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Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by Martifreebies, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Martifreebies

    Martifreebies New Member

    Didn't find anything yet about SurveyFriends, a site that I use and won with this year.

    No cash but rewards like vouchers and gifts, at the end worth it the same.
    Only for UK people though.
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you like to win free gifts that this is perfect for you. But if you are getting online to make money, then it would be a total waste of time.
  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I agree. I prefer earning cash myself. But a Walmart Gift Card is always a good thing too. [​IMG]

    Just make sure they have proven proof of payments (rewards).

    Some people also like a mix of sites where you can earn both cash and gift cards.
  4. Winning is different from earning gift cards. Legitimate sites allow you to earn gift card rewards instead of just entering you into a drawing to win.
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  5. chocliv

    chocliv New Member

    Yeah I've found far too many of them just "enter you into a drawing". A little annoying, especially if you just spent 15 minutes answering a long survey. Lol.
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  6. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    I agree with everyone else. My survey list got shorter a few years ago when many of them went into PRIZES mode....not a scam...but I'd rather do a survey either knowing there will be an immediate reward, or at least knowing upfront that the survey may not pay out, but helps me to qualify for future surveys that do. Doing surveys that can last anywhere from 5-30 mins only for a CHANCE to win something says if they don't pick me, no matter what process they use, my time isn't important.
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  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I hear ya!

    When I spend my time doing surveys, I want a cash reward and not just a chance to be selected as the winner of something. Something guaranteed is always a better option and makes it worth your time.
  8. Papuc Marius

    Papuc Marius New Member

    For Romanian people doesn't work?
  9. Panos

    Panos New Member

    You can make some good cash with paid surveys if bring some referrals.

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