Fortune High-Tech Marketing Raided And Shut Down By Regulators As Pyramid Scheme

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by FreeCashMan, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Yesterday big news hit the networking industry:

    One of the core things that lead to this was the making of false and misleading income claims. Someone from FHTM that joined my team last year and he did state that any continued success demanded new recruits repeatedly vs product sales. True network marketing is about recruiting and building a sales network to establish residual income, but many of these companies simply do not have a plan that works for the "average" person to succeed by doing "average" work.

    I love the mlm-network marketing industry but fellow networkers when it comes to working and building a real networking business lets make sure we stay on point of simply sharing what the comp plan actually can do for people if they do "average" work. Most may wish for big money monthly but many simply want to earn an extra $500-$1000 a month to better their lives. We don't need improper income claims to make that happen for people that work the business and the system for success.

    Troy Dooly offered a good insight on this shut down and what we as MLM Networkers need to consider in promoting and growing our businesses:

    One company's woes does not necessarily reflect all, just like any brick and mortar type business that is shut down for fraud. If you are looking at the networking industry as a home business opportunity, know that it is one of the best business models on the planet when done right and worked to establish success.

    All the best and much success.
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    Thanks for another informative post FreeCashMan. People need to do their Due Diligence before deciding to join a particular MLM Company. I believe in Network Marketing, if done properly and with the right company. The results can be great.

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