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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by kathyg, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. kathyg

    kathyg New Member

    Hello Forum,

    I have been reading the forum for about a week now, and you all are great!! This place looks like a great place for anyone wanting to work from home to get great advice.....I wished I had found it 2 years ago, [​IMG].
    Anyway, I was looking, and have yet to see the company I work for, and it surprised me, actually, so I figured I'd let you all know about it. I work for West, a customer service company, that allows you to work from home as a contractor. I have been working for them for about 2 years, and it is a great way to make a good living. This is not a get-rich-quick program, this is a comapny you will draw paychecks from. Anyone can work for them, all you need is a fast internet connection, and a phone, as well as a computer (of course). They will train anyone who can pass the initial reading, and a back ground check, (needed because you deal with credit cards). The training is relatively easy, and you can be working for them in a short matter of time.
    Anyone interested, check them out, they are hiring right now, because of the holiday season, so it's really easy to get on right now.
    Anyone has any questions, you can give me a yell at I would love to chat with you.
    Good-Luck, Kathy
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing the information Kathy [​IMG] Our members would really appreciate information regarding legitimate companies like these.

    On another note, I checked out the website in your signature and saw that it's not an affiliate link. What do you gain from promoting your company's website? I'm just curious as to most people advertise their affiliate link so they can get some commission if someone joins through their link.
  3. made51k2005

    made51k2005 New Member

    I'd like more info as well. I learned all of my secrets from forums and it's never too late to learn some more[​IMG]
  4. kathyg

    kathyg New Member

    Hello again,

    No, Vishal it's not an affiliate link, and I do not gain anything from promoting it, I simply know how hard it is to find legitimate companies to work for from home, so I felt I should share.

    West is hiring right now, and they need contractors really badly, we are so swamped, with the holiday season, so I guess instead of being one of those who suggest to gain, I am one who suggests simply to be helpful.

    Hope that is ok, Kathy
  5. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    That's really commendable Kathy [​IMG]
  6. made51k2005

    made51k2005 New Member

    What actually do you do? Can you be more specific?
  7. kathyg

    kathyg New Member

    Hello again,

    Sure I can, to be very specific, I work for two different contracts, each company that you contract for is different. One contract I do is called DR (direct response), and basically what you do is take orders for infomercials seen on tv. Products range from music to heathcare, that project is very basic, you simply read verbatim, what you see on your screen.
    The second contract I work for is for HSN (home shopping network), everyone is familiar with them, they carry all sorts of products, and I simply take orders for them, take care of some customer service issues, etc... I work HSN more because it pays more per minute, and I'm not big on verbatim work. HSN is more laid back, and you can be yourself with the customers.
    They have alot of contracts, for alot of different companies, but only certain ones are hiring at certain times. You can get multiple certifications if you choose, I keep at least two, so if one doesn't have hours, then the other does.
    Basically the way that any of their contracts work is this, you log into the site on your computer, and once logged in, the system connects your phone line with their system, and the calls made to the 800 numbers are forwarded to you, you answer, and take the order or what ever else you have to do through the system your logged into on your computer.
    You get paid per minute rate, the rates range from .17 to sometimes as much as .30 per minute, and you get paid for the time you are talking. You get a paycheck every two weeks. The training is done from your own computer, and that's pretty much it.

    I hope that has helped, any more questions, just let me know, I'd be more than happy to answer.

    Good-Luck, Kathy
  8. made51k2005

    made51k2005 New Member

    I know a friend who may want to work online and take orders. Where do they get the application info from- HSN-

  9. Ananthk

    Ananthk New Member

    I want to know whether you do this typeof work in India.

  10. kathyg

    kathyg New Member

    Hello again,

    Unfortunatly Ananthk, I called West in regards to your question, you do have to be continental US to work for West, Hawaii or Alaska can't even apply, I am sorry. West did tell me "at this time', so I'm not sure if they are looking into that in the future, or not, I do know that we have just started taking orders from and shipping over seas, so maybe thats their first step to find out the response of that move first. Not sure, but if I do hear of any changes, I will definatly post it.
    As far as where to apply, just click on my signature link, and go to the 'register' button at the top of the page, or the bottom of the page and click on 'register now'. Once you've registered, West pretty much takes it from there. Just a little tip for anyone applying, if you have not heard back from West about an initial interview within a week, send them another email through the same site. They will usually answer quicker after the email.
    Another tip, there is a button on the site, 'support' , go in there, and you will find answers to most any question you could have. I can also answer anything you ask, as well.
    Now, as far as choosing HSN, you cannot do that, when West hires you, they will put you where they need you, then if other contracts are available, then you can train for them. Although some contracts are better in some ways, all of the contracts available from West, are good contracts, West only takes the best for their contractors.

    I hope that helped. Let me know.

    Good-Luck, Kathy
  11. sweetpea64

    sweetpea64 Guest

    so it doesn't cost you anything to join this! I was wondering how West would feel about me placing a link for them on my website. I have a work at home resourse/directory and am always looking for "legit" WAH opportunities. Do you think you could find out, and if they agree, send me a link....

    You can email me at if you don't mind.

    Thanks and continued success
  12. kathyg

    kathyg New Member

    Hello Lavonda,

    No, it doesn't cost anything, you just need to have the basic equipment at home, telephone w/ headset jack (dual hand set phone - suggested by me, so one can charge while your using one, I've worked so much that I've had them go dead in the middle of a shift before, 2 is always better), headset, computer (does have to have certain capabilities, the requirements for your computer is listed on the site) and high speed internet, DSL or cable, you can get away with dial-up for some contracts, but then you have to have 2 phone lines, one to dial up on, and one to take calls on (you can't use a cell phone either).
    That's pretty much it for stuff you need, no money to join or anything.
    As far as posting the link on a site, I'm not sure of that, I mean i put it in my signature on here, but I called, and can't seem to get anyone upper up enough to answer that question, so, I'm not sure on that, I don't know the law about posting without permission, or even if there is one. Sorry on that question.

  13. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Thank you for sharing all your info, Kathy. Very nice of you. Wish there were more people around who shared your views... [​IMG] I, for one, am so new to this, I don't even know where to start looking!
  14. kvonfeldt

    kvonfeldt New Member

    I have an interview with Workathomeagent sometime this week and I noticed on the email sent to me that my SSN was required. Kathy, can you verify whether you were asked to supply. I am so leery about giving out my SSN because of all the fraud on the internet.

    Also, are all the jobs that they have available just telephone oriented. They don't have any companies that require just typing.

    Thanks for all of the good info you provided Kathy. It answered many questions for me.
  15. kathyg

    kathyg New Member

    Hello kvonfeldt,

    Sorry I'm late answering your question, I hope things have worked for you, I am going to go ahead and post an answer for those who might also have that question.

    I understand of the fraud on the internet, and giving your SSN is something everyone should be leary about. I was, and the only reason I trusted this company is because I worked for them when they were local where I live. West is a legit company, and giving them your SSN is totally secure. They run a back ground check on everyone, and that is the reason for that request... they are covering themselves from the scam too. [​IMG]

  16. Guam_april

    Guam_april New Member

    Hi, I have a few questions about west at home agent. I registered on the site almost a month ago and whenever I log in to the site to see if I have been contracted yet it just says "we are processing your application." can you tell me how long this will take?
  17. WhitePhoenix

    WhitePhoenix New Member

    Hey kathyg,

    Are you still working for West? And could you share about the 'shift' you mentioned in one of the above posts? I would like to explore this option a little further - of course, it's late summer now, but perhaps it still wouldn't be too difficult to get on board, as the holiday season is coming up again.
  18. beast69

    beast69 New Member

    I just started working for West about 2 weeks ago. The shifts you select from are either half hour or full hour chunks, as many or as few as you want. I filled out the initial for on their web site and it took a month or 2 before I got an e-mail that said they were accepting more agents and that I could continue with the certification process. Everything was smoothe after that and I am actually sitting here at my computer between calls right now. [​IMG] THe previous shifts I have worked have been very busy. As soon as you hang up on one call, you almost immediately get another one. Today for some reason it is about 5 minutes between calls.
  19. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Working Solutions offers data entry and customers service work, but they have a very long waiting list
  20. nyfaminfla

    nyfaminfla New Member

    i was wondering if someone can help me. i registered a while ago for west and last week i did the phone interview. they sent me a email with a paragraph to read and said they would contact me one day after the interview. it is now one week later and i still have not heard anything from them. is there a phone number to call or any email to find out the status?i was wondering if someone can help me. i registered a while ago for west and last week i did the phone interview. they sent me a email with a paragraph to read and said they would contact me one day after the interview. it is now one week later and i still have not heard anything from them. is there a phone number to call or any email to find out the status?

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