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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by mbasa, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    This may not be news to you, but I am excited as I found out that there is software that can assist with your writing of English based articles (or any other content, for that matter). I downloaded a free version of a software called WhiteSmoke, just to test it. English is my second language, and I've always been worried about doing article marketing for this reason.
    Do you know similar products out there (free or paid)? What other features do they offer?
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    There are softwares out there that do "spinning" of articles. I don't think it is a great decision. It probably does a bad job of re-writing these articles.

    I would rather pay someone to write an article for me or do it myself rather then having a robot do it.

    Just to let you know that I never had anyone write one for me. I still do it myself.
  3. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    I wouldnt waste my time with spinning articles or worrying about software.. Google doesn't like this anymore. The search engine is looking for quality informative content. If you have a website to begin with concentrate on writing good quality content.(content people want to read) Then if it is good content then it will be shared tweeted and liked giving you a backlink to your site.
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  4. tkyles1009

    tkyles1009 Member

    Hi KB24 I see we graduated under the same teacher but I'd agree with with you 100 % sites like ezinearticles do most of the proof reading for you and sends out newsletters to help you with writing better articles.
  5. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    If you are going to continue with writing articles make them unique and interesting for people to read. Ezine articles still works because your articles can be picked up by ezine publishers thus getting your article syndicated..
  6. Online Junkie

    Online Junkie New Member

    I'd agree with that. I've been working on content writing projects for clients for over 7 years now and have always found that quality content is recognized by search engines and article marketing directories
  7. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    yea if you don't like writing, the best thing to do is pay someone else to write them for you. Well it really depends on what your objective is. If you looking to built backlinks then it's a great way to use software.
  8. nickstrech

    nickstrech New Member

    Whitesmoke is great for proofing your articles, paper rater, is also quite good. I personally hate writing articles, outsourcing them, makes sense if you have a budget. That allows you time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  9. J.R. Cunning

    J.R. Cunning New Member

    I'm kind of new here, but I've been on the Warrior Forum for the last 18 months running an article writing company. I've watched a lot of dips and dives and trends change in that short time, and it still amazes me at some of the stuff people will try.

    Since English isn't your native language, you're probably doing the correct thing in trying to find outside assistance. I've read good things about White Smoke before. One tool that I use to help go over all of my finished articles before I mail them off to clients is called Ginger. It's a free download and it runs on top of MS-Word. When you're done writing, you click the big green Ginger button, and it'll check your article in either US- or UK-English.

    If you don't have the money to outsource or if you are trying to learn to be a better English speaker and writer, then continue to write your own articles. That is the second best way to learn how English. The best way is to head over to Amazon and start downloading free Kindle fiction books that sound interesting to you and just read them. Make sure to stick to the fiction section, want to read conversation English.

    -- j
  10. Norman T Brooks

    Norman T Brooks New Member

    I tend to agree with what has been said about "article spinners". I have tried many of them and found that after the spin the articles have many different grammar errors. It's almost like the "article spinners" are programmed by someone for whom english is a second language. Still these programs can be time savers. You will have a basic format (which will save some typing). Just be sure to read what comes out and see how you can edit the new article to better fit your needs.
  11. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I agree with the above comments that site spinners aren't all that great to use. I have tested out several site spinners, and quite frankly, I hated them. Its much easier to re-write your own content, or even put someone else's content into your own words, with your own unique spin. For example, I'm going to re-write what I just wrote about, using different words:

    "I'm also someone who doesn't think that site spinners work that well. I've used two or three site spinners that I did not like at all, and I NEVER want to use one again. In my case, I'd rather just put a spin on content I've already written, or put a spin on another person's content to make it my own. For instance, I've just totally re-written what I wrote above in a format that Google would love that doesn't violate copyright laws".

    Having said that, you can use speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking to produce articles literally with your own words, rather than writing them down - the speech recognition software does the writing for you. Since you can talk faster than you can write, its easier to churn out content fast, assuming you don't run into any difficulties in using the software.
  12. Jacq1292

    Jacq1292 Member

    Speech recognition has come a long way and can certainly be a great asset in writing multiple daily articles. Your main task will be editing and submitting. Still time consuming, but a whole lot easier. Anything worth something is going to require an investment - either your money or your time. You can try to minimize that, but you won't be able to eliminate it - at least not legally :)
  13. If you talk about writing, I'd rather look for someone who is an expert at writing unique articles than spending my time in creating spun version of those articles. We all know that article is the king of the SEO world. So it is best if you invest in having unique articles than spending too much for a software that might harm your site for having bad articles.
  14. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    Hi All - thanks a lot for your comments and insights on this subject. The software that I referred to is not an article spinning software but rather some kind of a proof-reader. It also polishes your writing skills and is way more than just a spellchecker. My trial period expired already but I am hesitant to upgrade to the paid version until I investigate other software out there in the market.

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