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  1. Bikepilot

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    Can anyone give me a review of this MLM. I have come across it recently and interested in what those who are involved have to say. Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing from all.
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  2. TopMentor

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    FHT is a decent company.

    The only thing I would say is because it is everyday products like satellite, phone, etc. that you have a lot of direct competition from retail stores and the commission payout isn't real high because they can't afford to do so to be competitively priced.

    Hope that helps...
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  3. penny1973

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    Hey...this is my first time doing this and i seen you post...but i have friends who recently joined this company and they love it. There first check was 91.00 and now they are into their 3rd month and there check is going up. THey really love it. The couples father got them into it. I went to a presentation...and it sounds great but a lot of money for me to enroll. I decided to go with another home business that i love doing. hope this helps.
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  4. madmatz

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    3 Apr 2008 01:07 - Attached on merging:
    FHTM Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

    Has anyone looked at this company? This is how I got involved, I am wondering if anyone else has any experience or opinions about FHTM.

    I never would have considered MLM, but my very good friend asked me to come check out a meeting with him. I went with with the intention of finding flaws in the business plan so that I could give my friend my advice.

    After the meeting I told him that the business plan sounded good, but I wanted to research MLM and compare other companies. I am not claiming to be any kind of expert in MLM, but I do pride myself on my common sense and analytical thinking. I have researched MLM principals, multiple MLM companies, read negative reviews, thought about what I as a consumer would like or dislike about MLM in general and FHTM, then came up with my own conclusion.

    What I like about MLM as a general concept is what it is in its most basic form. Which is "word of mouth" advertising. This makes sense to me because I thought to myself. "What product would I be more likely to buy? Something that I saw on a TV ad or billboard, or something recommended by a person who uses the product and has positive reviews". The choice was clear for me (the consumer) and zero to low cost of word of mouth also made sense for the manufacturer.

    I didn't like the fact that most MLM companies sold there own brand which competed with name brand products that have an enormous amount of money backing them and are well established with buyers. It was clear to me that a MLM company that only offers there own products would only grow so much, and in order to make good money you would need to get involved early in its inception.

    I also read negative reviews about FHTM and it was blatantly obvious that most of them were created to promote a competing MLM. The others that I saw were from individuals who expected to get rich overnight. I negated their comments on the basis that they did not get involved with a proper work ethic, and blamed their failure on what they view as a scam.

    The next step I took was to decide what the pros of FHTM were and to justify the risk vs reward. I like that FHTM offers name brand products to promote and also offers savings on products that I already use. I like the fact that you receive bonuses for every person you put in your down line and make residual from the products being consumed. That was the biggest flaw I saw with most MLMs, they didn't pay bonuses for recruiting people, so anyone getting involved would have to be a fairly good sales person to start earning the residual income. I also like that there is no price margin on their products, instead you make commissions by having a sales ID number (ex. Person who sells you a phone plan gains commissions with his ID number).

    I looked at the actual company itself and liked the fact that it has a lot of potential ahead of it. The founder Paul Orberson was a very successful network marketer with Excel and decided to create a business he was passionate about. FHTM has been debt free since its inception which says a lot about their stability.

    I justified the expense to get started by looking at the money I spend eating at restaurants which gives me no return. I also looked at the start up costs of any other business and I knew that no business is free.

    So armed with my research I decided to get involved with FHTM along with my good friend and give it an honest effort. I am very optimistic and definitely see the potential for a good income out of this.

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  5. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    MLM can be good if you get in early, but there are a lot of MLM scams out there. Literally 1000's of MLM programs have been shut down for taking people's money. If it were me, I would drop out if It didn't start having a positive cash flow within a few months.
  6. pnsdb

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    Two friends of mine have come two me within the last two weeks. This people don't know each other. They both have joined Fortune High Tech Marketing and I trust both of them.

    I am going to seriously look at adding this company to my stable of successful Network Marketing companies.
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  7. jazzewi

    jazzewi New Member

    I recently joined FHTM and already have two checks coming. A friend called and said he had something I needed to take a look at. About halfway through the presentation I realized it was a no brainer. FHTM is based on a solid recession proof income stream that is already factored into our daily lives. You're already doing Fortune you're just not getting paid.[​IMG]
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  8. fortunesocial

    fortunesocial New Member

    Is is reported by Montana Securities Commission that FHTM is an Illegal Pyramid Scheme and should be shut down. The replicating websites they sell are similar to YTB (they were shutdown in California in 2008). The company is nothing more than a glorified affiliate program and sells products to disguise the fact that they operate as a recruiting MLM. This means that most of the money is made from recruiting and NOT selling products. According to the FTC - this is illegal and should not be allowed to operate.
  9. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I am sure that there are plenty of blogs and websites that talk about this MLM company. Why don't you go to Google or Yahoo and do a search there. You will get plenty of results.

  10. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    MLM can be a very good business but the facts are majority of MLMers make less than $100 a month. One has to have realistic expectations with MLM and understand it takes time and a lot of work to build a large down line.

  11. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    mtran2000: MLM can be a very good business but the facts are majority of MLMers make less than $100 a month. One has to have realistic expectations with MLM and understand it takes time and a lot of work to build a large down line.

    Good point Mark. A person also needs to understand that it is very important to find a good mentor and do as they say.

    Also, it is very important to always keep a positive attitude no matter what. I think that this is the #1 key to success in this business and you have got to master it.

  12. mtran2000

    mtran2000 New Member

    talfighel: Also, it is very important to always keep a positive attitude no matter what. I think that this is the #1 key to success in this business and you have got to master it.
    A positive attitude is very important but won't pay the bills. A solid marketing plan, good products and an helpful, accessable upline is crucial to success with MLM. Finding all of those ingredients is not easy.

  13. sparkerbio31

    sparkerbio31 New Member

    Hello all
    I just joined this site and am excited to belong. I am new to my home based business and I have always dreamed of having my own business but never did it. Then the opportunity presented itself in the most unfortunate way. The Gulf of Mexico became inundated with oil and my life (along with thousands of others) changed. You see, my former career serviced the seafood industry along the MS Gulf Coast and I eventually hit a point where I could no longer provide for my family. I prayed for SOMETHING to come along and help me provide for my family. That was when a friend of mine introduced me to FHTM. I had never heard of it, yet after extensive research on my behalf (and my husband's), I signed up. I already have 2 checks coming and I have been doing this for less than a month. I am greatfull that I have a STRONG upline. That makes all the difference in the world. I am working this full time and am putting my 10 years of sales experience to work. I do not expect anything in life to come easy. I have hit the streets and began working like crazy. I have to - I cannot provide for my family unless I do so. In my opinion, if you work FHTM, have a strong upline that will help you the best they can, this is a great opportunity.[​IMG]
  14. kevingregg

    kevingregg New Member

    I know the owner. He was in a MLM back in the 90's called Excel. He was making 1.2 million dollars a month. FHTM have been around for almost 10 years. That's a good sign.

    Plus, it has great leadership and good funding to last for a while.

  15. kevvvvshep

    kevvvvshep New Member

    Oh my god.... I am currently an FHTM Rep with 16 people in my downline.... and let me tell you DONT FRIGGEN JOIN!!!!
    The products are TERRIBLE
    True essentials is over priced garbage
    Envy organics sells good shampoo.. FOR 22 bucks a 8oz BOTTLE!!! WTF????
    and plus now, as a REGIONAL, I Need to maintain 20 freaking points a month... or i LOSE ALL of the money i have earned...
    WORST 1800 service ever... and the rest of the products are a joke.... I trusted my bud into this one....
    now just to realize what a total douche he is..
    not to mention the thousand odd dollars ive lost to shotty over priced services and RACKED up phone bills

    they seriously expect you to be on the phone 2000 minutes a month... and if you follow all guide lines... you will be!! and if you dont have unlimited.. you then get charged out the butt hole for waisting your life on the phone...

    sorry about this rant/ vent..

    think about it
    250 to join
    60 a month.. soon to be 100
    plus 60 connection fees (soon to be 100) for the 5 customer points

    250 + 100 + 100 = 450 to for you to join

    now if you help your freind... they lose 450 so that you can make 100
    you help 3 freinds to lose 1350 in total
    you make 300... plus those awesome bonuses they talk about.. not so awesome... all of the people you used for them, have to keep their customer points up for 90 days... if they drop points for ONE LITTLE DAY
    you lose it all
    so lets say 3 helped 3.. who helped 3.. like THEY SAY
    that means helped all of these people (with the best of intentions) lose a total of 121500!!!!!!!!!

    ahhhhhhhh don't I now feel like the biggest douche in the universe...
    all to make myself
    $100 x 3ppl = $300
    $6 x 24ppl = $144

    while me regional makes

    $125 x 27ppl = 3375

    his executive makes
    $175 x 27pll = 4720

    and these RESIDUAL INCOMES... I haven't seen a pennie, other than the kick backs off of usuless products that don't work

    PS : JOINT SOLUTION has been scientifically tested and proven.. it does NOT WORK. look it up!

    so in the grand SCEME of things

    27 people got wheeled into this formula

    a total of $8244 was made ... yaaay!

    minus the money people spent.. $121500

    equals a total of $113256 dollors spent by hard working indivuals into a totally bogus company




    sure this company might be legit...

    people can make money... but everyone has to lose so that FEW people can gain.

    and we all know who the major GAINERS are.... not regionals... not executives... they are those top positions that NO ONE has a chance of getting to
    be realistic.

    go with that little voice in the back of your head that says... this guy sounds like a douche... I'm gonna stick with what a got.. and be happy

    I, unfortunaly have to hold my customer points for another 40 days to get the money i worked for.

    but after that... im mailing back all of this horrible products and getting the HECK OUT!!!


    Northern, British Columbia Canada


  16. fortunesocial

    fortunesocial New Member

    Great comments from kevvvshep. Are you all familiar with the 2 class-action lawsuits filed by reps in the USA because they are fed up with the bogus FHTM BS? Read all about it at
  17. dougadam

    dougadam New Member

    Fortune has been changing its national policies, including lowering the entrance fee outside Montana from $299 to $199 to $99 in the last four months ??” following complaints and legal charges. In a taped conference call with his team members on Sept. 29, Morton said the company would no longer pay recruitment bonuses until managers have 12 people on their teams, which places them at the regional sales manager level. To have 12 people on a team, a person has to recruit three people who recruit three people who get three more people who bring in another three.

    Doug [​IMG]
  18. FHTM slammed with yet another class-action lawsuit. This time in Southern California with the angel Molly Aguilar named as a defendant. Damm - can all of these people be wrong about this pyramid scam? As Hulk Hogan used to say, "Paul - What ya gonna do when they come for you"?
  19. TopMentor

    What you say holds no merit. First of all the wireless companies and Dish Network DO NOT pay Fortune Hi-Tech monthly residuals so it has nothing to do being competitiveness. Fortune gets approx $120 from ATT, Verizon, Sprint and Dish for every new customer that stays for 90 days. Fortune keeps 95% of that money and pays the reps a measly $1.00 a month from it and calls it a residual. It is all crap! The company lies about how the deals really work.

    Question for anyone who knows - "What happened to Travelocity"? Did they tell Fortune to pound salt because they found out that FHTM was charging reps a $50.00 a month fee for what Travelocity gave them for FREE?
  20. dougadam

    The changes were made in response to the regulators. Guess FHTM wasn't so legal before if everything changed after regulators shut them down in 2010.

    With respect to the fact that their is no more quick start bonus - FHTM just made it impossible for anyone who doesn't make it to Regional Manager to ever make a dime. They have screwed everyone again. More money for FHTM and the Presidential Ambassadors - let money for the masses......all under the disguise of Orberson is helping people achieve financial freedom at the direction of God. What a joke.

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