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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by gregriv69, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    I think forum posting jobs are the best. You can easily make some money by giving your opinion.
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Some forum posting jobs pay well, but it also depends on where you stay.
  3. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    Yes, paidpostingtools .com is good. Their paying rate is also higher than others.
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Hmmm...I didn't know about this. I just might have to check it out!
  5. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    You can try mylot also.
  6. DrewCharlie

    DrewCharlie New Member

    its easy work, but you have to spend a fair bit of time online to make anything decent
  7. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    For forum posting job, you would have to spend 3 to 4 hours /day. and you can earn minimum $100/month. But, ofcourse it depends only on your typing speed. This job can be a good start for your online job.
  8. noboss

    noboss New Member

    From what I have heard and seen forum posting jobs dont pay very much. You would have to spend ALOT of time posting on alot of forums to even make $100 a month.

    Have you tryed surveys, or writing reviews or articles?

  9. aplina

    aplina New Member

    seems there are some online jobs that l didnot. never heard of forum posting but sounds interesting
  10. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Is anyone doing this (not necessarily in this particular forum [​IMG]) and making money at it? Sounds like it might be fun if you have spare time.

    I wonder if you are still allowed to use links in your signature so it would benefit your main site, too?
  11. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    No one here likes forum posting, do they?



    Newbie Shield
  12. pyan

    pyan New Member

    Well i think the idea for having a forum posting is for members to share an idea for what topic that has been discuss. So by doing that each member can benefit from any view that has been forwarded and share any opportunities that arises.
  13. mmitchell

    mmitchell New Member

    Been there done that. Like 6 months ago I started forum posting. I didn't stay at it very long only a month or two. I didn't make very much.. only maybe 20 bucks during that time. It is A LOT OF WORK for VERY LITTLE PAY. It is not worth it in my opinion.

    What companies like paidpostingtools does is list a bunch of forums that companies want posts made in. You sign up with the forum and they give you a schedule to make a certain number of posts per day (you can't go over or under that set number). Once the posts are done you go on the website like and submit that you made the posts. They check your posts and once a week they'll send payment via paypal.

    Now it sounds easy but when you get to looking at some of the topics, it can be really difficult. Some of the topics require research so you know what you're talking about and there are rules to what you can post. You have to use good english and there are a number of other rules.

    Anyway, from personal experience, let me tell you, it is a waste of time.
  14. Richie_N

    Richie_N New Member

    You can make money by posting on forums? How does that work?
  15. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    You can also create your own forum very easily with Fantastico Deluxe, which is an auto install software program that comes with Hostgator and several other hosting plans.
  16. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    If you have a blog, you could try PayPerPost. They pay really well, it's definitely not a scam. A lot of people make a full time income from just doing paid reviews from PayPerPost. [​IMG]
  17. IAmAMoneyMaker

    IAmAMoneyMaker New Member

    Quoting: nobossHave you tryed surveys, or writing reviews or articles?

    As far as surveys go, I tried them. Alot of them offered to enter me into a contest, some allowed mre to earn points, and a very few offered cash... like $4.

    Plus I felt like I was opening myself up too far, telling ppl all of my personal info....
  18. meerataluka

    meerataluka New Member

    I am not sure if anyone here is making money by forum posting or no but I did make around $300 in just 2 months. I am happy with forum posting, it doesn't seem so tough for me though.
  19. DAT2

    DAT2 New Member

    well i think that forum posting helps promote yourself and your business. the problem is. that alot of people out there cant tell real from fake systems. and its hard for new people that do start their own business get started. so that's why most mlm's system fail. I think that if there wasnt so many spams out here Forum posting is a great way to get exposure. and my business is a great way to start your career working from home because all you do is expose your business to friends. making good money from services you use everyday. why wouldnt you want to ask a few friend to help build your team. and after that why wouldnt you want to post a few forums on forum base sites you belong to and have you already have friends there to help promote your business. making forum posting the best way to to expose you you business and post fun topics [​IMG]
  20. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    I just heard about this. People are getting paid to post in forums. Sounds like a great idea. How do you find the clients?

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