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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by gracebarb, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. gracebarb

    gracebarb New Member

    Hello everyone, I am another newbie and would like to know if anybody knows Freelance Home They are asking $2.95 registration fee and we can only pay by credit card through Do you know is is actually secure and have you heard of Freelance Home I would appreciate your opinions. Thanks. BTW, I am from Canada.[​IMG]
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  2. Dneeser

    Dneeser New Member

    I too saw this and am interested if anyone out there knows this company and their payment method. Leery is a good things these days! [​IMG]
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  3. gailita

    gailita New Member

    Does anyone have any info on this company?
  4. gailita

    gailita New Member

    I'm going to try it. It's only $2.95 for the registration. wish me luck! [​IMG]
  5. LMN

    LMN New Member

    Don't do it!!!! They take the 2.95 (actually they took it twice from my credit card) and they also take the 49.95 unauthorized.
    They have apparently done this to a lot of people.
    I have the fraud department of my credit card company trying to get my money back.
  6. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    There are many freelance websites like GAF which have no joining fee.
  7. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    LMN, looks like you were a month too late with your warning... [​IMG]
  8. pjworker

    pjworker New Member

    Well, I for one appreciate the warning even if it was rather late for the original poster. I just found the site yesterday and headed here to get opinions. Now I know to stay far away so thanks!
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  9. Violin

    Violin New Member

    guys and gals. Please be wary of any offers that say EXCLUSIVE and for a LIMITED amount of TIME only as these are just cheap marketing ploys to get you to make a rash decision to purchase without thinking logically. For more on this and other interesting social psychology tips and tricks read Robert Cialdini's Influence
  10. bhappy2

    bhappy2 New Member

    I "joined" this site and authorised the $2.95 payment on my visa. when I got my visa account they had also taken $49.95 that I had not authorised. I am in the process of trying to recover the payment. I tried to email them but could not. They give contact a phone number in Florida but I am in Australia. It would cost more than they took to contact them.
    You will find a report on them on the Ripoff Report website.
    Even though they have taken my money I have not heard from them again so have recieved nothing for my money..
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  11. 2364_gran

    2364_gran New Member

    Hello Everyone, I order the 2.95 information about FreeLance Home Writers. They took the $2.95, and also, $47.00 from my credit care without my permission. I am now in the process in getting my money back. Do not do it!!
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  12. Silverstone

    Silverstone New Member

    Sounds like a Rip Off... I would run like a "scalded cat" from this one...

    Jaime McCarley
  13. rohini

    rohini New Member

    I agree with Jaime
  14. JDCruz

    JDCruz New Member

    One rule that I use is, if charges an entry fee, it should be ignored.

    Why will you have to pay just to be able to work? You are the one to render the page and therefore, you should be the one getting paid.


    Well I don't mind paying 2.95 to find out what a fool I am, but they DEBITED ME $47.00 with out my permission! My bank then charged me a 39.00 fee for insufficiant funds. It took me just a few mins to get omn the phone and they tried to tell me that I didn't read the fine print and that it "clearly stated that they would be deducted from your account" I raised my voice mentioned that I would be reporting them to the authorities including my banks FRAUD division and was transfered to another individiual who tried to make me feel like I was a fool for thinking that I could get any thing for 2.95 and I guess they were right!
    Another lesson learned ...but I insisted that they re-emburse my account for the 47.00 and after more threats and conjole the ycancled the debit and refunded my 47.00 and insisted that they had the right to keep my 2.95
    so I accepted that as a lesson too late for the learning...and that was that bank said that changing my check card was elemental to keeping their hands from further debits they might be tempted to make.

    so Caveate eEmptor my friends.....I'm getting too old to be having to go throught all these simple lessons over and over agian.....
    be well be ware!
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  16. JDCruz

    JDCruz New Member

    With so many people being victimized. I suggest that those who have the capability to fight back report these unscrupulous sites. Spare those who are helpless by having those scums taken out.
  17. Br8

    Br8 New Member

    So did anyone actually do any writing? The registration page says that the monthly fee is $47.00 and that the $2.95 is for a seven day tire-kicking period. Did anyone actually kick the tires and write any content?
  18. gayan21

    gayan21 New Member

    bhappy2, IAMROUGHDRAFT,
    Can you share the contact details of these ppl. I also faced the same thing.

  19. judyp

    judyp New Member

    There are loads of FREE places for writers to submit articles, most of them only pay by page views but some will pay you upfront. I just sold an article to Associated Content, and I have a few on Triond. There's also Helium, though I've never used that one personally.
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  20. miriamhyde

    miriamhyde New Member

    Thank you all! I just got an email saying, based on my personal information, I was "selected" to be given the opportunity to accept this offer. I am so glad I found this forum!

    My 15-year old daughter is the truly creative one in my family. Are there any sites available for kidz that are legit?

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