selecting a personal trainer.

    Get yourself involved in forums where people are talking sports. You've got a hot market with everyone there. Good luck!
  15. Fanciadance

    Fanciadance Guest

    Hi there,

    I used to run my own recruitment business before I got into Internet marketing and this was something I used to do frequently to advertise the jobs I had available. For me it was really effective. Targeting sports clubs and leisure centers is great way to get targeted traffic. [​IMG]
  16. Team14k

    Team14k New Member

    Cross referencing is The name of the game. Have you tried to co-op with another company - i.e.-one that is looking for the same clients you are?
    It's easy to piggy back on what they're already doing and you can keep costs down.
  17. JanHickling

    JanHickling New Member

    A big NO to flyers but yes, you do need a business card.

    I am an old-school marketer which is a polite way of saying I'm old. [​IMG]

    I have had alot of print material experience and direct mailing within your zip code is probable your best bet but it is EXPENSIVE! Your flyers will probable end up on the parking lot too. Sounds like a real gamble to me... lol

    I love social media marketing; it is effective, inexpensive and far reaching.

    Have you tried using Facebook? That has some pretty good results.

  18. kevrock529

    kevrock529 New Member

    For flyers, I always suggest using direct mail marketing. It saves time over passing out flyers and you can specifically target a specific audience. You can customize your mailing list to fit exact who you want to see your flyers. The overall savings in time is well worth the investment in purchasing a mailing list.
  19. steelpaulo

    steelpaulo New Member

    Go to your town chamber of commerce if you have the money and become a member attend the functions make yourself know to the movers and shakers in your town.
    Contact local sports teams and boys and girls clubs athletic directors on the phone or stop by.
    Call on civic groups and ask if they would be interested n a free speaker and give a 10 minute talk about sports equipment.
  20. bhuff85

    bhuff85 New Member

    Flyer marketing can be effective if you know what you're doing.

    Look at it this way - Going out and just passing out 1,000 flyers in a random location and hoping something sticks is no different than randomly placing links to your website all over the internet in 1,000 different places, hoping to get traffic. You won't get far without a solid plan of attack. The more targeted you get, the better you'll be.

    I know of a few people who are promoting different things using flyers and are doing very well. They have specific tactics that are unique to their niche and have a plan they stick to. Planning is just as important as execution - remember that.

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