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    Last month Google offer $250 free PPC credit after signing up for Google Adwords Program. The highest ever offered. Unfortunately it is for US only and the coupon expired on 31 Jan 2009.

    Time to time Google, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter will give away free credit to attract new advertiser to their program. You can obtain those coupon by searching using google. Plenty of expired coupon listed.

    With this free credits, you can start an online business at no or minimum cost, clear your doubts or prove the online money making business myth. Most probably you need to pay small fee like activating Google Adwords.

    Start identify your passions, expertise, hobby or niche so that you can go for long term in case this strategy does making money for you.

    The next step is to signup for affiliate program according to your market that you identify. It can be product, service or Information. You will be given an affiliate link for you to promote. A great affiliate market place is clickbank.

    Start using the free credit to promote your affiliate link with compelling PPC ads. Make sure keywords have certain crowd and targeted. The conversion expectation is about 1-2 % only.

    FYI you can get high commissions payout for information products.

    The success is not guarantee it very depend on your luck, experience, and skills.

    Kill your curiosity and test it out yourself.

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